Swift Sparrow 2

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Inheritable Restrictions?

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How to Get

Sacred Seal Forge

Great Badges Badges Sacred Coins
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Skillsets that use skill

♫ tell me more, tell me more ♫ (General Offense)

does my face look like i’m thinking dirty thoughts? (General Offense)

Halloween Nowi Except Way More Legal (Aether Raids Defense)

Eh, Father. I’m trying to sneak around, but... I keep alerting the guards. (Player Phase Offense)

aladdin but purple (Utility Nuke / Aether Raids Offense)

Light Inheritors (Aether Raids Offense)

Oh, My Sweet Summer Child (Offensive Nuke / Aether Raids Defense)

tfw you copied some gnome's homework then suddenly become legendary (Windsweep / General Use)

An intelligent boy! A handsome boy! A boy of many talents! (Aether Raids Defense)

My abode now. (Aether Raids Defense)

* teleports behind you * (Aether Raids Defense)

Hello, My Name is Inigo Mont— (Offensive Nuke)

Egg Salehd (Low-Investment / General Gameplay)

~ ☆ Mahou Tsukai Nowi Desu ☆~ (Aether Raids Defense)

YES, CAPES! (Firesweep / Low-Investment)

Determined Strength (General Offense)

Pegasiphobia (Offensive Focus)

Quirky And Relatable Holidays (Offensive)

Devotion Impulse (Offensive Nuke)

Hey, Give That Back! (Speed Focus)

Glowing Embers of Twilight (Aether Raids Defense)

Reawaken the Undying Light (General Offense)

Berning Ambition (General Offense)