Legends Rivals: Son Family Vs. Female Warriors

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Article by Chris Hardwick
Legends Rivals Son Family Vs Lineage of Evil
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A resurgence in this unlikely rivalry is once again making its way to the top of the Meta. While Son Family has evolved their strategy to remain competitive throughout the last few seasons, Female Warriors abruptly stopped receiving meaningful support until only recently.

Son Family padded their bulk with SP Goku GRN to pair with SP SS Teen Gohan BLU and added the relentless multi-tool that is SP Angry Goku BLU, giving Son Family not only a strong color wheel, but options within those color options. Then the even more recent release of SP Super Saiyan 3 Goku GRN gives Son Family even more color options within their already perfect color wheel.

Female Warriors as a Tag became all but forgotten after the Anniversary, except for fringe play. No meaningful support arrived for Female Warriors until SP Rozie YEL and SP Kakunsa PUR arrived to fight alongside the Universe 2 veteran, SP Ribrianne BLU. 

Both Tags were top choices for the first Dragon Ball Legends Showdown, and are once again finding themselves competing for steps up the ladder. 


HP 2,210,543
Strike ATK 216,466
Blast ATK 234,553
Strike DEF 148,589
Blast DEF 148,596
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,277,634
Strike ATK 218,663
Blast ATK 251,266
Strike DEF 143,681
Blast DEF 145,119
Ki Restore Speed

This is one of the most hotly contested Rivalries, in fact this one comes down to individual playstyle more than anything as both are extremely effective Teams with opposite strategies.

Son Family is a Tag full of options. Reliable Tanking can be found in SP SS Teen Gohan BLU or SP Goku GRN. Fast Damage Output is covered by Fighters such as SP SS Kid Goten PUR and  SP Gohan GRN, and of course Son Family has the most Legendary Finish capable Fighters with SP Angry Goku BLU, SP SS2 Youth Gohan RED, and SP SS Kid Goten PUR. 

HP 2,265,445
Strike ATK 236,040
Blast ATK 265,251
Strike DEF 157,901
Blast DEF 157,909
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,288,020
Strike ATK 253,917
Blast ATK 207,986
Strike DEF 153,888
Blast DEF 152,359
Ki Restore Speed

Female Fighters believe that a good Defense is a good Offense. Eschewing bulk, save for SP Ribrianne BLU, Female Warriors favor Support for their own through Damage and Gauge Recovery Buffs on top of strong Offensive Fighters like SP Kakunsa PUR and SP Rozie YEL.

SP Ribrianne BLU has the tools to counter SP SS2 Youth Gohan RED before he becomes the Last Man Standing. Her Main Ability locks the opponent from switching and draws her Ultimate Arts Card. Son Family has strong Green options in SP Goku GRN and SP Super Saiyan 3 Goku GRN, either of which could counter SP Ribrianne BLU. Female Warriors without SP Ribrianne BLU become a noticeably weaker Team.

Who Wins?

HP 2,341,700
Strike ATK 234,724
Blast ATK 253,121
Strike DEF 153,311
Blast DEF 151,804
Ki Restore Speed
HP 2,460,152
Strike ATK 246,620
Blast ATK 217,754
Strike DEF 149,541
Blast DEF 154,098
Ki Restore Speed

Either Team could stand out in this matchup because both Teams have an effective counter to the other’s star Fighter. 

Son Family barely edges out in this matchup, purely because Son Family without SP SS2 Gohan RED is stronger than Female Warriors with SP Ribrianne BLU. Although Female Warriors can effectively check most Son Family Finishers, SP Angry Goku BLU is still a major problem for the wildly Offensive Team. Son Family is capable of relying on nearly any member to be a Last Man Standing while Female Warriors is dependant, albeit less so since the release of the other Universe 2 Fighters, on SP Ribrianne BLU.

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