Game Update: Dark Detector Buff, New Registry Page, and More

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A wave of changes have just rolled out to Wizards Unite! This update comes with new content (be sure you've downloaded the assets!) and some improvements to existing items and features. 

For other recent changes, be sure to check out the Patch Notes for version 2.6.0, which was recently released.

Map Bug Fixed

First of all, for those who were experiencing bugs with tapping buttons on the map, the Wizards Unite team reports that this bug should now be fixed for all players

Dark Detectors

According to the Wizards Unite team, Dark Detectors (which feature prominently in the upcoming Stronger United Brilliant Event) have been buffed to give increased numbers of High, Severe, and Emergency Traces when used. 

Fortress Ready Button

Update: This feature has once again been temporarily pulled due to bugs. We'll have to wiat a bit longer still before it's really ready.

After a bugged first release in version 2.5.0 which ended with the feature being pulled, the much-anticipated "Ready" button is back and reportedly fixed!

After selecting a Runestone in a Fortress, players in groups can tap the "Ready" button to signal they are ready to start the battle. Once all players have tapped "Ready," the battle will begin immediately.

Solo players can skip the lobby timer by simply tapping "Start."

Greenhouse Drops

Players have reported finding Snowdrop in Greenhouses again. Snowdrop, along with some other ingredients, was removed from Greenhouses when Spell Energy was added.

For some players, this meant they could no longer brew Exstimulo Potions, as Snowdrop is rare on the map in some areas.

The Wizards Unite team previously said they would be adding Snowdrop back in after some players complained, so the change is intentional. It is not yet clear if there have been any other changes to Greenhouse drops.

New Registry Page

And finally, last but certainly not least, there is a brand new Registry Page: Room of Requirement V! Players have already reported finding these new Foundables, so head on out! 

While we update our Foundables database, here's a quick infographic to help you look for them:

Legends of Hogwarts: Room of Requirement V

We'll be back soon with more details and tips on where to find these new Foundables. Until then, constant vigilance!

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