Meta Shift: Power of Love

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The new Update brought seven new characters. Six of those are available in the two new Banner that got released, and one is obtainable after completing the new Rising Battle. Overall, Female Warriors are the focus of this update and it was about time, since they haven’t gotten a new release for months.

Effects on the Meta

Female Warriors

With four new Fighers being added, this Team is in for a revolution. In fact, while SP Ribrianne BLU still has a fantastic toolkit, this Team was one of the worst in the game prior to this update, since its other Fighters suffered powercreep majorly. The new Banners bring some Fighters that not only are great by themselves, but that also synergize perfectly with SP Ribrianne BLU.

The main focus is on Universe 2, since SP Kakunsa PUR and SP Rozie YEL are the most relevant Female Warriors of the new Banners. The former’s Damage is flat out insane right off the bat , with multiple cumulative Buffs that are easily achievable, while the latter becomes stronger as the Match goes on. Overall, The Universe 2 Female Warriors Team makes a lot of sense, thanks to having multiple “Crisis” and “Defeated” Buffs, two Effects that blend together perfectly.

SP Android 18 RED is also a pretty good Fighter and she’s definitely a reliable option if a Red is needed, thanks to her amazing Utility and nifty Cover Effects that can shut down Combos.

On the other hand, SP Bulma GRN gets the shorthand of the stick. Her Supportive Abilities are quite nice once she activates her Main Ability and she holds a Special Move, but her overall lackluster toolkit is too big of a flaw to overlook, since her Self-Buff are RNG based and not even that impactful. Also, her stats are already outdated.

Frieza Saga

It feels weird to even consider the existence of this Team, however the new EX Krillin PUR and EX Kid Gohan YEL bring Z-Abilities for it, making Frieza Saga’s Tag synergy decent enough to make a Build. Additionally, EX Krillin PUR is a good option as a result of his Supportive toolkit being extremely helpful. The only --big-- problem is that their Z-Abilities only become great at 5*, which is hard to reach for an EX Fighter.

Frieza Force

SP Goku Ginyu RED is a decent Red addition for the Team. Considering he’s a Legends Rising Fighter, he’ll be upgradeable to 7* for free, but even right now he’s usable thanks to his Utility. While his durability is awful, his Damage Support to allies is great, and his Main Ability steals Dragon Balls from the Enemy, which is an amazing and rare Effect in this Meta. However, he has to compete with EX Jeice RED, another decent F2P Fighter.

Hybrid Saiyan

Although he works best in a Frieza Saga Team, EX Kid Gohan YEL is a decent addition for Hybrid Saiyans, in particular against Frieza Force Fighters, thanks to his increased Damage against them. Overall, his Offense is crazy good in spurts, especially if he uses his Main Ability.

Should You Pull?

Rising Girls Vol.3 x999 Z-Power

Rising Girls Vol.3 x999 Z-Power Simulator

Maiden Force of Love x999 Z-Power

Maiden Force of Love x999 Z-Power Simulator

With two Female Warriors Banners being released, the general question is where it’s best to pull on. The answer to this is the Maiden Force of Love Banner, since not only are the Universe 2 Fighters considerably better than SP Bulma GRN and SP Android #18 RED, but they also synergize better with SP Ribrianne BLU. 

The other question is if you should pull on it overall. If you don’t want to spend too much, then you should only consider pulling if you have SP Ribrianne BLU, and even then you should consider that you need both SP Rozie YEL and SP Kakunsa PUR to make the optimal Female Warriors Team, which might take a high Chrono Crystals expense. If you’re ok with that, then feel free to pull.

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