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Why are Common Erkling Foes Relevant?

Some of the early SOS Assignment Tasks in Wizards Unite might seem relatively simple. You think they're pretty straightforward. Place a Registry image here, dine at inns there... You've got it under control. Well, then you hit SOS Assignment 6

SOS Assignment 6, Foraging in Fortresses, represents a complexity spike in the game. Specifically, the second Task, which asks you to 'Defeat 2 Common Erkling Foes in Wizarding Challenges.' This is the first time Wizards Unite has directed you to defeat a specific enemy rather than just completing a Challenge or defeating X number of foes. The difficulty comes from the fact that Wizards Unite is very, very bad about telling you how exactly to find specific enemies. Luckily, that's what we're here for!

Getting Common Erkling Foes to Spawn

Chamber 1 Ruins
Going into the lowest difficulty Challenge possible...

After a good amount of trial and error, we've determined that the best way to run into Common Erkling Foes is to enter a Fortress and begin a Wizarding Challenge in Chamber 1, using a Level 1 Runestone. We were able to get Common Erklings to spawn with multiple Runestone types, so it doesn't appear to be limited in that aspect. However, it seems that the game pulls from a pool of random enemy spawns based on your Challenge difficulty level. Thus, you shouldn't expect to get lucky with Common Erkling spawns every time.

Note: We did see a slightly higher number of spawns when using a Level 1 Hogwarts School Runestone, but our sample size is low enough that we would hesitate to call that statistically significant. If you are having trouble getting a spawn, though, it may be worth trying one.

Thankfully, Level 1 Runestones aren't a huge investment, and one of the other SOS Assignment 6 Tasks asks you to Defeat 6 Foes, so you can multitask even if the spawns don't go in your favor immediately. We are continuing to test enemy spawns, crossed with Challenge difficulty level, and will publish that information as soon as we can be confident in the results.

First spawn and what do you know, it's a Common Erkling

Defeating the Common Erkling Foes should be very straightforward. They are among the weakest enemy types in the game, and they can be easily taken out with basic Spells and no Charms, Hexes, or Potions needed. Magizoologists have an advantage over all Erklings in combat, as well.

And there you have it - the most confusing part of SOS Assignment 6 is no longer a roadblock, and you can report back to Constance with the good news!

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