EX Kale (Blue)

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Table of Contents

Character Tier


Character Stats

Power Level
HP 2,347,174
Strike ATK 240,677
Blast ATK 241,884
Strike DEF 156,130
Blast DEF 158,311
Ki Restore Speed

Character Info

Battle Style
Arts Cards Held


EX Kale BLU is a great support EX Fighter that loves to debuff the opposition while supporting her allies.
This Fighter also gives death buffs to her allies which is a nice touch.
Offensively, she doesn't do much unless her allies die which is counterintuitive, and defensively she is atrocious.


Jealous Glare

EX Kale BLU’s Main Ability is one big debuff to the opposition as she increases their sub count by 4, reduces their Ki by 60, and reduces their Ki Recovery by 100% for 10 timer counts which will hurt the enemy’s ability to string a combo together due to the lack of ki.

Sisterly Bond

EX Kale BLU gives 15% Damage Inflicted for all allies and 10% respectively for Girls and Rival Universe Fighters.
She restores her allies' Ki by 30 and reduces the enemy’s Ki by 20 when she’s switched to standby. Upon death, she reduces the enemy’s Dragonball by 2 and heals her team by 20%.


No Damage

EX Kale BLU has no damage inflicted until someone dies on your team which is counterintuitive as Kale will always be the first one to die.

Team Synergy

Universe Survival Saga

Great Blast Attack and Defense Z-Ability for the team.


Great Blast Attack and Defense Z-Ability for the team.

Equippable Items

Main Ability

Jealous Glare

Draw a Special Arts Card next.
Reduces enemy Ki by 60.
Inflicts enemy with Attribute Downgrade "-100% to Ki Recovery" for 10 timer counts.
Inflicts all enemies with 4 substitution counts.
Applies Attribute Upgrade "Shortens substitution count by 4" to self for 30 timer counts.

Requirements: 15 timer counts must elapse.

Unique Ability

Cherished Sisterly Bond

The following effects occur when battle starts:

+15% to damage inflicted by allies (cannot be cancelled).
+10% to damage inflicted by allied "Tag: Girls" (cannot be cancelled).
+10% to damage inflicted by allied "Tag: Rival Universe" (cannot be cancelled).

The following effects occur when this character is switched to standby:

Restores ally Ki by 30.
Reduces enemy Ki by 20.

Timid Saiyan Heroine

The following effects occur per remaining battle member when this character enters the battlefield:

+25% to damage inflicted.
Reduces damage received by 20%.
Reduces enemy Ki by 5.

Effects reset after character switch.

The following effects occur when this character is defeated:

Restores ally health by 20%.
Reduces enemy's Dragon Balls by 2.

Z Ability


Resist Cannon Can Teach

Deals major Impact damage.
Nullifies allies' Attribute Downgrades for 20 timer counts upon activation.

Cost 50


Focus on my back and make it tingle...!

Restores own Ki by 10.
Restores ally health by 10%.
+10% to damage inflicted by allies for 20 timer counts.
Shortens allies' substitution counts by 3.

Cost 10



Recommended Soul Boosts