Should You Pull? Relic Prayer “Hourai Ra-Ra-Rai"

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Should You Pull?

Recommended if you’re interested in her new Moon Weakness mechanic or have lots of other Moon Friends. Otherwise, only if you would like a Moonlit Festival.

Raseira! Raseira! Here comes our 10th Relic, L80 Kaguya Houraisan (Moonlit Festival), who like her L1 version of herself is a Technical-Class Friend with some new tricks up her sleeve. More on that later though.

On top of the above, this Prayer comes with 2 Story Cards, one pre-existing and one new, as well as a different kind of Ascending Step UP (300 God Crystals on Step 1, 600 God Crystals on Steps 2-5) as well as an increasing chance of our Lunar Princess arriving by 20% (120% on Step 1, 200% on Step 5). If you don’t have a lot of God Crystals or haven’t spent money on them, this isn’t going to be worth considering, but it doesn’t affect the fact that L80 Kaguya with her kit alone makes a strong case for herself, and let’s get into why…

So let’s address the shiny new toy here, which is L80 Kaguya being the first (and most likely not the last) Friend to have a Skill which can inflict an elemental weakness onto her enemies, in this case being Moon. This alone is massive because whether it’s just for the sake of using it to deal great damage with her Last Word, or you want to use it to help another Friend with notable Moon breaks, such as B3 Yorihime or L80 Remilia who have Last Words consisting of just Moon (more notable Friends at the bottom!) so this kind of mechanic can be very beneficial for a good chunk of Friends that you might have access to, strengthening their damage further. That said, this isn’t perfect in terms of L80 Kaguya specifically, because while it does wonders when it comes to Last Word damage, and maybe you can find it useful for her Shots in niche situations, because of the way she goes about her Spell Card elements, she cannot guarantee herself that effectiveness on any enemy with those Spell Cards, so this is a case of making sure you are careful with when you go about this Skill, because it only lasts 2 turns with a 7 Turn cooldown duration.

When it comes to breaking, L80 Kaguya is a bit of a mixed bag due to her overall inconsistency with elements, going from Moon, to Sun and Star on Spell Card 1, to All-Fire on Spell Card 2, it might be awkward at times. However, her Burn-Breaking is a little more reliable since she can get off 5 Burn anomaly inflicts instantly (even if one of the sources of this clash with her Moon Weakness infliction), but overall, it isn’t as inconsistent as her elements.

Now for other stuff what can work in L80 Kaguya’s favor, her damage is very strong, and this is as a result of multiple factors, being that she can increase her damage if her elements are effective by 33%, her use of Hard Scaling (supported by her Yin DEF buffs via anomaly and regular means), and of course, a high chance of landing Critical Hits thanks to her wide Killer range (Parallel Presence, Mastermind (LW), God, Divine Spirit, Yaoyorozu no Kami, Dragon Kin, Moon Related, Lunarian, Moon Rabbit, Moon Emissary, Moon Enemy, Gensokyo, Heaven). You’re going to find situations where L80 Kaguya will deal high amounts of damage, especially with her Spell Card 1 and Last Word.

While the previous potential difficulties with Moon Weakness infliction as well as awkwardness with elements can be worked around, it’s not as situational as the fact that L80 Kaguya is lacking in CRIT ATK. This is the only thing stopping her from fully capitalizing on her great Killer range, and with that covered, she can be truly powerful. While some of this is covered in her Last Word Pre-ATK as well as mitigated by her Skill 1’s CRIT DEF debuffing, it’s mainly going to be a case of relying on Story Cards and external support. In some cases, traditional support is also lacking, because while there are some forms of Accuracy, Yin ATK and Yin DEF in her kit (as well as CRIT Accuracy and CRIT ATK on Last Word Pre-ATK), it’s not as impressive as other Friends sadly. But maybe that Moon Weakness Infliction sort of makes up for that? Either way, these are just a few caveats you have to keep in mind so you can really use her to her potential as full as a moon!

Usually, Relic Prayers don’t introduce Story Cards, but this time is different! Coming in is a new and a returning one, firstly, the returning 5one, Mansion of Memories is the classic Yin ATK support card with a slight Energy boost that could be a decent fit for L80 Kaguya’s Spell Card 2. Aside from that, it’s not a bad card if you need a copy for whatever reason, but there could also be some people with multiple Max Limit Broken copies of this already. As for the newcomer, it is called Burning Trinity featuring Utsuho, Patchouli and Sunny Milk in the art! It’s an unexpected trio, but here they are bringing the heat together! With its effects providing a 25% Boost in both Sun and Fire, one could call it Mega Flare Jr, or Mini Flare for its similar effects to that Story Card in question, just being 4 instead of 5. It’s not the worst card in the world for a 4 one, but the Lunatic Princess is this Prayer’s Prize!

Featured Story Card "Mansion of Memories"!

Featured Story Card "Burning Trinity"!

With all that covered, there will also be a list of units with notable Moon usage in their attacks whether it’s via Spell Cards or Last Word, and they could use it for elemental breaks or to bolster their damage thanks to L80 Kaguya’s Skill 3. Speaking of which, if this mechanic hasn’t swayed you, she still has what it takes to be amazing in terms of damage, but a lot of other top-tier Friends can do that as well as other helpful things. If you are interested in this mechanic, and you have the Seal Crystals to go for this Prayer, it’s not a bad idea if you want someone who stands out or if you are looking to benefit other Moon Friends. Otherwise, there is no harm skipping and saving up your resources for a future unit you might be looking forward to (such as one that could potentially use this mechanic even better). However, the Ascending Step-UP is not very friendly to people with low God Crystal amounts, and if you have not spent money for hundreds/thousands of God Crystals in this game, this Step-UP is not recommended AT ALL. But either way, if you feel that it’s worth using your Seal Crystals on, L80 Kaguya Houraisan could really benefit you, even without any limit breaks.

So as the Moonlit Festival is in motion for the next two weeks, best of luck to everyone who wants to be a part of it and also wants to pick up the Lunar Princess!

(Now when will Reisen join in on the festival?)

Quick Overview

L80 Kaguya Houraisan is a Technical-Class Friend who has strong Killers, Hard Scaling, uses Paralyze and Burn anomalies to boost her defensive stats, and most importantly, she pioneers enemies being subjected to a Moon weakness.

Eternally High Damage Potential

L80 Kaguya is just primed for dealing high damage on those that stand in her way. Whether it’s as a result of her strong Killers (Gensokyo, Parallel Presence, God, etc), great Hard Scaling, and the unique potential to ensure her Last Word will be effective against her enemies! In addition, she gets a 33% boost when her elements are effective against her enemies, and on top of it all, her Spirit Power gain is solid thanks to Skill 2 and Spell Card 1, both of her Spell Cards and Last Word will help with Yin ATK preservation.

Exceptional Utility Under The Moon

As alluded to above, L80 Kaguya has what it takes to ensure her Last Word can land effective hits on her enemies, and this is achieved through Skill 3 where she makes her enemies weak to Moon! But it doesn’t end there, as fellow Friends can abuse this whether it’s to strengthen their break potential in their situation, or to just decimate their enemies. Notable Moon-based Friends L80 Kaguya can help with Skill 3: B3 Yorihime, L80 Remilia, A6 Rumia, E9 Remilia, L80 Sakuya, B5 Reisen, A7B Sakuya, B3 Seiran, B3 Ringo, and many more!

Solid Anomaly Potential

When it comes to anomalies, L80 Kaguya is able to inflict Burn anomalies onto her enemies through Skill 3 and Spell Card 2, as well as Passive 1, being able to break 5-6 Burn anomalies with the same Spell Card right away. These breaks are also achieved through her Spread Shot and Last Word. As a bonus, her Spread Shot breaks an enemy’s Freeze anomalies and her Focus Shot can break Paralyze anomalies.

Can’t Fully Capitalize on Moon Weakness with Spell Cards

Since L80 Kaguya’s main Moon bullets are located in her Shots and Last Word, she can’t quite ensure her Spell Cards will be effective against her enemies, similar to the rest. In addition, applying this Skill comes with a 7 turn cooldown, as well as a 2 turn duration on enemies, not to mention this goes away after a full-break, which means that however you do it, definitely think carefully since it’s important to strike while the iron’s hot here.

Elemental Inconsistency

This somewhat connects with the above, but having all kinds of elements scattered in L80 Kaguya’s kit. These include 3 Moon and a mix of Fire, Water and Earth in her Spread Shot, 4 Moon and 2 Wood in her Focus Shot, 4 Sun and 2 Star in her Spell Card 1, 6 lines of Fire in Spell Card 2, and a balanced mix of Moon and Wood in her Last Word. Moon is the most frequent element here, but even then, it’s still potentially a pain to juggle all these elements, but you could still find some strong moments in either Spell Card.

Struggles When it Comes to CRIT ATK

While the CRIT DEF debuffing L80 Kaguya has is helpful, they don’t last forever whether it comes to debuff durations, gauge removal or a new wave. Regardless, having those CRIT ATK buffs will help a lot, especially when it comes to taking advantage of her strong Killers, because all she really has when it comes to these buffs, we just have her Last Word Pre-ATK.

Notable Moon Friends (Break/Nuke)

Has Moon on Spell Cards
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