Flier Formation 3


Unit can move to a space adjacent to a flier ally within 2 spaces

Inheritable Restrictions?


Skillsets that use skill

YES, CAPES! (Firesweep / Low-Investment)

Defensive Support (Aether Raids Defense)

I… H-help! Yes? (Generic Support / Budget Friendly)

Flier Formation


Flier Formation is a mobility skill appearing in skill slot B, alongside its brethren Wings of Mercy and Escape Route. However, it is only limited to Flier-type units, and does not have a health restriction. In many ways, it is more similar to Guidance, but with one important distinction: Flier Formation affects the user, and not their team-mates. With their nearly unrestricted movement, fliers are the perfect users of mobility skills. Flier Formation can give flier teams incredible mobility options, allowing them to move one or two extra spaces into combat, or make an unexpected retreat.


Of course, with both the user and the target of the skill both being Fliers, this skill is naturally at home on full flier teams. However, this highlights a problem: Fliers are naturally offensively inclined, and more often than not have want of B slot skills such as Hit and Run, Drag Back or Desperation. Of these three, Flier Formation works best with Hit and Run. A unit with Flier Formation can sneak into a gap formed by Hit and Run in order to defend the ally who attacked, or to finish off the opponent. Flier Formation also works well with team-mates such as Summer Corrin. Reposition is a great skill to pair with Flier Formation. A unit with both can jump to an endangered ally, and catapult them to safety.


Opportunity Cost is the biggest weakness to Flier Formation. Hit and Run, Drag Back and Desperation are all fantastic choices for Fliers, preventing counterattacks through mobility or otherwise. A unit with Flier Formation must give up the utility granted by those skills. Dealing with Flier Formation on the enemy team is similar to dealing with Wings of Mercy and Escape Route: Careful diligence is the best weapon against them. Identifying users of the skill will prevent any surprises during the game, and allow you to prepare for the enemy’s movements.