Should You Pull - Naga: Dragon Divinity Edition

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The Odds

This is a legendary banner, meaning that the odds start at 8% and the only 5 star units you will pull are the ones advertised on the banner. All colors are represented, however, all colors have 3 separate 5 star units you could get.

About Legendary Banners:

  • Rates start at 8%
  • You can only pull the advertised 5 star units, aka no “pity breakers”
  • Your odds of getting specific units on a Legendary Banner are lower than if they were in their own banner
  • Legendary Banners are typically poor choices for color sniping, particularly for merges, unless you’re interested in the Legendary unit or 2/3 of the units in that particular color.

Naga, Dragon Divinity

The Stats Of God?

Given Naga’s status within the Fire Emblem universe, her stats do not seem to live up to her godlike expectations. However, Naga’s stats are still far from bad. Her BST is 162, on par with typical Generation 2 fliers. She comes with overall well-rounded stats, most notably good Speed and Defense. Her Attack does leave a lot to be desired though, coming in with only 30 at base.

Overall, while her stats may not seem befitting of a god, Naga still has great stats that allow her to fight well and perform as a strong combat unit.

Compared with the three star Nowi

HP Atk Spd Def Res
-8 -4 +9 +3 -1

Compared with the free Kana (M)

HP Atk Spd Def Res
-3 -1 +3 +2 -3

Compared with the five star Adrift Corrin (M)

HP Atk Spd Def Res
-5 -5 +1 +2 +2

Astral Power

  • Naga is the first Astra type Mythic Hero to join, offering boosts to stats and lift gained in Aether Raids.

  • Like Eir, Naga will boost the lift gained from successful Aether Raids attack during Astra season. This makes her currently a necessity for anyone concerned with scoring competitively in Aether Raids during Astra season. However, if you’re not concerned with competitive scoring (such as if you’ve reached Tier 21 and simply wish to maintain tier), then Naga might be of less need to you.

  • She gives a boost of +5 HP and +5 Def during Astra season. This is a great buff for supertanks against multiple physical foes.

What Kills You Makes You Stronger

  • Divine Breath is Naga’s personal weapon. This weapons grants her with +3 Attack, effective damage against dragons, and a boost to all stats equivalent to triple the amount of dragons or units with effective damage against dragons that are within two spaces of her.

  • This grants her a maximum boost of +9 to all stats when she has three units nearby which meet the activation criteria.

  • Overall, Divine Breath is a strong weapon that synergises well with her exclusive C slot skill.

Now Everyone Can Hate Dragons!

  • Naga also comes with an exclusive C slot: Divine Fang. At the start of turn, Divine Fang grants any adjacent allies with effective damage against dragons.

  • This allows Naga to force her allies to fulfil the requirements for Divine Breath, but the requirement for units to start adjacent to her runs the risk of having those units get sniped by defenders that get danced during Aether Raids

  • For Aether Raids offense, this skill will offer good support for fighting defense teams which feature several dragon units. However, dragons are not a typically common choice of defense unit outside of Duma.

Defensive Formation

  • Despite being a Mythic Hero oriented towards Aether Raids offense, Naga can offer a lot to an Aether Raids defense team, specifically flier compositions.

  • Dragons are currently a common choice of supertank in Aether Raids offense, making Divine Fang very valuable. Her blessing will also make any blessed allies more physically defensive which will help them fight against any physical supertanks.

  • Given that current options for effective damage against dragons for fliers are limited to seasonal inheritable dagger and Naga’s personal weapon, Naga is the easiest way to provide a flier-centric defense team with options for defeating dragon supertanks.

Should You Pull?

Here are some reasons to try your luck on blue orbs:

  • You want to score competitively in Aether Raids during Astra seasons.

  • You want a flying blue dragon as Naga is currently the only option.

  • Brave Hector and Legendary Tiki are both strong alternatives to Naga on blue orbs and you would not mind getting any of them.

  • You want to unit that can enhance your flier-centric AR defense team.

Here are a few reasons you may want to stay away from blue orbs:

  • You are not concerned with scoring competitively in Aether Raids during Astra seasons or would rather wait for another Astra hero.

  • You do not enjoy using fliers.

Other Blue Units

Legendary Tiki (Young) is a blue dragon armor and is also very strong. Her personal weapon grants her Distant Counter and effective damage against dragons. She also comes with With Everyone!, a personal C slot skill that boosts her own defenses and the defenses of allies which start their turn adjacent to her. She’s also great fodder, coming with Fierce Breath and Bold Fighter.

More information about Legendary Tiki (Young) can be found in her Should You Pull, located here.

Brave Hector is a very strong choice for a lance armor unit. His personal weapon Maltet allows him to obtain guaranteed follow-up attacks on Enemy Phase while his personal A slot Ostian Counter is Distance Counter and Sturdy Stance combined. His capabilities as fodder are decent, coming with Bold Fighter and Even Res Wave.

Red Units

Legendary Eirika’s damage capabilities are extremely impressive. This is primarily thanks to her personal B slot, Lunar Brace, which grants her Special with the effect of Luna on top of whatever effect it normally has. Combined with the fact that the effect from this skill deals true damage, Legendary Eirika can deal huge amounts of damage. She is also the sole carrier of Atk/Spd Solo, an amazing A slot skill for offensive heroes.

More information about Legendary Eirika can be found in her Should You Pull, located here.

With amazing Attack and Defense, a strong personal weapon that helps his combat potential and poor Speed, Distant counter, and a B slot skill that makes his weapon easier to activate, Hríd comes as a practically complete package. He is both a fantastic unit and fantastic fodder.

More information about Hríd can be found in his Should You Pull, located here.

Focusing fully on offensive prowess, New Year Gunnthrá is a powerful sword flier who can make a great addition to a flier-centric team. She comes with impressive Attack and Speed which is supported further by her personal weapon that debuffs the closest enemy within four spaces of her. She is also amazing fodder, being the sole carrier of Joint Hone Spd and also coming with Swift Sparrow.

More information about New Year Gunnthrá can be found in the New Year’s Of Fire and Ice Should You Pull, located here.

Green Units

Often considered to be the weakest of the legendary heroes, Legendary Lyn is still a fairly good unit. Her main issue arises from her conflicting skill set. Her personal weapon and A slot skill leads to her being presented as a defensive hero, but her stat spread is more geared towards offensive play. Still, Legendary Lyn can be strong both offensively and defensively, but she is far from a must have legendary hero. Her fodder includes Spd Tactic, currently locked solely to her and Ylgr.

New Year Fjorm is a green bow flier focusing on offensive power. Sporting the same offensive stat spread as Summer Takumi, she can prove to be powerful with weapons such as a Brave Bow or Firesweep Bow. However, being green instead of colorless does mean she doesn’t have the flexibility of Summer Takumi, but she will be stronger than him against blue foes specifically. Her fodder is excellent, carrying Atk/Spd Bond, Atk/Spd Link, and Even Res Wave.

More information about New Year Fjorm can be found in the New Year’s Of Fire and Ice Should You Pull, located here.

When considered on his own merits, Lugh is a good green infantry mage that comes with solid offensive stats and good fodder. However, he pales in comparison to Nino, another green infantry mage that is available from the 3 and 4 star pool and comes with a powerful personal weapon. As such, pulling for him unless you want to fodder him or you love the character cannot be recommended. In terms of fodder, he comes with Gronnserpent and Rally Up Res.

More information about Lugh can be found in the Beyond Darkness Should You Pull, located here.

Colorless Units

Duma is the only current Anima Mythic Hero available. His stats and skills are excellent all around and he can reduce the lift lost from failed Aether Raid defenses. However, his weakness to both armor and dragon effective weaponry and reliance on the enemy team remaining damaged from his personal C slot does hinder his effectiveness in practice. Duma comes with Def/Res Solo and Bold Fighter as fodder options.

More information about Duma can be found in his Should You Pull, located here.

While having to fight an uphill battle with Brave Veronica as a staff cavalry unit, New Year Laevatein in her own right is a strong staff cavalier. She comes with the highest Attack stat presently found on staff cavaliers, making her a good choice for a Close Counter Vantage setup for Aether Raids offense. In terms of fodder, she comes with Earthfire Balm and Wrathful Staff.

More information about New Year Laevatein can be found in the New Year’s Of Fire and Ice Should You Pull, located here.

Velouria is a colorless beast and a very powerful one at that. All of her stats besides her Resistance are great and she can enjoy an innate Wo Dao effect whenever she is transformed. Her weapon is also a strong support option, providing free special charge to whoever she is supported with. As fodder options, she comes with Close Def and Ward Beasts.

More information about Velouria can be found in the Kitsune and Wolfskin Should You Pull, located here.

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