Brilliant Event and Brilliant Event Tasks Guide

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What are Brilliant Events?

Brilliant Events are really smart Events that did a really good job paying attention in Arithmancy and brought home five or more Outstanding-level scores on their N.E.W.T.s. 

Hold that thought, there may have been a slight misunderstanding.

Brilliant Events in Wizards Unite are special limited-time events that introduce a good amount of unique content into the game. Brilliant Events feature their own special Brilliant Registry pages, a list of Special Assignments, and a set of Brilliant Foundables that can only be encountered within the duration of the event. These Special Assignments are different from the usual Daily Assignments - they don't expire until the event ends. As you complete tasks, new ones become available, with some rewards like Restricted Section Books that currently can't be found anywhere else in the game, making Brilliant Events an enticing prospect. 

UPDATE 6/27/19: The first Brilliant Event of the live release has been announced! See the Brilliant Event: Fantastic Flora and Fauna Guide for more details!

Brilliant Event Tasks

Brilliant Event Tasks are the special variant of regular Daily Assignments found during Brilliant Events. They aren't particularly difficult comparatively, but do require specific event-only Foundables to fully complete and don't expire at the end of each day. 

Brilliant Event Tasks look something like these, taken from the Flora and Fauna Brilliant Event during the beta:

(NOTE: These are example Tasks; there may be no current Event Tasks if no Event is going on)


As you continue to do the Tasks, the rewards continue to get better and better, so completing the Brilliant Event is highly recommended to all wizards.

Brilliant Foundables and Runestones

Through the course of the event, special Brilliant Foundables will be available to return. Encountering these Brilliant Foundables will trigger snippets of the event's storyline. As you find and return them, they give Family XP towards the unique Event Registry page. Like with other Registry pages, leveling up the Event Registry page will grant Treasure Trunks that contain rewards. However, the Event Registry Treasure Trunks contain unique Brilliant Runestones that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. Using them at Fortresses allows players to potentially earn Brilliant Foundable rewards when they complete the Wizarding Challenge. However, as with every other Runestone, rewards from the Brilliant Foundable category are not guaranteed. 

Here are some example Brilliant Foundables that were featured in the Flora and Fauna Brilliant Event.

And here are the Brilliant Runestones available from the Event Registry page Treasure Trunks.


So let's recap:

Brilliant Events are special time-limited Events.

  • Complete Brilliant Event Tasks
  • Return Brilliant Foundables to fill up the Brilliant Event Registry page
  • Complete Wizarding Challenges using Brilliant Runestones

Rewards include:

  • Special entries in the Brilliant Event Registry page
  • Restricted Section Books for progressing in Profession Skill Trees
  • Unique event-based Ministry ID Portrait add-ons for player customization
  • A special event story unlocked by completing Foundables
  • XP, gold, and Potions

So! Yeh know about Brilliant Events now. When yeh find the little critters runnin' about, be sure ta return'em ta where they belong. The rewards yeh can earn will be well worth yer time, and yeh don't want ta miss out!

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