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Ep 8 First Clear Rewards
Notable Improved Drops From Story Stages
Period: 2020-11-01 ~ 2020-11-15

Episode 8 [Roaring Flare] PV

For a full analysis breakdown of the PV, see the following article

Episode 8 [Roaring Flare]

Episode 8

Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319, ling#6603, and pumpkin#5585

Special Thanks: Scylious#8874

Available on: 16:00, Nov 1st.

Unlock condition: All players who have passed 7-20

Stage pages with more detail can be found on the combat Operations list

Limited Time Sign-in Event


Event period: 16:00, Nov 1st - 03:59 Nov 15th

Event description: During the event, accumulate 10 days of login to obtain the following rewards:

Day 1 2
Day 2 1 1
Day 3 4 1
Day 4 20 1
Day 5 20 1
Day 6 200 1
Day 7 1 1
Day 8 30000 1
Day 9 1
Day 10 1 1

New Limited Headhunting Banner: 【Forget Me Not】


Event time: Nov 1st 16:00- Nov 15th 03:59

Event description: During Event [Limited Headhunting - Anniversary] [Forget Me Not] Headhunting period, the following operators have rate up

Featured Operators:

Rarity Operator
6★ Rate Up Rosmontis (Limited)
5★ Rate Up Whisperain
4★ Rate Up Jackie
  • 6★ Rate-Ups have a 70% chance of appearing when pulling a 6★
  • 5★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 5★
  • 4★ Rate-Ups have a 20% chance of appearing when pulling a 4★
Test out your luck for this banner on our:[Forget Me Not] Summon Simulator!

Special Login Event


Event period: 16:00, Nov 1st - 03:59, Nov 15th

Event description: Player can obtain1 [Limited 10x Head Hunting ticket] in event interface during the event.


  • [Limited 10x Head Hunting ticket] can only be used in 10x headhunting in limited recruitment [Forget me not]
  • Each account can only obtain once in the event
  • [Limited 10x Head Hunting ticket] will be expired at 03:59, Nov 15th.

Daily Giveaway of Limited Headhunting


Event Period: 16:00, Nov. 1st - 03:59, Nov. 15th

Event Description: During the event period, player can have a free headhunting in limited recruitment [Forget Me Not] every day


  • The free headhunting will refresh at 04:00
  • Any free headhunting that isn't used by 04:00 will be lost and can't be accumulated.

New Operators

Ep 8 New Operators

New Operators


  • The new operator [Rosmontis] can only be obtained in this [Limited Recruitment]
  • The new operators [Mudrock ] [Whisperain] [Jackie] will be permanently added to other [Standard Recruitment] pools besides the event recruitment after 04:00, Nov 15th
  • The operators above and [Amiya] can gain extra trust from 16:00 Nov. 1st to 03:59, Nov. 15th

New Skins!


Event Period: 16:00, Nov. 1st - 03:59, Nov, 29th

Event Description: The following costumes will be available for sale for a limited time:

  • Epoque Series - Trance - W
    • Cost: 18 Originite Prime
  • Epoque Series - Will - Texas
    • Cost: 15 Originite Prime
  • Epoque Series - Ensign - Dobbermann
    • Cost: 15 Originite Prime

New Furniture Theme [Glistening Yellow Game Room]


Event Period: 16:00, Nov. 1st - 03:59, Nov, 29th

Event Description: [Glistening Yellow Game Room] will be available for sale for a limited time:

  • Ambience: 4800
  • Cost: 6015 Furniture Parts or 31 Originite Prime

Limited Time Drop Event


Event period: 16:00, Nov. 1st - 03:59, Nov. 15th

Event description: During the event, other than Annihilation stages, all stages will have a chance to drop the following:

  • Emergency Sanity Sample (Can use to recover 10 sanity)
  • Thank-you Celebration Supplies (Can use to obtain a random material)


  • The Emergency Sanity Sample in this event will expire at 03:59, Nov. 23rd

[Thank-you Celebration] Giftbox Giveaway


Event period: 16:00, Nov. 1st - 03:59, Nov. 15th

Event description: During the event period, players will receive a daily mail with [Thank-you Celebration] Giftbox. The mail will be sent at 04:00 (16:00 on the first day), and will expire in 3 days

[Thank-you Celebration] Giftbox details:

  • Players will get 800 Orundum when opening the giftbox at the first time
  • Players will get random number (among 200,300,500,800) of Orundum in subsequent gift boxes
  • All giftbox will be expire at 03:59, Nov. 22nd

[Thank-you Celebration] Package On Sale For Limited Time


Sales Period: 16:00, Nov. 1st - 03:59, Nov, 29th

Event Description: The following packages will be available for sale for a limited time:

[Duck Lord’s Purse]

45 CNY = 6.73 USD (at the time of this writing)

  • 13 Orignite Prime
  • 300,000 LMD

[Thank-you Celebration Preparation Package]

328 CNY = 49.05 USD (at the time of this writing)

  • 90 Originite Prime
  • 1 [10x Headhunting Permit]
  • 200,000 LMD
  • 30 Strategic Battle Records
  • 50 Tactical Battle Records
  • 30 Skill Book 3
  • 50 Skill Book 2
  • 4 Chip Catalyst
  • 500 Furniture Parts

[ Thank-you Celebration Headhunting Package]

198 CNY = 29.61 USD (at the time of this writing)

  • 1 [Thank-you Celebration Operator Permit]
  • 1 [10x Headhunting Permit]


[Thank-you Celebration Operator Permit] Can pick a 6★ operator from the following operator

Recruitment Update


Arknights will add new operators in to Recruitment on Nov 1st. The new operators and the force refreshing notes is as follows:

New Operators in Public Recruitment:

★★★★★★ Schwarz

★★★★★★ Hellagur

★★★★★ Glaucus

★★★★★ Astesia

★★★★ Sussuro

★★★★ Myrtle


  • All recruit tags will be refreshed during the update.
  • No new tags will be added by the update.
  • To prevent unnecessary loss, please hire the recruited characters before update.
  • The new operators won't be picked by recruitments which begin before update.

Annihilation Updates

Opening Period: 04:00, Nov 2nd, 2020 - 03:59, Jan. 4th, 2021

Unlock Condition: All players who cleared 2-8

  • New time-limited annihilation stage [Kawalerielki Outskirts], which rotates
  • New milestone goals which have one-time rewards (including weekly cap increase)
  • Can obtain medals.
  • After the map goes off rotation, it will be recorded into Hypothetical Combat Objectives.
    • Periodically, some of the objectives will be selected to generate a Simulated Annihilation, wherein players can obtain the corresponding medals and one-time rewards, however no Orundum will be given.

More details on the updates to the Annihilation system can be found here:

New Lucky Drop Furniture Theme [White Wilds]


Update time: 16:00, Nov. 1st

New Lucky Drops: [White Wilds] themed furniture

Drop locations: All stages in Main Story (Challenge, Tutorial stages excluded), all stages in material/chip stages

Drop description: The new [White Wilds] series will replace the current lucky drop Theme [Healthy Fast-food Restaurant] series. After the update, [Healthy Fast-food Restaurant] series furniture can be purchased in the furniture shop.

Note: [Healthy Fast-food Restaurant] will go on sale on 16:00, Nov. 1st


Translation Credit: Laulicon#6707

New medals added!

Episode Medals

Annihilation Medals

Event Related OST

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