Advanced Potion-Making

Level Required 8

Starting Dialogue

"I will be honest with you, I am not certain the Grim Fawley cast the Calamity spell to get back at the Ministry narrative is the correct one."

"It is possible, even plausible: his wife did go missing, and he was angry with us for ending the investigation. But it seems a bit too... convenient."

"It just doesn't seem like Grim - not entirely. It would do us well to keep digging until we find the truth."


Task 1

x 50

Brew 3 Potions.

"I suggest you don't expect a simple, clear solution to the question of the Calamity. So much has been lost or hidden..."

"The best we can do is find bits and pieces and use our deductive skills to fit everything together."

"I like to think of it like a little puzzle."

Task 2

x 100

Use Exstimulo Potion 2 times.

"Do you have a favourite Foundable Family? I find myself partial to Fantastic Beasts. I have an affinity for magical creatures."

"I almost became a Magizoologist when I graduated Hogwarts, you know. But I didn't have the stomach for it."

"One cold, miserable night hiding in a bramble bush by a Muggle field, waiting for a Mooncalf to do its romantic dance was all it took."

"I was out looking for a new post by morning."

Task 3

x 300

Use Baruffio's Brain Elixir 1 time.

"Ms. Granger has asked that we keep this work recovering Mystery items between us. I'm not quite sure why."

"Indoor voices, please, Constance."

"I'll tell you why... I have no idea where this will go. If it has anything to do with the London Five, then politics could get in the way of our work."

"I want to get to the truth as quickly as possible."

Bonus Rewards

x 5