Gohan VS Cell: Fighter Who's the Better Future Yellow?

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Future has been a top tier PVP Team for quite some time now, with a steady trickle of new releases that seem to make them even better as time goes on. While SP Mai GRN and SP Zamasu RED are more or less impossible to replace, SP SSJ Gohan YEL can find himself in and out of certain Matches depending on the Enemy line-up.

The release of SP Perfect Cell YEL has had a few people replacing SP SSJ Gohan YEL, but here’s why I think SP SSJ Gohan YEL is still the best primary Yellow Fighter for the Team.

HP 2,301,104
Strike ATK 248,248
Blast ATK 226,826
Strike DEF 145,114
Blast DEF 146,552
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,358,975
Strike ATK 227,094
Blast ATK 216,039
Strike DEF 141,413
Blast DEF 145,668
Ki Restore Speed

Future Z-Ability

Gohan Buffs Future Strike Attack straight away, while Cell Buffs Android Strike Attack initially until he's limit broken to 5 stars. Even if he's at 5 stars, he only Buffs SP Zamasu RED through Regeneration.

Assuming you have almost every Future Fighter, if you throw Cell into the Team, you lose out on a Team-wide Z-Ability. Replacing SP Goku Black YEL takes away Blast Attack, while replacing EX Teen Trunks PUR, SP Youth Trunks BLU, or Gohan himself will take Strike Attack away from the Team.

Cell might be a very powerful Fighter, but he’s not worth the potential ~20% Strike or Blast Attack loss for the rest of the Team.

Two Strike Arts cards

Gohan carries two Strike Arts Cards while Cell carries a mixed set of Arts Cards. Given the insane amount of Strike Attack Z-Abilities Future possesses, all this does is noticeably lower their overall Damage output if Cell is used over Gohan.

Passing on the Will

Cell does have Cover: Rescue, which makes him a risky choice to attempt a Rising Rush against, but Gohan's Passing on the Will Unique Ability gives his Team massive Buffs. If he's defeated, he gives the remaining Teammates a permanent Strike Damage, Ki Recovery Speed, Arts Card draw speed, and all Damage inflicted Buff.

This is great for just about any Fighter, but SP Mai GRN especially needs this. She already has increased Card draw speed and cheaper Ki costs, but this makes her into a real force to be reckoned with. Gohan's death results in her being able to chain incredibly long Combos together that actually hurt, despite her average Offensive stats.


The only noticeable edge I'd give Cell over Gohan is his Solar Kamehameha due to the Faint chance as well as his slightly higher Damage output when factoring in his switch in Damage Buff compared to Gohan when factoring his Team Unique Ability Buff.

cell damagegohan damage

But this to me isn't worth losing out on the Team Buffs Gohan can provide both in life and death.

Cell is still an excellent choice for the Future Team -- especially if you're missing other key members -- but Gohan is still a mainstay and their primary Yellow Fighter due to his significantly better synergy.

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