Support Type


SP Zahha (Blue)
SP Android #17 (GT) (Purple)
SP Pan (Red)
SP Goku Black (Blue)
SP Perfect Form Cell (Yellow)
SP Hero Tapion (Yellow)
EX Kale (Blue)
SP Whis (Purple)
EX Toppo (Yellow)
SP Buu: Kid (Green)
EX Copyman (Purple)
EX Nabana (Blue)
EX Appule (Purple)
EX Super Saiyan Goku (Green)
EX Bido (Purple)
EX Bujin (Green)
EX Goku Black (Blue)
HE Mercenary Tao (Yellow)
SP Vegeta (Yellow)
SP Android #21 (Blue)
EX Master Roshi (Blue)
SP Vados (Green)
EX Ribrianne (Yellow)
SP Great Saiyaman 1 & 2 (Assist) (Red)
SP Goten (Kid) (Yellow)
HE World Champion Hercule (Blue)
EX Cell Saga Krillin (Purple)
EX Super Vegeta (Green)
EX Syn Shenron (Blue)
EX Perfect Form Cell (Purple)
SP 1st Form Frieza (Purple)
SP Saiyan Saga Goku (Blue)
SP Baby Vegeta (Green)
EX Chi-Chi (Purple)
SP Super Baby 2 (Blue)
EX Trunks (Kid) (Green)
SP Young Nappa (Purple)
EX Krillin (Purple)
SP Youth Bunny Girl Bulma (Green)
SP Fused with Kami Piccolo (Yellow)
EX Boujack (Green)
EX Captain Ginyu (Purple)
SP Android #15 (Purple)
EX Whis (Red)
SP Otherworld Super Saiyan Goku (Yellow)
EX Trunks (Green)
EX Tien (Red)
SP Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (Purple)
SP Youth Bulma (Blue)
EX Mai (Purple)
SP Super Saiyan Cabba (Green)
HE Thouser (Red)
EX Fasha (Red)
EX Pan: Honey (Red)
SP Mai (Green)
SP God of Destruction Beerus (Green)
EX Cooler (Blue)
SP Chilled (Purple)
EX Android #16 (Yellow)
HE Krillin (Blue)
SP King of the Demon Realm Dabura (Blue)
EX Youth Gohan (Red)
SP Super Saiyan Goku (Green)
EX Dodoria (Green)
EX Zarbon (Blue)
EX Cabba (Green)
EX 1st Form Cell (Yellow)
EX Master Roshi (Purple)
HE Jaco (Green)
HE Android #19 (Blue)
EX Teen Trunks (Yellow)
HE Final Form Frost (Yellow)
EX Krillin (Red)
HE Yamcha (Green)
EX Mercenary Tao (Purple)
HE Jeice (Purple)
HE Burter (Blue)
HE Guldo (Blue)
HE Saibaman (Yellow)
EX Chiaotzu (Purple)
SP Pan (Blue)