Boss: Epilogue (1/2) - Beast III/R Weakened / Nerfed Version (Revival: SERAPH)

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Enemy Layout

Fatal Battle 1/1

Heaven's Hole


Heaven's Hole


Heaven's Hole

Boss Statistics

Heaven's Hole
Beast HP
NP Bar

NP Type
3 per turn
Female, Demonic, Humanoid
Active Buffs Demonic Province Sessyoin: ATK +20%, DEF +20%, NP Strength +20%, Crit Strength +50%, Debuff Resist +50%, Stun/Charm Resist +50%, Buster/Arts/Quick Resist +50%, Deal 1,000 damage to all enemies each turn, Decrease Critical Stars by 10 each turn, Decrease NP Gauge for all enemies by 5% each turn. [Individual effects removable via KP Shop]
Skill 1 Three Poisons: Decrease a random one of Buster, Arts, or Quick Card effectiveness for all enemies by 50% (1 turn).
Skill 2 Continued Existence: Increase own HP Recovery Amount by 100% (10 turns). Recover own HP by 10,000 (effectively 20,000 the first time).
Skill 3 Multi-Colored Tranquility EX: Charge own NP Gauge by 1. Inflict Charm on one enemy (1 turn). [Charm Effect Removable via KP Shop]
Skill 4 Beast's Authority A: Increase own Critical Strength by 50% (3 turns). [Removable via KP Shop]
Break Transcription: Gerda's Tears: Increase own NP Damage (1 time).
Break Transcription: Kai's FragmentsIncrease own ATK (1 turn).
NP Heaven's Hole: Deal heavy AoE damage. Applies Skill Seal and NP Seal (1 turn) and Recovers own HP by 10,000.

KP Shop Debuffs

  • This is the version of Beast III/R if Melt’s Death Whip is purchased from the KP Shop. For the Devilish Bodhisattva version of Beast III/R, see the Guide for Beast III/R Giant Form [NO KP].

  • This battle is arguably harder than Devilish Bodhisattva form if no further KP Shop items are purchased beyond Melt’s Death Whip, as many of the most debilitating debuffs are not present in the Devilish Bodhisattva encounter.

  • KP Debuffs Applied at Battle Start: Any KP shop items purchased will be applied one after another right as the battle starts, and will remove the corresponding permanent buffs from Demonic Province Sessyoin, or lock the effects of Beast III/R’s skills based on what was purchased.
KP Store "Tier List"
Higher Priority [Anti-Erotic Agent] Prevent [Reduce NP Gauge of all enemies by 5% each turn].
[Arts XXX-Accuracy] Prevent [Increase Arts Resist by 50%].
[Critical None] Prevent [Increase Critical Strength by 50%].
Medium Priority [Damage Inhibiting Spray] Prevent [Increase ATK by 20%].
[Makeup Remover, DEF] Prevent [Increase DEF by 20%].
[Just One Color] Prevent [Multi-Colored Tranquility] Charm effect.
[Slip Barrier] Prevent [Inflict 1000 damage to all enemies each turn].
[Arts X-Accuracy] Inflict [Decrease Arts Card Resist by 20%].
QoL Improvement [Buster XXX-Accuracy] Prevent [Increase Buster Resist by 50%]. Can place higher if running Buster DPS
[Buster X-Accuracy] Inflict [Decrease Buster Card Resist by 20%]. Can place higher if running Buster DPS
[Quick XXX-Accuracy] Prevent [Increase Quick Resist by 50%]. Can place higher if running Quick DPS
[Quick X-Accuracy] Inflict [Decrease Quick Card Resist by 20%]. Can place higher if running Quick DPS
Lower Priority [Afterglow Killer Capsule EX] Prevent [Recover 5,000 HP each turn]. Can place higher if running Stall Team
[Growth Inhibitor Anticell] Inflict [Decrease NP Strength and HP Recovery Amount by 50%].
[NP Seal Guard Mask] Prevent [NP Seal] effect from Beast III/R's Noble Phantasm.
[Star Safe] Prevent [Reduce Critical Stars by 10 each turn].
[Sword of Humanity's Morals] Prevent [Beast's Authority A]. (Crit Damage Up skill)
[Afterglow Killer Capsule SP] Prevent [Increase NP Strength by 50%].
[Makeup Remover, Debuff Resist] Prevent [Increase Debuff Resist by 50%].
[Stun Good Skin] Prevent [Increase Immobility Resist by 50%].
Can only be bought after all others
[Manuscript of 'The Little Mermaid'] Allows use of Party Revive (3 Command Spells / 1 Saint Quartz) option.


  • Special Class Advantage: Beast III/R is different from most Beast class enemies. She deals and receives neutral damage to almost every class in the game (even Berserkers). The only exceptions are Alter Ego and Mooncancer Servants.
    • Gold Alter EgoGold Mooncancer: Deal 1.2x damage and receive 1x damage from Beast III/R.
    • [All Other Classes]: Deal 1x damage and receive 1x damage from Beast III/R.
  • Can Heal + Increase Heal Effectiveness: Beast III/R sometimes can use a skill that raises her Healing Effectiveness by 100% and then heals her for 10,000 HP at base (20,000 HP effectively). This is particularly threatening if the KP Buff that removes Beast III/R’s 5,000 HP Regen per turn is not purchased, as the buffs can stack and her HP regeneration doubles for every buff she casts on herself, and it becomes unmanageable quickly if Masters are unlucky. Buff removal is helpful for these cases.

  • Can debuff Arts/Buster/Quick: Each turn, Beast III/R has a relatively high chance to randomly reduce one of Arts, Buster, or Quick Card effectiveness by 50% for one turn. This can make Cards and NPs of the same type less worth using for that turn. This also will stack with her Arts/Buster/Quick Resistance if the corresponding KP items were not purchased, reaching a total of 100% reduction for that card type, and 0 (!) damage. This is why it is preferred to purchase the KP items that remove the resistances for cards that are most crucial to the party lineup.

  • Can Charm and NP Charge: More rarely, Beast III/R will also use a skill that charges her NP by 1. As a result, if she is one charge away from being able to NP, Masters should attempt to drain her NP to avoid an unexpected next turn NP. There is also an added charm effect (1 turn) on a random Servant, which is an annoyance, and can even be run-ending if she charms a Servant who can provide full party invincibility on the turn before her NP. Bringing some form of Debuff Clear (Mystic Code: Atlas Academy Uniform is a good choice) can save the party in what would otherwise be a checkmate scenario.

  • Buffs own Critical Damage: If this skill is not removed via the KP shop, Beast III/R will frequently stack Critical Damage buffs on herself, which leads to hard-hitting Crits. However, this skill is not as dangerous as some of her other skills, so choosing not to purchase the KP item that removes this skill is not entirely bad. She will instead spend turns buffing her critical damage rather than actually doing damage to the party or using her other debilitating debuffs. The critical buffs can also be removed, which can remove the threat if she decides to stack multiple buffs.

  • Frequently Uses Skills: Almost every turn, Beast III/R will use at least one (if not more) of her skills. All buffs she grants herself using skills can be removed using buff removal effects, which can be useful for instance in case she decides to stack multiple Critical Damage buffs.

  • NP will inflict NP / Skill Seal on Full Party: Every time Beast III/R uses her NP, it will also inflict NP Seal and Skill Seal on all party members. Masters should be ready to only have access to their Command Cards right after she uses her NP, or have Debuff Clear on Atlas Academy Uniform / Debuff Immunity prepared the turn before.

  • Cannot Ignore Invincibility: In this form, Beast III/R’s AoE NP will not remove buffs before applying damage, so full-party Evade or Dodge options are viable choices.

  • Upon Break 1 - NP Damage Up: After first HP break, she will increase her NP Damage for 1 time. The threat of this can be mitigated by using an Evade or Invincibility move during her NP.

  • Upon Break 2 - Attack Up: After second HP break, she grants herself a 1-turn Attack buff, although the AI sometimes will not take advantage of this by choosing to use skills for the rest of that turn instead.

Team Recommendations

  • Front Line: Evade/Invincibility Support + DPS + NP Gauge Support, preferably one support also can Heal.

  • Back Line: 2 Supports that provide Invincibility/NP Gauge/Healing + Last Stand

  • Full Party Invincibility: Servants with full-party Invincibility or Evade are good options to tank Beast III/R’s NP. Options include Merlin, Jeanne d’Arc, David, or Tristan.

  • Healing Support: Beast III/R will be doing sustained damage to the party over a period of time. Having some type of healing support in the party will greatly enhance the party’s long-term durability.

  • NP Gauge Support: As many Servants have their damage, their support effects, or both tied to their NP usage, having a Servant that can help fill NP gauges more quickly will enhance the party’s ability to operate efficiently.

  • NP Drain: Having NP Drain effects in the party is huge in part to make sure the Invincibility Support Servant is able to get their skill back up in time for the next NP. Orion works particularly well. EMIYA (Alter) and Altria (Archer) also work, although theirs are not guaranteed. A full-on Arts composition performs well in this quest.

  • Debuff Removal: A source of Debuff Removal is also extremely helpful for removing threatening buffs that Beast III/R has a tendency to stack on herself. Meltryllis is a standout in this case, also dealing 1.2x damage to the boss.

  • Buff Block: This boss is particularly susceptible to the Buff Block (Nullify Buff) effect due to the myriad of self buffs she has, and running Jeanne Alter as DPS can inflict Buff Block every time she uses her NP.

  • Mystic Code: Atlas Academy Uniform is extremely beneficial in that it can provide a debuff clear for either a badly timed Charm (if the KP item that removes the Charm effect was not purchased), or if a post-NP full party Skill + NP Seal ever becomes more than just an inconvenience.

Video Links

Quick Servant Suggestions

Class 'Advantage' (x1.2) DPS
ST DPS with Buff Block
ST DPS with NP Drain (on NP)
ST DPS with Buff Removal
Full Party Evade/Invincibility Support
Healing Support
NP Gauge Support
Last Man Servant
(Bond CE)
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