Should You Pull - Yune: Chaos Goddess Edition

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The Odds

Percentile Red Blue Green Colorless
0% 5 5 5 5
5% 17 15 14 14
10% 28 27 24 28
15% 41 39 34 40
20% 54 52 44 52
25% 67 66 57 64
30% 82 80 68 77
35% 97 95 82 91
40% 114 110 97 106
45% 132 126 112 123
50% 151 145 128 142
55% 173 165 146 162
60% 195 188 164 184
65% 221 215 185 209
70% 253 245 209 238
75% 289 279 237 272
80% 332 322 277 312
85% 384 376 322 366
90% 460 448 386 438
95% 606 586 500 571
100% 1891 1799 1744 1594

About Legendary Banners:

  • Rates start at 8%
  • You can only pull the advertised 5 star units, aka no “pity breakers”
  • Your odds of getting specific units on a Legendary Banner are lower than if they were in their own banner
  • Legendary Banners are typically poor choices for color sniping, particularly for merges, unless you’re interested in the Legendary unit or 2/3 of the units in that particular color.

Yune, Chaos Goddess

Resist This!

Yune’s Resistance is the second highest in the game after Winter Fae’s, and her prf adds an additional +3 to it, granting her a Resistance of 40. This not only makes Yune resistant to Ploys, but also gives her a massive defensive base with which to tank many magical threats- and proc her various skills off of.

What Else Is There?

Unfortunately with a Base Stat Total of 150, that doesn’t leave a lot of room for her other stats. Yune has cripplingly low Defense, making her extremely vulnerable to any kind of physical damage, as well as a low Speed of 27. While her Speed may allow her to double some Wary Fighter armors through her Chaos Manifest, there’s not much other use for it.

Compared with the three star Soren

HP Atk Spd Def Res
+2 +0 -6 -2 +8

Compared with the five star Deirdre

HP Atk Spd Def Res
+2 +0 -1 -1 +2

Another Mythic Hero

  • Yune is our first Dark type mythic hero, making her a great investment for Summoners who want to aim for higher scores during Aether Raids
  • She enhances Speed, which offers a great benefit to teams that utilize Speed-focused builds
  • Yune’s Dark typing grants her a Defensive bonus, meaning that you lose less Lift if you use her on Defense

Chaotic Evil

  • Yune is like Hrid in that she is another special hero who’s legendary skill plays into her legendary weapon.
  • Her unique skill, Chaos Named, allows her to inflict a stat penalty on anyone within three columns of her, as long as her Resistance is higher than theirs. This penalty reduces their highest stat by -5 (while subtracting 15 from Attack in this calculation to presumably make up the difference between weapon might).
  • This plays into her prf tome, the Chaos Manifest, which grants her a +6 Bonus to Attack while giving her a guaranteed follow-up attack if her opponent is affected by a status.
  • Yune is one of the very few fliers (and tome users) who can force a follow-up attack without reverting to a Speed check, making her a great choice for flier teams


  • Yune also comes with Sabotage Res, another new Sabotage skill that allows her to debuff the Resistance of any foe, as long as they are adjacent to one of their allies and has 3 fewer Resistance than her.
  • While this doesn’t actually help her Chaos Named skill to activate, it does grant her even more damage against potential opponents.
  • If she hits an opponent with Sabotage and Chaos Named, Yune gets a minimum of +13 Attack, with a guaranteed follow-up.

A Little Bird Told Me...

While her skills are very nice for buffing herself in combat, as well as helping her mage allies secure kills, Yune is lacking in other areas. She relies on her (admittedly high) Resistance to vastly improve her combat capability, but if she’s on Aether Raids Defense with a Fort difference (where she is supposed to excel, being a Dark mythic hero), it’s difficult to land her Sabotage in a meaningful way. Furthermore, with a lackluster Defense of 15, Yune will get taken out by most units with DC before she can make her follow-up attack, not to mention her vulnerability to bows.

That being said, Yune is an absolute monster of a unit in player hands. With the ability to force doubles with her Prf, as well as increasing her damage done by 13 at base, her damage potential is incredibly high.

Should You Pull?

Here are some reasons to try your luck on green orbs:

  • You like Yune, Lewyn, or Halloween Kagero as you could get any of the three
  • You want to get a Dark mythic hero for Aether Raids
  • You want a powerful flying mage unit
  • You want a unit who can debuff enemy stats and Resistance for your team to work around

Here are a few reasons you may want to stay away from green orbs:

  • You dislike using fliers.
  • Yune has extremely high damage potential but will not be good when she’s not in Player hands, making her a poor defense unit on Dark seasons where she supposedly excels

Other Green Units

Lewyn also occupies the green slot and is both a fantastic unit and one of the best fodder units in the game, coming with both Special Spiral and Odd Atk Wave.  Lewyn also wields the legendary Forseti tome, which allows him to attack twice (if his Speed allows for it) before his opponent can counterattack in a sort of inverse Desperation. More about Lewyn can be found on the Doorway to Destiny Should You Pull, located here.

Halloween Kagero is another great unit, as a green armored dagger. Her dagger, Bottled Juice, has Guard built in, as well as Bold Fighter and Even Attack Wave- all inheritable. Kagero is a great unit, but somewhat hindered by her armor mobility. More information about Halloween Kagero can be seen here.

Blue Units

Legendary Lucina is one of the better units on defense due to her unpredictable movement patterns with Future Vision, which can catch many teams off guard. She has incredible reach in any given map, though her lower Attack and blue range typing can result in her failing to kill her opponent quickly.

In addition to Legendary Lucina, Azura also graces this banner in her Legendary form, making blue a great color to pull if you simply want seasonal buffs. She should need no introduction at this point, as she is one of the most overpowered heroes in the game via her support utility. She can make infantry and flier units both move an additional space after dancing, as well as duplicating any single stat buff into all of their stats. More information on her can be found here.

Ophelia should also be a familiar face, as she is a notoriously strong unit on Aether Raids Defense due to her ability to pre-charge her Special with her prf tome. Her Attack is incredibly high for a mage as well, which results in many one shot strategies- though note that her defenses are both rather low, meaning that she’s likely to be oneshot in return. A more in-depth look at Ophelia can be found here.

Red Units

The red legendary for this banner is Ryoma, who may be considered one of the more boring of the bunch. Nevertheless, Ryoma has incredibly high Speed and a significant Attack stat, making him a menace with a Firesweep Sword. His native Raijinto allows him to counterattack from range and his B skill, Bushido, grants him additional damage when his Special activates. All of this together makes him a lethal- if somewhat straightforward- unit.

Not only does Brave Celica have fabulous inheritance with Death Blow 4 and Attack Tactic, she also comes with a prf B skill, Double Lion, allowing her to essentially function as a brave unit. When coupled with her Royal Sword, which gives her additional Special cooldowns if she’s near an ally during her attack, she can be incredibly lethal.

Be careful, she’s coming to get you! Halloween Myrrh is one of the armored dragons with a base stat total of 180, meaning that if nothing else, she’s a great stat stick. Fortunately, she has even more than that going for her- with her prf breath, she can force follow-ups, and with her armor typing, she can learn skills like Special Fighter. More on Halloween Myrrh can be found here.

Colorless Units

Eir is a fantastic unit who can both support and damage, with mapwide buffs and healing to all teammates per turn. She’s already proven her worth during Aether Raids, and her dagger’s ability to shut down enemy follow-up attacks makes her deceptively tanky on the offense. More on Eir can be found here.

The tried-and-true Brave Lyn returns again on a Legendary banner. As a cavalry unit who can negate Distant Counter, she proves herself to be exceptionally useful in many cases where attacking into a unit might mean certain death- however, her lower Attack and difficulty attacking into the ever-popular dragons means that she doesn’t quite shine as brightly as she used to.

As the first healer flier to be introduced, Halloween Mia is very strong for those who have a spare Wrathful Staff or Dazzling Staff to inherit to her. Her Witchy Wand has found even more use in modes like Aether Raids, where she can effectively negate Infantry Pulse teams and strong armor units by resetting all of their Special Cooldowns. In addition, she comes with Hone Fliers, a coveted flier buff. More on Halloween Mia can be found here.

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