New Wizarding World App and Official Harry Potter Fan Club

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A new official app for wizards, Wizarding World, is now available on iOS and Android in the UK, US, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia, with more countries slated to receive the app soon, too.

This new app is part of a larger merger between Pottermore and Warner Bros., reported by The Leaky Cauldron in May. As with the rebranding of Cursed Child last month, this appears to be part of a larger effort by Warner Bros. to bring all iterations of the Wizarding World under one umbrella.

The merger will also finally clear up some rights issues that have prevented Pottermore from fully covering the Wizarding World in the past, now with full access to content owned by Warner Bros.

App Details

Right now, the app is relatively barebones, primarily just a new interface for Pottermore’s previous content. However, it also contains a redesigned Sorting Hat experience which uses some AR elements to create a more immersive experience.

Open your phone’s camera to see the Sorting Hat on your head, tilt your phone to pick your answer, or point your phone to look around at your choices. 

Getting sorted

Don’t worry though; the questions haven’t changed. If you were previously sorted on Pottermore, you can even transfer your existing account data from Pottermore by logging in to Wizarding World account with the same details as those you used for Pottermore.

The app also promises a continuous stream of new content, in the form of new quizzes on “Tuesday Trivia” and a webzine each Wednesday called “Wizarding Weeklies”. Plus, more profile customisation, news about the Wizarding World, exclusive videos, and more. 

Inside the app

The Vault tab also promises “a variety of treats and offers” coming soon. 

Premium Membership

Earlier this year, MuggleNet also reported on the possibility of a paid tier of access coming to the new site and app. The anonymous tip suggested a range of benefits for premium users, including merchandise, early access to tickets, and exclusive events. 

In a statement reported by The Leaky Cauldron, Warner Bros. confirmed that a premium option may be coming, but “the vast majority of the experiences in development are free.”

Earlier today, Wizarding World announced the Official Harry Potter Fan Club. For now, “joining” the club seems to simply be a matter of making a free Wizarding World Passport, but the official press release also mentions the premium tier, coming soon:

And soon, fans will have the option to enhance their membership experience with Wizarding World Gold, a yearly paid subscription that comes with a unique, annual gift and is packed with exclusives and special offers - all of the magic you love and more!

This will launch to the US and the UK to start, though no date has been given for its release.

Possible Wizards Unite Integration?

Since the first mention of the new Wizarding World Passport (user profile), players have speculated whether their Passport might eventually connect with Wizards Unite, whether as a simple login option like Pokémon Trainer Club for Pokémon GO, or even to port over their House, wand, patronus, and any other future profile customisations. 

For now, that integration is not available, and there has been no official indication that it is in the pipeline. 

The app does, however, include a games section, which currently just has two articles, one about Quidditch in Hogwarts Mystery and one providing a basic overview of Wizards Unite

Whether we can expect to see official news updates about the game here remains to be seen, though it’s unlikely news would be added here without also being shared on the official Wizards Unite website and social media channels.

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