Skadi Looping Tier List

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Article by Meliran
Skadi Looping Tier List
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  • Skadi looping is the usage of two Skadis (your own and a friend) with Quick AoE Noble Phantasms in order to clear three waves of enemies using a single Servant.
  • Certain setups require the usage of more resources than just two Skadis, and will be described below.
  • Tiering is done based off of ease of setup and applicability. Click on any servant for a detailed description on how to loop with them and in what situations.
  • If a Servant has a high required number of overkill hits, they are likely going to be unable to loop. Be forewarned.
    • Note that increasing NP levels of a Servant will make it easier to achieve overkill hits with their NP, thus making it easier to loop. However, it still depends greatly upon the HP of the enemy waves.
    • Due to a bug(?), Overkill hits start counting not when an enemy's HP falls to zero, but when it falls to 50% of their original max health.
  • This lists the common loops allowing for usage of 5 event CEs. There are many other 4 event CE setups, but they are not included.
  • Whenever Paracelsus is used, Nero Bride can also be used for the same purpose (potentially requiring 1 extra overkill hit).
  • All skills are assumed to be maxed out, and all 1-turn damage skills are assumed to be used on Turn 3.
Double Skadi with Best Valkyrie
Two Skadis and a Valkyrie getting the Valkyrie squad ready on speed dial.

Tier 1

Servants who are capable of looping with no outside support using a Kaleidoscope and a Mage's Association Mystic Code

Edmond Dantes

Tier 2

Servants who can require either support or a specific type of enemy to loop, but do not require a MLB Kaleidoscope.

Marie Antoinette

Tier 3

Servants who require a MLB Kaleidoscope to loop in the vast majority of all cases.

Ishtar (Rider)
Scathach (Assassin)

Tier 4

Servants who can 3-turn loop due to Skadi, but not make full use of her.

Any Servant with a 50%+ Charge, and Mordred/Altria Pendragon
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