Dark Arts Month

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Hello Witches and Wizards! Wizards Unite has a lot planned for this amazing month of October! I am going to go over everything we already know is happening during #DarkArtsMonth For Wizards Unite Events:

  • Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces Week One

  • October Community Day

  • Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces Week Two

  • Exclusive Halloween Quest

The cool thing about this month is that #DarkArtsMonth is across all of the Wizarding World not just Wizards Unite. Be sure to check social media to see what else is going on.

Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces Week One

This runs October 8 - 15 we have an in depth guide here!
Some things to note about this Brilliant Event; this is the first time we see Spell Books as a reward outside of Wizarding Challenges, and Achievements. You can get a total of 9 Spell Books for free; 4 from the first week, 4 from the second week, and 1 in your complimentary gift from the first week. If you want to invest coins you can receive another 6, see below. 30 Restricted Spell Books, 15 for each week. 

Complimentary Gift

SoS Bundle for 425 coins

Brilliant Bundle for 925 coins

All of the above are set to expire on Tuesday October 15 at 11am PDT, when the event ends. They may have new gifts and bundles available during the second week so keep your wands at the ready! 

A few tips we have mentioned in the article but would love to press upon you here as well, the third section of tasks includes one that asks you to use 5 Exstimulo Potions, this is ONLY the regular Exstimulo. The Strong and Potent Exstimulos will not count towards this task. I spent my second task brewing 5 of those for the brew 4 potions task. 

You may have noticed by now that the Brilliant Portmanteaus (or Portkeys) will appear on the ground and are glowing! This is a most welcome change to be able to know immediately which is an Event Portmanteau and a regular one. They are 3km and will reward you with a Chained Olivander once you unlock them. 

October Community Day

This will be held on October 19, the times and theme for they day have not been confirmed yet. We have already had Hogwarts School, Mysterious Artefacts, and Challenges. This month could be Dark Arts to tie in with that but it is more likely it will focus on Oddities. So far everything in Wizards Unite for #DarkArtsMonth has been focused on Oddities. We will update you as soon as we know what this month will feature!

Brilliant Event: Fighting Forces Week Two

This will run October 22 - 29 and will still start at 11am PDT. We will post the in depth guide once Week One is done. We can expect to have the rewards similar to week one; 15 Restricted Section Books and possibly more Spell Books.

Exclusive Halloween Quest

We do not have a lot of information on this outside of what was included in the newsletter. Which really is just the date! However, we are excited about the possibility of special quests being added outside of the Brilliant Events. We would love to know what you think the Exclusive Quest will be. Do you think we will get to fight a big bad, like the basilisk featured on all of the promos? Will Wizarding Challenges feature group of more than 5 people? Do you think we will have a special portmanteau to unlock? What are your ideas, and what would you love to see for Halloween? Join in on the discussion here.

Dark Arts Month

As you can see there is a lot going on just in Wizards Unite. #DarkArtsMonth is actually across the entire Wizarding World of Harry Potter. In person if you visit the Wizarding World at Universal in both Orlando and Hollywood. You can battle death eaters while you are there or even see the Dark Mark in the sky. Twitter is full of the hashtag being used by each movie series and game to announce different events or to just join in on the fun with some spooky dementors. Keep an eye out for more updates or even some spooky lore to be shared this month. Remember to stay vigilant and keep your wands at the ready!

We are extremely excited for this month and can not wait to see the details for Community Day and Halloween! What part of the #DarkArtsMonth are you most excited for?