UL Super Vegito (Yellow)

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UL Super Vegito YEL is an interesting Fighter that has brought a new Unique Gauge to Dragon Ball Legends which is the “Counter Gauge”. Vegito’s Counter Gauge allows him to counter Blast Arts with his Strike Arts once it’s above 30%. This allows Vegito to stall a bit if need be and it can also be used even if the enemy perfect Vanishes you which is interesting.

Offensively, Vegito can put up deadly numbers due to his ability to constantly debuff the enemy with every Strike or Blast Arts that he uses while on the battlefield and his combo potential is insanely high due to his increase of his Arts Card Draw Speed while using Arts Cards.

Defensively, he does quite well due to his above-average Defense stats and he has a 70% Damage Reduction for 15 timer counts upon entry which is quite high.

Overall, UL Super Vegito YEL is one of the best Fighters in the game and he pairs nicely alongside UL Super Gogeta BLU.


Melee Type In Disguise

UL Super Vegito YEL is one of the best Damage Dealers in the game even without having a proper Zenkai Bench on his most optimal set-ups. His 15% debuff to all enemies per Strikes and Blast Arts he uses proves to skyrocket his Damage to new heights as it can easily allow him to one-combo the opposition in conjunction with his combo potential.
His Ultimate Arts is in contention for one of the strongest Ultimate Arts in the game due to him being the only ULTRA Fighter that penetrates sustained Damage Cut and also inflicts a Slice Damage Debuff onto the enemy as well with his Main Ability.

Counter Gauge

As mentioned above in the Overview, Vegito is the first Fighter to have a counter-gauge in Dragon Ball Legends. This gauge works well as a  “get-out-of-jail” mechanic where you need to stall out the enemy before bedding to switch or to regain your vanish. With his defense to go alongside this, UL Super Vegito YEL is one of the best defensive Fighters in the game.

But I'm Scarier

UL Super Vegito YEL’s Extra Arts “But I’m Scarier” is insanely powerful due to him going type-neutral upon activation. This allows him to deal insane Damage to RED Fighters and he’ll take little to no Damage from them. This Extra Arts is a long rage projectile which means that it’s good for camping and getting free priority if the situation arises. However, if you miss the Extra Arts you will get severely punished as it’s a long animation so you can’t vanish out of it quickly.

This Extra Arts could have benefited by having cover nullification as well but overall it’s a fantastic Extra Arts.


Counter Lacks Impact

UL Super Vegito YEL’s counter is nice to have when needed but doesn’t impact the match. You can use him without landing his counter once and he would still be a top 3 Fighter in the game.

Team Synergy


UL Super Vegito YEL has given birth to one of the best teams in the game, Blue-Blue-Yellow (BBY) Fusions alongside UL Super Gogeta BLU and SP LL Vegito Blue BLU. This team’s offensive capabilities are some of the best in the game and the team has a defensive anchor in UL Super Vegito YEL at the same time as well. The team can also opt to bring SP LL Super Vegito PUR against pesky GRN Fighters such as SP LL SSJ3 Dragon Fist Goku GRN.

With his double defense Z-Ability, he’s made it very difficult for SP LL SSJ4 Gogeta GRN to find a spot on the team due to the low offense the team will have if you have both on the team.


UL Super Vegito can be used in the leader slot on the Future team alongside SP LL Vegito Blue BLU and SP LL Android 17&18 RED. With this team, you use a more Future-based bench in SP Mai GRN, SP Rose Goku Black RED, and SP LL Rose Goku Black PUR. This team is the best “iteration” of Future Right now and can decimate every team in the game with the offensive potential it has with the Droids leading the charge.

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