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The new Update brought the Legends Rising Vol.10 Banner, featuring the highly hyped SP Super #17 GRN, and his rival SP Goku RED. This was a surprising release, considering how many new Fighters Androids have gotten in the past few months, however, there also was a certain curiosity around SP Android #17 GRN, since many players predicted he’d get the Fusion Warrior Tag, and he did. All that’s left to see is how impactful these Fighters are.

Effects on the Meta


Ever since Anniversary, Androids have been climbing the Meta mountain, supported by continuous Fighter releases in multiple Banners, just to reach the top in the past few weeks thanks to SP Fused Android #13 RED. At that point, it looked like a complete Team that could adapt to any matchup in the Meta, however evidently the developers felt like it wasn’t enough.

SP Super #17 GRN could be seen as superfluous, since SP Android #14 GRN has the same color and he’s still very good, but the new Fighter still manages to bring something new to the Table for the very resourceful Androids. In fact, while his Damage output is shaky for the most part, his Ki Blast-absorb Cover mechanic fits well in specific Matchups --Son Family or Androids mirror matchups for example, so against Blast-reliant Teams --, and his Ultimate Move is a huge momentum swing thanks to its full Team Paralysis.

While he’s not strictly needed if you already have SP Android #14 GRN he’s very unique, thus a good piece for your Android Team.

Fusion Warrior

In Fusion Warrior, SP Super #17 GRN is a considerably more relevant addition than on Androids. In fact, Green was this Tag’s worst color prior to the new update. While SP Super #17 GRN doesn’t bring a fitting Z-Ability for the Team, he synergizes very well with his Teammates. In particular, SP Vegito RED’s Z-Ability makes him extremely Tanky.

His gimmicky Damage Boosting Unique Abilities prevent him from being a stable Core Fighter, however he helps Fusion Warrior in some matchups that have historically been quite harsh for the Team -- Lineage of Evil and secondarily Yellow Color Counter --.

Son Family

SP Goku RED can’t hope to be placed over SP SSJ2 Gohan RED on Son Family. However, he opens the door for a more budget Team for the same Tag. In fact, Legendary Finish Fighters have always been very hard to pull, so it’s good to get good replacements for them.

SP Goku RED is Strike-focused, which is quite unusual for a Son Family Fighter, but that doesn’t mean he can’t fit. SP Goku GRN and SP Angry Goku BLU’s overall Damage Boosting Unique Abilities make them great offensively regardless of which card is used -- although their Blast Damage remains higher than their Strike Damage--, and finally, after a long time SP SSJ Teen Gohan BLU has found an environment he can shine in.

With a new Gohan getting released soon, hopefully Son Family will become an even more easily accessible Tag.


SP Goku RED is arguably the strongest Red Fighter for Saiyan toolkit wise, however this Team’s synergy is starting to look all over the place. The mixup between Fusion Warrior-Saiyan-Sagas From the Movies Z-Ability is already suspect, adding SP Goku RED would damage the Synergy even further, considering he only starts Buffing some of his Teammates at 5*.

Compared to him, SP Vegito RED is still a great Fighter that provides a massive Z-Ability to SP Super Vegito PUR, so he’s still a better choice for the Team.

Should You Pull?

Legends Rising Vol.10 x999 Z-Power

Legends Rising Vol.10 x999 Z-Power Simulator

This Banner is pretty great if you don’t already have a complete Android Team, since both the new SP Super #17 GRN and SP Android #13 BLU are featured. On the other hand, if you already have a complete Team with SP Android #14 GRN, there is no real urgency for you to pull. The exception to the rule would be if you also have a great Fusion Warrior basis, in that case trying to get SP Super #17 GRN wouldn’t be a bad idea.

SP Goku RED only fits well on Son Family, but considering he’s the only one with that Tag on this banner, you should only pull for him if you already have some of the strongest Son Family Fighters, but you’re still missing SP SSJ2 Gohan RED.

However, overall these new Fighters are not game-changing at all, so it’s fine if you want to spare your Chrono Crystals waiting for better Banners.

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