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Z Tier

What makes a Team 'Z Tier'?

Consistent Teams Offensively and Defensively. All Teams in this Tier have multiple Win conditions, so they can afford to make mistakes multiple times per Battle without their chances of victory decreasing.

S Tier

What makes a team 'S' Tier?

The Teams listed here would be Z Tier worthy it wasn’t for some small flaws that either make them less diverse, or a bit less powerful as a whole. This Tier represents Teams who could mechanically work as 'Z' Tier Teams if not for the slightest of deficiencies. 

Why This Tier?

  • Having once been a theoretical Color Counter Team, the most recent banner shot this Team from obscurity to Meta greatness.

  • The SSJ4 Saiyans and SP Super Baby 2 BLU, having all been released simultaneously, is an effective Saiyan based Core who benefit both this Tag and all of their secondary Tags.



Not to be outdone by their God Ki counterparts from Dragon Ball Super, the GT Tag came out swinging with a Purple Saiyan powerful enough to replace SP Super Vegito PUR on the main Saiyan Core, which is no small feat. The only glaring weakness to GT is the fact that all of the main Core Fighters share a Saiyan Tag, making them wary around Lineage of Evil Teams. Every one of these Fighters become prominently featured champions on their alternative Tags, and work even better together. SP Super #17 GRN finally has allies worthy of his presence and SP SSJ Vegeta YEL can function again with the Support from SP Super Baby 2 BLU.

Why this Tier?

  • SP Cooler PUR is the main show. While he doesn’t have the flashiest kit, it simply works; elevating the forgotten brother to the most efficient Saiyan genocide machine to date.

  • The rest of the Team's composition Supports SP Cooler PUR rather well, boasting multiple Color options that can adapt well against most matchups, especially when Saiyans are involved.


Lineage of Evil's its fearful Offense and annoying Defense makes it a Z Tier Team. SP FF FP Frieza YEL’s color and toolkit make him one of the toughest Tank in the current Meta, and a much needed addition for this Tag, but on top of that, this Tag receives even more terrifying support with SP Cooler PUR and SP FF Frieza RED, with the former pushing around the Saiyan heavy Meta with only the prodigal son, SP SSJ Youth Gohan YEL, to fear.

Tier 1

What makes a Team 'Tier 1'?

Compared to S Tier Teams, the ones listed here have more matchup problems but they can still compete with the Meta pretty well, as they have very powerful Fighters and solid Win Conditions.

Why this Tier?


Fusion Warriors are highly powerful and are well built to consistently compete in the Meta, and with the addition of SP Super Gogeta GRN, the Team becomes moreversatile Offensively.. SP Super Vegito PUR’s stats and kit upon release were so far ahead of his peers that his viability is likely to remain as future Fusion Warriors allies are released, and SP Vegito RED’s powerful Triple Buffing Z-Ability along with his own Defensive Abilities make this powerful Team a solid choice in this Meta.

Why this Tier?


  • Both iterations of Golden Form Frieza, SP FF Frieza RED, and SP Golden Frieza GRN are the pinnacle of Frieza Force power and the undisputed champion for this Tag, and SP FF FP Frieza YEL is the perfect partner for him as he can continuously be his bodyguard, while being strong Offensively.

  • The Ginyu Force additions made the Team much more versatile, both in Battle and Bench wise.




The Frieza Force Team has been powercrept to the point of oblivion, only to become playable again with the release of SP Golden Frieza GRN. Now that the Ginyu Force has landed on Namek as well, and that Frieza has reached his 100% Form, Frieza Force has enough workforce to face the Meta without fear, although focusing on Frieza Force seems to be a subpar option compared to the much more terrifying Lineage of Evil.

Why This Tier?

  • The release of SP SSB Vegeta GRN keeps that momentum going with his fantastic Support and Damage output. 

  • Pure rage translates to overwhelming Strike potential -- being the sole reason this Team will see play -- which is respectable in its own right as this Team fairs quite well on that Damage potential alone, forgoing the Defensive, Healing, and Control options that other Teams enjoy.


Still limited in Synergy and Team options, Vegeta Family still seems to keep pace with other top Teams with it’s overwhelming and consistent Strike Damage. SP Vegeta BLU and SP Teen Trunks PUR form a devastating Core capable of the highest consistent Strike Damage. The recent release of SP SSJ4 Vegeta RED, while being a Blast Fighter himself, still is a welcome addition in power, color, and Z-Ability.

Why this Tier?

  • This Tag has some of the best Z-Abilities in the game, so they tend to pop in and out of the Meta as new Fighters are released.

  • Although their color selection and Z-Abilities are great, the lack of an up-to-date stand out Fighter has once again powercrept Androids. As always, their strong Z-Ability Support means a new champion is all they need to shine again.



Androids main ploy is their Synergy, working together like a well oiled machine. Sporting some of the best Double Buffing Z-Abilities in the Game means that any new Android coming in will receive a warm welcome. Their issue currently is they lack an updated champion to carry the Team in the face of the revitalized Saiyan-based Teams running around.

Why this Tier?


Hybrid Saiyans have tons of powerful Fighters and a multitude of Z-Buffers that can bench for other more powerful Tags. While a consistent Tag on it’s own, nearly all of their Fighters prefer the company of more powerful Tags like Vegeta Family or Sagas Warriors.Hybrid Saiyans are another Tag who are easy to “splash” into other Teams and have a high degree of customization within itself, being able to make both a Blast or Strike focused Team or something in between.

Tier 2

What makes a Team 'Tier 2'?

Solid Teams that have the means to compete even against higher tier Teams, however they require more expertise compared to those to perform well.

Why this Tier?

  • SP SSR Goku Black RED gives many new options to the Team.

  • They still lack some diversity and synergy overall to be considered a Top Team.


SP SSR Goku Black RED's partnership with SP Teen Trunks PUR has been popular. While the latter doesn’t synergize that much with the former, their combined Offensive Support makes SP Gohan GRN inflict hellish amounts of Damage. Future also has some decent bench options like SP Perfect Cell YEL.

Why This Tier?

  • The goofy gaggle of multi-colored Ginyu goons at first doesn’t appear to be able to keep pace with more serious Teams. Frieza’s top men have tricks up their hypothetical sleeves though, namely fantastic Synergy and Equip options that boost their EX level stats up to the level of Sparking. 

  • Capable of reliably using both Offenses while also carrying Support options like EX Guldo GRN’s Heavy Immoblize or EX Captain Ginyu PURs switch prevention makes this Team quite unpredictable.


This Team’s fantastic Z-Abilities are a double-edged sword. Every member Buffs Frieza Force -- which keeps Team options open --but also keeps Frieza’s elite force from ever pulling ahead of the entire army. Unless specific and unprecedented support arrives for Ginyu Force, they will always be just a subsection of the more established Frieza Force. They’ve gone up to Tier 2 because it’s now possible to upgrade them further than 3*

Tier 3

What makes a Team 'Tier 3'?

Teams that only have one solid Fighter, a weak Supporting cast, or bad matchups in PVP as a whole.

Why this Tier?

  • SP Ribrianne BLU still remains the champion for this Tag, which is not a terribly positive fact for this forgotten Team as nearly every other Team has a much stronger Blue Fighter and better Support around them.

  • The Universe 2 Build is amazing offensively, but it needs 5* Z-Abilities to be great Defensively as well.


This Team made a strong showing opposite Son Family during the Anniversary and was briefly rejuvenated by SP Kakunsa PUR and SP Rozie YEL as the long-awaited partners SP Ribrianne BLU needed to make her force recognizable in PvP again. The Team, having once been tremendous Offensively, is now plagued by the lack of durability prior to unlocking the newest Fighter’s 5* Z-Abilities. This keeps Female Warriors out of higher tiers along with the lack of meaningful updates in quite some time.

Why this Tier?

  • The Tag can benefit from the presence of some of the strongest Fighters in the Meta.

  • The addition of EX LSSJ Broly YEL is a breath of fresh air, since he makes the Team more diverse.


Super Saiyan is still great Offensively and its Synergy is quite good, however it doesn’t have many Team options, thus it’s a quite predictable Team.

Tier 4

Why This Tier?

  • The combination of SP Bunny Bulma GRN and SP Youth Bulma BLU makes this Team’s Damage output unexpectedly dangerous

  • All Core Fighters have awful durability.


Dragon Ball Saga is more of a funny Team concept rather than a seriously competitive Build. While the deceptive Offensive power of this Team could be Effective in skilled hands, the fact that all of its Fighters almost get defeated in one combo is a decisive flaw that makes it bad at high levels.

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