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I'm a Dragon Ball Legends' writer who also consistently ranks in top 500-100 in the game's PVP.  I'm not part of the Kefla bandwagon.

Articles Worked On

Meta Shift: Frieza and Goku
Meta Shift: Bardock
Meta Shift: Gogeta
Meta Shift: Goku/Vegeta, Trunks, Zamasu, Broly
Meta Shift: Goku & Piccolo
Meta Shift: Nappa & Gohan
Meta Shift: Vegeta
Meta Shift: Toppo, Caulifla & Kale
Meta Shift: Vegeta
Meta Shift: Majuub & SSJ3 Goku
Meta Shift: Frieza
Meta Shift: Gohan, Boujack, Trunks, Gokua
Meta Shift: Gogeta, Eis, Nuova
Meta Shift: Zamasu, Vegito, Kefla
Top Universe Survival Team
Meta Shift: Android 17 & Android 18
Meta Shift: SSB Goku, Hit and SSJ Goku
Top Legends Road Team
Meta Shift: Super #17
Meta Shift: Kid Buu & Vegeta
Meta Shift: Demon King Piccolo & Broly
Meta Shift: Android 21 & Gohan
Top Powerful Opponent Team
Meta Shift: Gogeta & Frieza
Meta Shift: UI Goku & Universe 11
Meta Shift: Broly & Goku
Meta Shift: Metal Cooler & Vegeta
Meta Shift: Goku & Cooler
Meta Shift: Champa & Vados
Meta Shift: SSJ3 Goku
Top Super Saiyan Team
Top Rival Universe Team
Meta Shift: Bergamo, Basil, Lavender
Meta Shift: Goku Black & Great Saiyaman 1-2
Meta Shift: Trunks & Goten
Meta Shift: Android 18
Top Legends Road FSK Team
Meta Shift: SSJ2 Gohan & Cell
Meta Shift: Vegeta & Cell
Meta Shift: Demon King Piccolo
Meta Shift: Gohan and Buutenks
Meta Shift: Android 16
Meta Shift: SSJ Goku & Turles
How Have They Aged: Goku & Piccolo
Top Super Warriors Team
Meta Shift: SSB Goku & SSB Vegeta
SP Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta (Future) (Purple)
SP Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Red)
Meta Shift: Super Warriors and Zenkai Trunks
The Current State of Dragon Ball Legends - 2nd Anniversary -
Meta Shift: Goku and Paikuhan
Meta Shift: SSG Shallot and Zenkai Trunks
Meta Shift: 2nd Anniversary Fighters Full Info
SP Super Full Power Saiyan 4 Goku (Green)
Meta Shift: Kakarot Goku
SP Super Saiyan Gotenks (Red)
Meta Shift: Kefla, Cooler, Gotenks
Meta Shift: Vegito & Broly
How Have They Aged: SSJ4 Goku, SSJ4 Vegeta, and Rosé Goku Black
Top Saiyan Saga Team
Meta Shift: Frieza & Bardock
Meta Shift: Goku, Piccolo, & Raditz
SP 1st Form Frieza (Purple)
Meta Shift: Baby Vegeta & Syn Shenron
Meta Shift: Android #21
Top Zenkai Team Tier List
The Zenkai Corner
Top Zenkai God Ki Team
Top Zenkai Saiyan Team
Top Zenkai Regeneration Team
Meta Shift: SSG Goku and SSG Vegeta
Meta Shift: Gogeta, Janemba, and Shallot
Dragon Ball Legends Best Of 2019
How Equips Really Work In Dragon Ball Legends
Meta Shift: Multi Z-Power, Fix or Flop?
Legends Battle Royale Team Guide
Meta Shifts for the Latest Zenkai Boost DBL Update
SP Hero Tapion (Red)
Top Team Tier List Change Log
Sparking Tier List Change Log
Meta Shift: Godly Saiyan Blood
Legends Rivals: Sagas Warriors Vs. Androids
Meta Shift: Full-Fledged Warrior
Meta Shift: Evil Incarnate
Meta Shift: Elite Haired Soldier
Meta Shift: Last Clash Against Buu
Meta Shift: Hit, Several Weeks Later
Meta Shift: Boujack Unbound
Top GT Team
Legends Rivals: Androids Vs. Lineage of Evil
Meta Shift: Combined Power
Top Frieza Saga Team
Top Dragon Ball Saga Team
Meta Shift: Power of Love
SP Rozie (Yellow)
Meta Shift: Cinematic Battle
Meta Shift: Universe 6 vs Universe 7 Showdown
Legends Rivals: Lineage of Evil Vs. Fusion Warriors
Legends Road - Fused with Kami Event Guide
SP Fused with Kami Piccolo (Yellow)
Legends Rivals: Lineage of Evil Vs. Frieza Force
Legends Rivals: Son Family Vs. Frieza Force
Legends Rivals: Hybrid Saiyans Vs. Androids
Meta Shift: Dramatic Battle on Namek
Legends Rivals
Meta Shift: Different Timelines
SP Gohan (Green)
Top Ginyu Force Team
The Rise of Legends "Tag" Banners
What Does Legends Premium Mean For The Game?
Meta Shift: Frieza Force and Lineage of Evil vs Saiyans
Top Vegeta Family Team
Meta Shift: Androids Showdown
SP Android #15 (Purple)
SP Android #14 (Green)
God Ki and Fusion Warrior: The Law of the Strongest
Meta Shift: Coming from Yardrat
Meta Shift: Character Balance #4
How Battle Version 2 Impacts PVP
Meta Shift: Anniversary Banners
Meta Shift: Calm before the Storm
Top God Ki Team
Update on Bandai Namco's Tournament and Meta Guides
Son Family vs Regeneration: Battle for Meta Domination
The Growth of Son Family
Team Tier List
Meta Shift: Goku's Family
Meta Shift: Sagas Baddies and Videl
SP Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (Green)
Top Fusion Warrior Team
Meta Shift: Lord Yamcha and Legends Rising Vol. 7
Meta Shift: Legends Road and the Return of Female Warriors
Meta Shift: Legends Future and the State of the Tag
Meta Shift: USTS#11 - The Rise of GT
SP Hyper Meta-Rilldo (Red)
EX Trunks (Green)
How Gogeta Affects The Holy Trinity
SP Gogeta (Blue)
Meta Shift: Final Collab Summon and Legends Road
Meta Shift: Legends Step-Up Vol. 2
Meta Shift: Legends Rising Vol. 1-6
Top Son Family Team
SP Super Saiyan 2 Youth Gohan (Red)
Meta Shift: USTS #10 and Legends Banners
SP Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta (Purple)
EX Majin Buu: Pure Evil (Blue)
SP Fighter Balances
Meta Shift: Collab Summon Part 2
Meta Shift: Rising Girls
SP Videl (Yellow)
SP Youth Bulma (Blue)
SP Chi-Chi (Green)
EX Mai (Purple)
Meta Shift: USTS #9
SP Super Saiyan 2 Caulifla (Purple)
EX Caulifla (Red)
SP Super Saiyan Cabba (Green)
Top Lineage of Evil Team
Top Future Team
EX Android #17 (Green)
SP Super Saiyan 2 Trunks (Blue)
SP Mai (Green)
SP Kaioken Goku (Blue)
EX Cooler (Blue)
SP Super Saiyan 2 Goku (Yellow)
SP Chilled (Purple)
SP Super Saiyan Bardock (Blue)
Top Female Warrior Team
Top Sagas Warrior Team
SP Majin Vegeta (Red)
SP Goku Black (Yellow)
Top Frieza Force Team
Top Android Team
Top Hybrid Saiyan Team
Top Regeneration Team
Top Saiyan Team
SP Super Saiyan Goku (Green)
EX Android #18 (Green)
SP Super Trunks (Green)
EX 2nd Form Cell (Blue)
SP Bardock (Green)
EX Cabba (Green)
SP Krillin (Blue)
Top Fighter Tier List
SP Super Saiyan Vegeta (Red)
EX Krillin (Red)
SP Legendary Super Saiyan Broly (Blue)
SP Captain Ginyu (Green)
SP Paikuhan (Yellow)
SP Super Saiyan Goku (Red)
SP Vegeta (Purple)
EX Chiaotzu (Purple)