New Yule Ball Registry Page Is Live

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The Yule Ball Great Hall And All

A new Registry page has been added as the fifth page in the Legends of Hogwarts family: the Yule Ball Great Hall. The new page comes with five new Foundables all themed around the iconic scene from Goblet of Fire: Fred and Angelina, Harry and Parvati, Hermione and Viktor, Hagrid and Madame Maxime, and the Yule Ball Program.

Hogwarts' Great Hall Decorated for the Yule Ball

The fifth Registry page in the Legends of Hogwarts family: Yule Ball Great Hall.

How to Obtain The New Foundables

A fancy capital "H". The Registry symbol for the Legends of Hogwarts family.

The new Yule Ball Foundables are all part of the Legends of Hogwarts family.

Fortunately these new Foundables aren't too too hard to track down. Each of the couples can be found as regular Trace Encounters; they'll appear in Legends of Hogwarts spawns in the overworld. The Yule Ball Program can be found as a reward in Fortresses and Wizarding Challenges. 

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