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Just in time for the holidays, Gifting has arrived in Wizards Unite! Players can now collect and send gifts to their in-game friends. These gifts come in three main varieties and are an easy source of certain in-game resources. 

Gifting Basics

Collecting Gifts

Gifts can be collected by visiting in-game locations. Each type of building—Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses—gives one type of gift—Spell Energy, Ingredient, and Runestone gifts, respectively.

For Inns and Greenhouses, players only need to visit these locations as usual. Players can collect gifts even if their Spell Energy capacity or Ingredients vault is full. However, Spell Energy and Ingredient Gifts are not guaranteed with each visit.

For Fortresses, players will need to successfully complete a Wizarding Challenge to receive one Runestone gift. These gifts, however, are guaranteed as long as the Challenge is successfully completed. Losing or being kicked out of the Fortress due to server errors will not grant a Runestone gift.

Note: Players can only hold up to 30 collected gifts at one time and may only collect up to 100 gifts each day. If their gift inventory is full, or they have already reached the daily cap, they will not be able to collect any gifts, even at Fortresses.

Sending Gifts

After collecting gifts, players can see their collected gifts by opening up the Friends Menu, located near the bottom right of the main map view. Here, players will see a list of their current in-game friends. 

From this menu, each friend will show if they are able to receive a gift, as well as if they have sent a gift. Simply find the friend you wish to send a gift to and tap "Send Gift" to bring up a list of all of the gifts you have collected.

Alternatively, players can also go to the Gifts tab, accessible at the bottom right of the Friends list. This will bring up a list of all the collected gifts a player currently has in their inventory. Tap "Send Gift" next to any gift to bring up a shortened version of the Friends list, showing only those to whom you can send a gift.

Friend and Gift Menus

Players can hold up to 30 gifts at a time and can send up to 100 gifts each day. Players cannot send gifts to Friends who have not yet opened their previous gift. 

Opening Gifts

Players can open up to 10 gifts each day. To do so, simply open up the Friends menu, scroll to a friend who has sent a gift, and tap "Open Gift." You'll then see a sort of "postcard" showing where the gift was picked up.

Opening a Gift from a Friend

Please note that you cannot open Ingredient gifts or Spell Energy gifts if your associated vault is full. Attempting to open an Ingredient gift, however, will give you the option to manage your ingredients and delete some excess. Spell Energy cannot be deleted.

Gift Rewards

Each type of gift comes in a few different varieties, with different contents depending on the variety. Players will be able to see which variety of gift it is before sending and before opening. 

Each gift type can come in a few main varieties: Basic, Essential, and Extravagant. Ingredient Gifts also have a few other varieties, which we'll cover below.

Basic versions of each gift contain the smallest quantities, while Essential contains a bit more, and Extravagant contains the most or the rarest. Sponsored locations give Sponsored versions of gifts in place of Basic versions. These offer the same rewards as Basic gifts, but with a little bit extra Wizarding XP (35 instead of 25).

Here are all of the possible rewards from each type and variety of gift:

Spell Energy Gifts
Wizarding XP Spell Energy
Basic (no name) 25 2-3
Sponsored 35 2-3
Essential* 75 6
Extravagant 500 12-13

*Essential and Sponsored Spell Energy gift rewards are based on limited, unconfirmed reports.

Runestone Gifts
Wizarding XP Runestone Bonus
Basic (no name) 25 L1-5, any family* -
Sponsored 35 L1-5, any family* -
Essential 75 L1-5, any family* 1 Healing Potion
Extravagant 500 L1-5, any family* 1 Spell Book

*No pattern for Runestone levels has been confirmed so far. Reports for L1 and L5 are unconfirmed for now. L2-4 are confirmed.

Ingredient Gifts
Wizarding XP Ingredients Potions
Basic (no name) 25 1 of any -
Baruffio's 75 1 of any two* -
Dawdle Draught 75 1 of any two* -
Exstimulo 75 1 of any two* -
Extravagant 500 1 of any two -
Potent Exstimulo 500 - 1 Potent Exstimulo

*Ingredients for these gifts are limited to the ingredients needed for those potions. For example, Baruffio's Ingredient Gifts may contain one powdered dragon claw and one leaping toadstool.

A Note about Privacy

Before you head off to collect more gifts, one quick note about privacy and safety. Gifts you send to your in-game friends will display the title, image, and city of the location the gift is from. Using this, it is possible to find the exact location a gift came from.

For most players, this likely won't be a concern. Pokémon GO has had a similar feature for over a year without any major incidents reported due to the feature.

For those who are concerned though (such as members of vulnerable groups or parents of young children), just be sure that you or your child only send gifts to people with whom you feel safe sharing that information


On that note, it's time to head out and collect some gifts! While the in-game rewards are fun, don't forget that gifts can also be a fun way to show your friends cool places you've visited. 

And if you're looking for friends around the world (and feel safe sharing information about the general location you play in), feel free to add your code to the Friend Code list and add others from it!

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