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brewWhile there aren’t many Potions released in the game yet, what is available is mostly geared towards improving performance in Trace and Fortress encounters.

While players may also purchase potions from Diagon Alley for gold, they are primarily obtained through brewing mini-games. Most potions take a few hours to brew, but this duration can be reduced by a flat rate of 15% if the Master Notes attached to each recipe are successfully executed.

This guide will cover how to use Potions in Wizards Unite, as well as how to get the necessary Potion ingredients and brew them yourself, plus some handy tips on improving the process!

Gathering Resources

Before brewing, players will need to gather the necessary ingredients (or purchase them with gold). Ingredients can currently be found in Greenhouses, Portkeys, and just laying around on the overworld map.

The Wizards Unite Greenhouse Growing system also allows players to grow ingredients in Greenhouses with Seeds and Water that can be picked up on the overworld. 

When using Greenhouses, players will have a chance to receive a Gift Box along with their harvests. When sent to another player, Gift Boxes gotten from Greenhouses will contain Potion ingredients.

Important Note

Ingredients are extremely common to the point that Player inventories are quickly filled to max capacity unless they throw away extras or buy inventory expansions from the in-game shop. Once you get used to seeing what Ingredients commonly spawn around your area, you can begin discarding extraneous ones to make room for rarer ones, as the common spawns will be available whenever you need them.


Brewing Potions

After gathering up ingredients, it’s time to start brewing. Open the Potions menu (see the User Interface Guide for help finding it) and tap the box at the bottom that says “brew now” to bring up the potion selection interface. 

This interface shows all of the requirements—ingredients, time, and cost in gold for any missing ingredients—to brew the available potions. More potions are unlocked as players level up. Tap “brew” next to the chosen potion, and the potion will automatically start brewing or enter the next spot in the potions queue.

potion brewing interfaces

Potions will continue to brew even when the app is closed. Players can take advantage of this by queuing some of the more time-consuming potions before going to bed or heading to work for several hours. When they return to the app, the potions will be ready for collecting.

Brew time can also be sped up in two ways. First, players may spend gold to finish brewing a potion immediately. Second, players may use Master Notes to reduce the brewing time by 15%. 

Master Notes

Master Notes are a mini game within the Potions interface. After queuing a potion, tap on the ladle to open the Master Notes. 

At the top of the screen, there will be 3-6 boxes with question marks in them. These represent the sequence of gestures required to successfully complete the Master Notes and speed up the brewing. There are eight kinds of gestures (see the Master Notes List for all eight). 

When the player puts in the correct gesture, the question mark will change to match the gesture. Each correct gesture in the sequence unlocks the next box, but beware: using the wrong gesture will cause the mini-game to start over. 

Of course, once the player has successfully completed the Master Notes for a specific potion (such as Exstimulo Potion) three times, the Master Notes will appear every time the player brews that potion. 

Best Potions

So which potions are worth the time it takes to track down ingredients and brew them? While that will vary some based on playstyle and each player’s goals, here are some highlights of the most useful potions and when to use them:

Exstimulo Potions: These potions improve players’ spellcasting in Traces and Fortresses, making them one of the most versatile potions and essential to every witch and wizard. Most players, regardless of playstyle, will want to keep some of these on hand at all times.

Leveling Up

Baruffio's Brain Elixir: Players looking to level up quickly will want plenty of this potion, which doubles the XP gained from Traces, Portkeys, and Fortresses. Use when you have several achievements to claim and Portkeys to open. After claiming all that XP, use the remaining time to grind Fortress battles or Trace encounters for even more XP.


Healing Potion: Essential for tough Fortress battles and Oddity Traces, this potion restores 35% of the player’s max stamina. Keep a couple on hand for Oddity Traces and stock up before trying difficult Fortress battles.

Invigoration Potions: Like using Strategic Spells in Fortress combat? These potions grant the Focus necessary for casting them. Also useful for Magizoologists with the “A Bird in Hand” skill.

Wit Sharpening Potion: Save these for the hardest Fortress battles, as they are only useful against Elite Foes.


Dawdle Draught: While this potion is one of the more time-consuming to brew, it is essential for rare or difficult Traces, as it reduces the risk of them fleeing. For the rarest Traces, pair with a Potent Exstimulo Potion to maximise chances of success.

How to Use Potions

Different Potions can be used in different parts of Wizards Unite. Here's how to use Potions:

Outside of Encounters

  • Baruffio's Brain Elixir can be used for extra XP when no encounters are active
  • Open your Vault from the Suitcase menu and navigate to Potions
  • You can use the Elixir from there

Inside Encounters (Trace)

  • In Trace encounters, Potions are accessible using the button at the bottom right
  • You can use Exstimulo Potions to increase your Spell Power to catch Foundables
  • Alternatively, using Dawdle Draught will make Foundables less likely to flee

Inside Encounters (Fortress)

  • During Wizarding Challenges, Potions are usable from the same bottom right button
  • Exstimulo Potions can be used to power up your Spells to deal extra damage to foes
  • Healing Potions are very important to replenish Stamina in long or hard fights
  • Wit Sharpening Potions will give you combat bonuses against Elite foes in the hardest fights
  • Invigoration Draughts will provide Focus to let you cast Charms and Hexes to buff or debuff allies or enemies respectively

Closing Notes

All in all, potions are an essential aspect of the game, giving witches and wizards the extra boost needed to take on the most challenging Foes and Confoundables. While gathering ingredients and brewing potions can sometimes be a rather time-consuming task, the benefits potions can provide are well worth the effort.

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