Ninja Katana+

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Weapon SP Rng. Mt.
Ninja Katana+Grants Spd+4. Inflicts Def/Res-4. If unit initiates combat, unit attacks twice. 300 1 9
Inheritable Restrictions?


Units with Skill

Skillsets that use skill

But That Thing… [Insert Necrodragon] (Galeforce)

Swords Doing Sword Things (Galeforce)

POV: You Didn't Respect the Turn Limit At Munster (Galeforce)

At least they waited to do a copy paste this time. (Offense)

It All Returns to Nothing (Player Phase Nuke)

Dream Offensive (Galeforce / General Offense)

Some Pep in Your Step (Galeforce / General Offense)

Time to tip the Scendscales! Wait, wrong unit. (AR-O)

Don’t Care. Didn’t Ask. Plus You’re Dead. (Player Phase)

“I’ve lived for this alone: to choke the life from you with my bare hands!” (Galeforce)

Flickering Flames (Galeforce / General Offense)