Swift Sparrow (2 or 3)

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Skillsets that use skill

Mall Santa, Meet Jack Daniels (Aggro Build)

Fire Emblem Heroes Featuring not Eula from Genshin Impact (General use Player Phase)

Wife Fight Back, Kill Wife! (Player Phase)

haha pegasus go brrrrr (Aether Raids Offense / Galeforce)

Hello, My Name is Inigo Mont— (Offensive Nuke)

The Gang’s All Here. (General Use Player Phase)

Desert Rose’s Thorns (General Offense / Hybrid)

Determined Strength (General Offense)

Hey, Give That Back! (Speed Focus)

Berning Ambition (General Offense)

Sword and Shield of Seiros (Aether Raids Defense)

It's pronounced 'Keyhole' (Player Phase)

Dance to the Doors of Destiny (Offensive / Aether Raids Defense)

It's our turn to trap you! (Aether Raids Defense)