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SOS Assignments are special quests that slowly reveal bits and pieces of the lore surrounding Wizards Unite and the Calamity. They come in sets of 3 Tasks at a time and feature various characters in the game.

Rewards: Each SOS Assignment has the same reward. From top to bottom, completing the respective Tasks in a set will give 50, 100, and 300 XP respectively. Upon completing all 3 Tasks, players will be rewarded 5 Gold and unlock the next SOS Assignment if the level requirement is met.

NOTE: It is strongly recommended to look ahead to the next few Tasks from your current position. Tasks often involve requirements such as Placing an image in the Registry; if you have something ready to Place, you may wish to hold off until you reach that Task. Doing this will help you avoid needless and frustrating repetition. You cannot pre-complete SOS Assignment Tasks.

SOS Assignment List

Title Req. Level Tasks
Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Week 2 Part 1

Defeat 3 Oddities.

Brew 6 Potions.

Dine at 2 Inns.

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Week 2 Part 2

Use Exstimulo Potions 5 Times.

Obtain 2 Portkeys by Unlocking Portmanteaus.

Return 3 Brilliant Sirius Black Foundables.

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Week 2 Part 3

Use Tonic for Trace Detection 2 Times.

Defeat 9 Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

Defeat 6 Oddities.

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Week 2 Part 4

Use Potent Exstimulo Potions 5 Times.

Perform 15 Great Spellcasts.

Obtain 4 Portkeys by Unlocking Portmanteaus.

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Week 1 Part 1

Use 1 Tonic for Trace Detection.

Return 3 Brilliant Death Eater Foundables.

Return 3 Oddities Family Foundables.

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Week 1 Part 2

Brew 4 Potions.

Return 3 Brilliant Azkaban Escapee Foundables.

Use Healing Potion 5 Times.

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Week 1 Part 3

Complete 5 Wizarding Challenges.

Use Exstimulo Potion 5 Times.

Recover 3 Malfoy Family Crest Foundable Fragments.

Fighting Forces Brilliant Event Week 1 Part 4

Return 6 Oddities Family Foundables.

Open 1 Brilliant Portkey (3KM).

Return 4 Dark Arts Family Foundables.

Fantastic Foundables 3

Dine at 3 Inns

Return 2 Foundables of any Family

Place 1 Image in the Foundable Registry

Confounding Confoundables 3

Perform 5 Great Spell Casts

Perform 2 Masterful Spell Casts.

Return 3 Foundables of any Family.

Fragmented Foundables 4

Recover 2 Foundable Fragments.

Unlock 1 Portkey Portmanteau.

Place 2 Image in the Registry.

Framing Foundables 5

Return 3 Mysterious Artefacts Family Foundables.

Return 5 Legends of Hogwarts Family Foundables.

Place 2 Dark Arts Family Foundables.

A Calamitous Conundrum 6

Recover the London Five Transcript Mystery Object

Dine at Inns 3 times.

Recover the Redacted Report Mystery Object

Foraging in Fortresses 7

Defeat 6 Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

Defeat 2 Common Erkling Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges.

Stronger United 7

Return 2 Magizoology Family Foundables.

Return 2 Ministry of Magic Family Foundables.

Return 3 Hogwarts School Family Foundables.

Advanced Potion-Making 8

Brew 3 Potions.

Use Exstimulo Potion 2 times.

Use Baruffio's Brain Elixir 1 time.

Persistent Predicament 10

Unlock 1 5km Portkey Portmanteaus.

Walk 5 kilometres.

Return 3 Dark Arts Family Foundables.

Two Spells? 12

Recover 2 Pixie Wings from Pixie Confoundables.

Return 2 Legends of Hogwarts Family Foundables.

Recover 2 Fire Embers from Fire Confoundables.

Diving Deeper 14

Recover 5 Foundable Fragments.

Return 2 High risk Foundables.

Defeat 10 Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

Dynamic Dilemma 16

Place 2 Images in the Registry.

Dine at Inns 7 times.

Defeat 10 Formidable Pixie Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

Chasing the Wind 18

Perform 5 Masterful Spell Casts.

Recover 3 Troll Bogeys from Troll Confoundables.

Brew 7 Potions.

All in One 20

Recover 5 Doxy Droppings from Doxy Oddities.

Recover 2 Tufts of Werewolf Hair from Werewolf Oddities

Dine at Inns 10 times.

Witches and Wizards United 20

Defeat 30 Foes in Wizarding Challenges.

Complete 3 Wizarding Challenges with 3 Teammates.

Defeat 10 Formidable Death Eater Foes in Wizarding Challenges.


Credit to community member Virodoran for contributing this information! You can find more of his work on his site, Decoding Wizards Unite.

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