Gifting Feature Live Now!

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Article by CooperT

Gifting Is Now Live

The update released on November 20, 2019 has pushed the gifting feature live across all versions of Wizards Unite. The announcement of the feature was announced earlier this week on November 18th and you can read more about that announcement here.

As a quick recap, the gifting feature allows players to find Gift Boxes while at Inns, Greenhouses, and Fortresses that they can send to other players in their Friends List to give the recipient Spell Energy, Runestones, and potion ingredients. You’ll be able to store up to 100 Gift Boxes and can open up to 10 gifts per day. We’re working on putting together a gifting guide so be sure to keep an eye out for that, and we’ll update this article once it’s live. 

This update also gave players the ability to link their Facebook profile with their Wizards Unite profile and add Facebook friends who are also Wizards Unite players directly to their Friends List. We’ll be updating this article and our other gifting-related articles as we learn more and be sure to check back for our full gifting guide coming soon!

UPDATE: Our gifting guide is now live! Read it here to learn more about the new gifting feature.

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