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Event Overview

Event Period: 

10/09 (Wed) 18:00 - 10/24 (Thu) 17:59 (UTC)

How to Enter:

After reaching Account Rank 9, go to the Lobby and tap [Battle] > [Side Story]

For comprehensive details on the event, check out the post on Stove.

Event Description

Play through the side story, One Blade, One Truth to collect the event currency, “Beautifully-Penned File” which can be exchanged for great rewards!

Additional rewards can be obtained from Region Rewards, Quests and Reputation.

Notable Rewards
Enhanced Heroes

Attack, Health, Defense +50%

Attack, Health +30%


Beautifully Penned File This is the sole event currency and can be exchanged at the shop.
Icon Items Cost Limit
x1 Blazing Soul 170 6
x1 Ultra Fang 90 8
x1 Twisted Fang 90 15
x1 MolaGora Seed 190 1
x1 Giga-Phantasma 250 1
x1 Epic Life Rune 130 3
x3 Greater Life Rune 70 4
x10 Life Rune 40 5
x5 Covenant Bookmark 60 3
x1 Blade Dash Penguin 170 5
x1 Greater Artifact Charm 150 1
x1 Lesser Artifact Charm 50 3
x2500 Gold 15 -
x25000 Gold 150 -
Total Cost: 5730

Event Priorities

When completing missions in the Side Story One Blade, One Truth one can grind the following difficulties for best stamina efficiency.

Here is a table showcasing the differences between difficulties.

4x level 5 Butcher Corps Inquisitor has been used, one for each difficulty. 

Difficulties Stamina Usage Currency Gain 1 Stamina Equals XP Gain 1 Stamina Equals
Easy 8 9 1.125 3885 485.625
Normal 12 15 1.250 8172 681
Hard 20 30 1.500 10135 506.75
Hell 30 60 2.000 11862 395.4

The table above indicates the following. 

Normal Difficulty with 12 Stamina cost has highest XP Modifiers. It is recommended to grind Normal if you wish to spend stamina on leveling up heroes.

Hell Difficulty with 30 Stamina cost has highest Event currency Modifiers. It is recommended to grind Hell if you wish to spend stamina on farming event currency.

Gathering Materials

Compared to Adventure stages, Side Stories are more efficient per stamina for grinding Catalysts.

Recommended order for buying shop items:

  1. MolaGora Seed
  2. Covenant Bookmarks
  3. Artifact Charms
  4. Blazing Soul (Epic Grade Catalyst)
  5. Twisted Fang (for skillups) and Ultra Fang (for Awakening nodes)
  6. Life Runes
  7. Giga-Phantasma
  8. Penguins
  9. Gold
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