Legends Rivals: Hybrid Saiyans Vs. Androids

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Article by Emanuele Medaglia
Hybrid Saiyans Vs. Androids
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Androids and Hybrids Saiyan have battled each other countless times in the canonic series, affecting multiple timelines by consequence. Cell and Gohan are the most iconic warriors of their respective races, and their final clash, which resulted in Cell getting evaporated, has effectively put an end to the Androids’ threat against the Earth.  

However, in Dragon Ball Legends their battle still takes place, as both of those are competitive Tags in PVP. Historically, Hybrid Saiyans have been superior for a longer time since they’ve often had a larger pool of Fighters to benefit from. Meanwhile, Androids have suffered a long crisis and only lately they’ve gotten some new additions.


HP 2,341,700
Strike ATK 234,724
Blast ATK 253,121
Strike DEF 153,311
Blast DEF 151,804
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,301,104
Strike ATK 248,248
Blast ATK 226,826
Strike DEF 145,114
Blast DEF 146,552
Ki Restore Speed

Hybrid Saiyan have to follow a specific order of moves to be used at full power, since it’s important to always take advantage of SP Teen Trunks PUR’s Buff, that really magnifies the Team’s Damage

Meanwhile, Androids’ Damage mostly comes from their own Boosts, and each Fighter on the Team has a countering Extra Move, which means they have more ways to control the rhythm of the Match.

Both Team share some flaws, for example just like Hybrids can’t afford to lose either SP Teen Trunks PUR or SP SSJ2 Youth Gohan RED early since they are key Fighters in the late stages of a Match, Androids can’t let SP Android #13 BLU to get defeated early for the same reason. Regarding the latter's, this is especially important in a matchup against Hybrid Saiyans, since SP SSJ2 Youth Gohan RED is one of the best “Last Man Standing” in the game, and SP Android #13 BLU is the only one who can stop him on the Androids’ Team.

It doesn’t help that Hybrid Saiyans have an X-Factor on the Bench, namely SP Gohan GRN, that completely counters him.

Generically, the best scenario for both teams is their Tanks -- SP Android #17 PUR , SP SSJ Teen Gohan BLU -- getting defeated first, since their Offense really falls off if their allies get defeated, however it’s worth noting that this is much more of a problem for Androids than for Hybrid Saiyans.  

Androids have some things going for them too, like their considerably superior Z-Abilities, but Hybrid Saiyans have more firepower overall, and SP SSJ2 Youth Gohan RED being the most terrifying counter for SP Perfect Cell YEL makes it a very tough matchup for Androids. The recent addition of SP Fusion Android #13 RED gives Androids a full color wheel of viable Fighters, easing prediction during Team selection and adding ruthless double Offense potential for Gero's creations.

Who Wins?

Other than having the advantage in the 1 vs 1, Hybrid Saiyans’ Core also fits better in the current Meta. Frieza Force and Lineage of Evil have become very popular recently, and both have a monstrous Yellow Tank that has to be taken care of. 

While Hybrid Saiyans can do that job well by having the best Red Fighter in the game, the recent addition of SP Fusion Android #13 RED puts Androids in step with Hybrid Saiyans in that regard.

Regarding the rest of the Meta, both Teams have the means to compete well and be relevant in the top 10k ranking.

However, overall Hybrid Saiyans have the more consistent Core, so they’re safer to run.

HP 2,288,700
Strike ATK 251,039
Blast ATK 206,572
Strike DEF 140,283
Blast DEF 137,534
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,334,744
Strike ATK 245,686
Blast ATK 231,566
Strike DEF 159,701
Blast DEF 156,545
Ki Restore Speed

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I'm a Dragon Ball Legends' writer who also consistently ranks in top 1k in the game's PVP.  I'm not part of the Hit bandwagon.