Wary Fighter 3

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If unit's HP ≥ 50%, unit and foe cannot make a follow-up attack.

Inheritable Restrictions?


Skillsets that use skill

Actually 1000 Years Old(Defensive)

Valbar the Helpful (Wary Fighter / Arena Support)

Snowfall upon Renais (Sustained Tank)

Our Gifts Give Me Strength! (Wary Fighter, Budget friendly)

Flying too close to the sun (Enemy Phase Focus)

Sinmara A Distant Counter
Alternate: Steady Stance 4
Alternate: Pivot
B Wary Fighter 3
Alternate: Aether
C Surtr's Menace
SP1415SDistant Def 3

Wary Fighter


A unit with Wary Fighter can effectively negate the speed stat, preventing high-speed enemies from scoring follow-up attacks. It allows tanks to lure foes, take reduced damage, and threaten a KO next turn. It’s most effective against ranged units which rely heavily on follow-up attacks to deal damage. With a 50% health threshold, most tanks can take more than one hit whilst staying within range. Being limited to armored units, nearly all of its potential inheritors can make good use of the skill.


This skill synergises mostly with stats: benefiting those with high HP combined with defense and/or resistance. Units with high speed will want to avoid this skill, as it will only hurt them. Brave weapons work excellently with Wary Fighter, as their double-attack property works with Wary Fighter. In this way, a slow unit can make two attacks and only receive one in return.


The best counter to this skill is to give a unit that naturally doubles the Wary Fighter Unit another skill that grants it another double. For example, a skill such as Lancebreaker will cancel out Wary Fighter if facing an Effie. Other Breaker skills work just as well, but may be a bit too niche to be a reliable answer to Wary Fighter. Quick Riposte, a relatively available skill, will universally apply to all Wary Fighter units and cancel out Wary Fighter, allowing your unit the ability to double on the enemy phase. Vengeful Fighter and Bold Fighter also apply, cancelling out Wary Fighter on their respective turns.

Other workarounds for this skill exist, but are limited or mostly impractical. Brave weapons are a possible answer to Wary Fighter units. However, their low strength can make it hard to pierce the high defense of Armor units. Reinhardt and Olwen’s Dire Thunder tomes are an effective answer, hitting Armor Units' often low resistance, but cannot be inherited to other units. Sources of flat damage such as Pain, Poison Strike or Deathly Dagger are an interesting way to chip down their HP, but are extremely niche skills. Lastly, units that can dance can help by allowing a unit to make a pseudo-follow up attack.