Helper Mechanics

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Setting a Helper

To set a Helper, go to the "More" menu, then "Friends" and finally "Helper Settings." This will lead to a screen for choosing the Adventurer and accompanying equipment in the Weapon, Wyrmprint and Dragon slots.

Helper Settings

A Helper is an Adventurer set for use by anyone on that player’s Friend List. Assists are only available for single-player modes, but there are a few Skills that can save an otherwise difficult fight. 

Things to keep in mind when choosing a Helper:

  • Only Skill 1 is included, so it's best to use an Adventurer with high Mana Circles (Skill 1 has been upgraded to Level 3)
  • They are counted as Full HP for the purpose of casting that Skill.
  • Weapon, Wyrmprint, Dragon and Ability bonuses apply, making this an excellent opportunity to use Full HP effects that are normally difficult to maintain. Shapeshift Prep and Buff Time bonuses are also commonly used on applicable helpers as well.
Wyrmprint Examples

Skill Animations

Longer animations offer more evasion, but come at the risk of being locked into an animation. When using these, steer clear of telegraphed attacks.

Quicker animations are more difficult to time around evasion, but also less intrusive. Quick damage Skills are best for maximizing attacking uptime with regular weapon combos.

Each Adventurer page contains information regarding their Skills, including iframe duration.


While the following recommendations are not exhaustive, they aim to provide guidelines that will allow players to make their own decisions in regards to choosing a Helper.

Offensive helpers can sometimes be the right choice if you need an extra bit of stopping power to deal with solo boss encounters, such as those in Facility Events. The ideal offensive helper also provides useful secondary effects that are applicable for the content you are attempting to clear. Examples of these include status afflictions like Stun or Bleed, or if they also provide debilitating effects, such as Defense Down.

Adventurer Additional Effects (Level 3)
Rena Burn, Skill Shift
Lily Freeze
Maribelle Defense Down
Victor Bleed, Skill Shift
Annelie Stun, Skill Shift
Ieyasu Bleed

Supportive helpers provide buffs for the entire party, and Strength buffs in particular plays a major role in Mercurial Gauntlet. Elisanne, a free Story Mode Adventurer, is a universal pick that anyone can utilize.

Adventurer Effects (Level 3)
Emma 25% Strength Buff, Flame Adventurers Only
Sinoa Random Buff (Strength, Defense, Crit Rate, or Max HP)
Elisanne 20% Strength Buff
Noelle 25% Strength Buff, Wind Adventurers Only
Ryozen 25% Defense Buff
Patia 25% Defense Buff

Healing helpers are sought-after by solo parties that either require additional sources of healing, or opts to run without a healer party member. Generally speaking, healing over time is preferred over burst healing, but the former may not be available to everyone.

Adventurer Healing Type
Verica Heal Over Time
Nurse Aeleen Heal Over Time
Wedding Xania Burst Heal
Vixel Heal Over Time
Hildegarde Burst Heal
Summer Verica Heal Over Time
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