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Why This Tier?

  • They could use better Color versatility.

  • The SSJ4 Saiyans and SP Super Baby 2 BLU, having all been released simultaneously, is an effective Saiyan based Core who benefit both this Tag and all of their secondary Tags.


Not to be outdone by their God Ki counterparts from Dragon Ball Super, the GT Tag came out swinging with a Purple Saiyan powerful enough to replace SP Super Vegito PUR on the main Saiyan Core, which is no small feat. The only glaring weakness to GT is the fact that all of the main Core Fighters share a Saiyan Tag, making them wary around Lineage of Evil Teams. Every one of these Fighters become prominently featured champions on their alternative Tags, and work even better together. However, the Team could still improve in diversity regarding Builds, which would make it less predictable.