Wizards Unite Map and Overworld Guide

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The overworld is where you’ll be spending most of your time in Wizards Unite, so it’s important you learn how to read the map! Once you learn it inside and out, you’ll be prepared to delve into the Wizarding World.

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Buildings and Points of Interest

There are currently three types of buildings used for points of interest in Wizards Unite:

  • Greenhouses

  • Inns

  • Fortresses

Each one serves a different purpose, and if a greenhouse or fortress has been visited recently by another player, it will have a green swirl around it.



Greenhouses are placed at points of interests, and are checkpoints used for gathering Ingredients for Potions. They are the most consistent source for ingredients.

The greenhouses restock every five minutes, and you play a quick minigame to choose from three pots. If you’re lucky you can also receive spell energy!

Players can also use greenhouses to grow plants in the community pots. By using seeds and water found in the overworld, players can start growing a plant in the pot.

You can also use spell energy to help grow the plant. When the plant is grown, it can be harvested by anyone who is in the vicinity of the greenhouse at the time.


Inns are placed at points of interest in Wizards Unite, and is where players can go to replenish their spell energy. Any time you cast a spell in-game, whether it be returning a foundable or during combat, it uses up spell energy. It is important to keep dining at inns to keep up your energy.

Inns usually come in five different colors (unless it is a sponsored inn), which indicate what sort of food can be found there. The different foods result in different amounts of spell energy. If you’ve recently visited an inn, smoke will rise from the chimney.

You can also place down upto three dark detectors at an inn, which work similarly to lure modules from Pokemon GO. It will increase the number of encounters as well as the rarity of the spawns.



Fortresses are one of the only places players can actually participate in combat, by competing in Wizarding Challenges. Unlike Pokemon GO, where trainers battle against player-made Pokemon teams, fortresses in Wizards Unite are completely PvE.

They are more comparable to dungeons in MMORPG games, where you can work with other players to take down enemies. To enter a fortress, you need to use a runestone, which also influences the difficulty and rewards of a Wizarding Challenge.

Although it is possible to solo fortresses with all the professions, it is recommended to sometimes group up. Because enemies are weaker to specific professions, so working in a team can lead to higher success rates at high difficulty.


Trace Encounters

Trace encounters are a majority of what spawns on the overworld map, and signifies a foundable that needs to be returned. The types traceof encounters are differentiated by their respective icon from their registry pages.

The threat level of a trace encounter can be indicated by the beacon color rising from it. Trace encounters with no beacon are fairly easy, but on the other hand - an encounter with a red beacon is severely difficult.


As mentioned earlier, foundables are a majority of what you’ll encounter on the overworld map. They are caused by The Calamity, and can be people, creatures, items or even memories which come from various points in the Wizarding World timeline.

They are defended by a confoundable, which players will need to defeat using whichever spell shows up on the screen.

For example, you need to cast the incendio spell to release the hogwarts student (foundable) from being trapped in ice (confoundable).

As you send foundables back to their time, you will receive fragments which eventually create a sticker to place in your registry.


Oddities are found the same way foundables are, however they usually only spawn in certain conditions, and at night. It is the only time you experience combat outside of a Wizarding Challenge right now. Similarly to foundables, you collect stickers from oddities to add to your registry.


Landmarks work similarly to parks from Pokemon GO. On the overworld map, you might run into a landmark, which looks like a flag. Its color represents a category from the registry, which indicates the type of foundable that spawns more regularly in the area shown.



Ingredients also spawn on the overworld map, and can be influenced by the weather conditions and time. Players can also find seeds and water, which as mentioned earlier are used to grow plants in the communal pots at Greenhouses.

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