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The Wizards Unite Fan Festival (WUFF) is coming up fast! Last month, we shared a broad overview of what to expect from the Wizards Unite Fan Festival. Now that more details have been released and the event is nearly upon us, it’s time to get into the details, including what to bring and the full breakdown of the Special Assignments. (Don’t worry; the Special Assignments are hidden under a spoiler tag for those who don’t want to see.)

If you're not heading to WUFF this weekend though, head on over to the Global Challenge Guide for details on how to take part in the festivities without heading to Indianapolis.

Exclusive Content

First, a quick recap on all of the bonuses and exclusive content attendees will find at WUFF:

  • First encounters with brand-new Dragon Oddities

  • A new set of Special Assignments, led by Charlie Weasley, star of How to Tame Your Dragon

  • Themed lounges, photo opportunities, and a real-life Threat Clock

  • Access to official Wizards Unite merchandise

  • Exclusive offers and discounts from AT&T and Simon Malls

(Okay, it turns out that How to Tame Your Dragon was actually a Muggle film for children and not the documentary on Mr. Weasley’s work in Romania. Weird.)

Before You Arrive

At this point, we’re going to assume most of you have things like transportation to Indianapolis and hotels worked out and focus on what you need to prepare for at the event itself. 

Checking in

To check in and start the event, players just need to go to their chosen entrance. There are no paper tickets. Players simply need to show up to the park on the correct day and time (it’s fine if you’re late, but the in-game bonuses won’t show up before your ticketed time) and open up their game. In fact, it likely won’t matter which part of the park you’re in to start, but just in case, be sure to go to your assigned entrance from the start.

Here’s the official map to help you find your way around. The North entrance is located in the yellow Magical Games and Sports landmark area, while the South entrance is located in the green Dark Arts landmark area.

fan fest map

What to Bring

Spending the whole day out at the park can be taxing, both for your phone and for you, so be sure you come prepared with the essentials.

First, just to clarify, attendees can bring a backpack, and it does not need to be clear. The backpack just can’t be a framed or camping backpack. A regular school-style backpack will work great. A large purse or tote bag also works, but keep in mind that you’ll be carrying it the whole day, so choose something that is comfortable to carry and limits the strain on your body. 

Now it’s time to stuff that bag full of the essentials. First, your phone’s checklist:

  • External battery pack

  • Cables

  • SIM card with plenty of data

    • For international attendees, your home provider’s international roaming plan may work fine, but it might have slower speeds than getting a US SIM. 

  • Download all the game assets ahead of time to save on data and speed up the game

  • Most of all, be sure your Wizards Unite app is up to date

Now that your phone is all squared away, here’s what you’ll want to bring for you:

  • Backpack, tote, or large purse (see above)

  • Refillable water bottle

  • Pre-packaged snacks

    • There will be food available at the park, but it’s always good to have some snacks

    • Also note that cooking or preparing food is not allowed at the event. Food must be pre-packaged (like in the store packaging) or it might be confiscated

  • Insect repellant (no aerosols)

  • Sunscreen (no aerosols)

  • Umbrella and/or raincoat

    • Yes, prepare for both sunshine and rain, or at least check the forecast in the morning before heading out. The midwest jumps from sunny to rainy and back again often this time of year.

  • Comfortable walking shoes

  • Wide-brimmed hat (optional but highly recommended)

Special Assignments

So you’ve made it to the park with a backpack full of essentials to keep you going all day. Now it’s time to make the most of the event! Besides access to all four regional dragons, the bulk of the in-game bonuses for players come from the Special Assignments. 

Under the spoiler tag below, we have the full list of Special Assignments, as best we can tell from the current game files. These are subject to change (and misinterpretation), but we’ll update the tasks as we get confirmation. 

Tasks marked with an asterisk (*) are the tasks that don’t match code we’ve previously seen, and so are more likely to have been misinterpreted.

If you want to look ahead to plan out your day to be sure you finish the tasks, just click below:

Wizards Unite Fan Festival Special Assignments

Section 1

  • Dine at Inns 5 times.

    • 4 Restricted Section Books

  • Recover 3 Chinese Fireball Egg Foundables.

    • 20 Oddities Family XP

  • Collect 5 Ingredients or Portmanteaus on the Map.

    • 20 Ministry of Magic Family XP

  • Return 7 Foundables of any Family.

    • 400 XP

Section 1 rewards:

  • 1000 XP

  • 40 Wonders of the Wizarding World Family XP

  • 4 Restricted Section Books

  • 2 Potent Exstimulo Potion

Section 2 Gryffindor

  • Return 2 Welsh Green Foundables.

    • 300 XP

  • Return 5 Magical Games and Sports Family Foundables.

    • 30 Magical Games and Sports Family XP

  • Return 3 Hogwarts Students.*

    • 30 Hogwarts School Family XP

Section 2 Gryffindor rewards:

  • 10 Spell Energy

  • 1 Godric Gryffindor portrait encounter ticket

Section 2 Slytherin 

  • Return 2 Antipodean Opaleye Foundables.

    • 30 Oddities Family XP

  • Return 5 Dark Arts Family Foundables.

    • 2 Dark Detectors

  • Use 2 Potions.

    • 300 XP

Section 2 Slytherin rewards:

  • 10 Spell Energy

  • 1 Salazar Slytherin portrait encounter ticket

Section 2 Hufflepuff 

  • Perform 5 Spell Casts.

    • 300 XP

  • Recover 3 Peruvian Vipertooth Egg Foundables.

    • 20 Oddities Family XP

  • Walk 2 kilometres.

    • 1 Silver Key

Section 2 Hufflepuff rewards:

  • 10 Spell Energy

  • 1 Helga Hufflepuff portrait encounter ticket

Section 2 Ravenclaw

  • Return 5 Care of Magical Creatures Family Foundables.

    • 500 XP

  • Return 3 Mysterious Artefacts Family Foundables.

    • 30 Mysterious Artefacts Family XP

  • Perform 7 Great Spell Casts.

    • 500 XP

Section 2 Ravenclaw rewards:

  • 10 Spell Energy

  • 1 Rowena Ravenclaw portrait encounter ticket

Section 2 overall rewards:

  • 2800 XP

  • 12 Restricted Section Books

  • 4 Potent Exstimulo Potion

  • 40 Spell Energy

  • 50 Legends of Hogwarts Family XP

  • 50 Dark Arts Family XP

  • 50 Magizoology Family XP

  • 50 Ministry of Magic Family XP

Section 3

  • Return 1 Peruvian Vipertooth Foundable.

    • 750 XP

  • Return 1 Chinese Fireball Foundable.

    • 30 Oddities Family XP

  • Recover 3 Welsh Green Egg Foundable Fragments.

    • 30 Oddities Family XP

  • Recover 3 Antipodean Opaleye Foundable Fragments.

    • 2 Potent Exstimulo Potion

Section 3 rewards:

  • 10 Restricted Section Books

  • 4000 XP

  • 200 Coins

  • 1 Dragon Fire frame for your Ministry ID

  • 1 Daily Prophet Indianapolis frame for your Ministry ID

  • 1 WP Wizards Unite Fan Festival sticker for your Ministry ID

Section 4 

  • Take 1 selfie for your Ministry ID.*

    • 500 XP

  • Take 1 picture of Foundables.*

    • 500 XP

  • Make 1 new friend.*

    • 500 XP

Section 4 rewards:

  • 4000 XP

  • 100 Coins

  • 1 Indy 2019 Finished Questline Badge

Global Challenge

Of course, there’s one final but very crucial task for attendees at WUFF: the Global Challenge. While players around the world will be able to participate from afar by collecting and unlocking special Dragon Egg Portkey Portmanteaus to get a week of global bonuses, players at WUFF have been tasked with returning 150,000 Dragon Oddities.

Completing this task will unlock the special event Day of the Dragons on September 7th worldwide. This day will feature the appearance of a Dragon not typically found in each region and bonus Wizarding XP or returning Dragons. 

Everyone is counting on you to unlock this special event, so be sure to return as many Dragons as possible while at WUFF!


And now you’re ready to go and help the Ministry in Indianapolis! Be sure to stay hydrated, take breaks, and most of all, have fun!

If you're still looking for more information, check out our overview of the latest WUFF and Global Challenge news here. A full Day of the Dragons Guide is also coming soon (assuming you catch enough Dragons to unlock it for the rest of the world!), so stay tuned.

And if you haven't finished Back to Hogwarts Part Two yet, we've got you covered with our guide for the event. 

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