Free Poké Fair Event: Who To Pick?

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The Classic Thunderbolt event is upon us. And while this event may seem like many others on the surface, it hides within itself a golden bonus that’s potentially really exciting; We Get a Free Sync Pair! 

And what Sync Pair, you may ask? The answer is that’s up to you! In a show of generosity, DeNA is giving us a choice from a selection of the game’s older Poke Fair Units and letting us pick our own poison (so to speak, as we still don’t have much by way of Poison Types). We’ve got a number of choices available, so which is the right one to pick up in this rare opportunity? Well, that’s why we’re here now… or rather you’re here, as you’re currently reading this. We’ve compiled a list of the available Sync Pairs, and have assigned overviews to them using a number of criteria. What is this criteria, you may ask? Let’s break it down:

Sync Pair Name

Current Tier List Placement

A quick reminder of what the community generally thinks of this Sync Pair in the current meta. This is by no means a deciding factor, but it can give a bit of insight as to the general potential utility of the pair at hand.


A quick break-down with some important points to consider up-front

⅕ to ⅗ Sync Grid

The utility of each Sync Pair at every Sync Move level from 1 to 3 in order to highlight the utility of not only adding a Sync Pair to your team, but increasing the Sync Move level of an existing Sync Pair instead.


An outline of the type of team-support that this Sync Pair needs to operate well, as well as what teams appreciate having them along for the ride where applicable. 


When considering investing in a Sync Pair, it’s always important to know what other Sync Pairs can do. We don’t want to pick a pair and later find out that another Sync Pair does the same job better.

Final Verdict

Our last thoughts on the Sync Pair, and a basic outline of how good of an investment each is in a vacuum.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the meat of the topic and begin our list of the Sync Pairs available in the Classic Thunderbolt Event!

Lance & Dragonite

Cynthia & Garchomp

Steven & Metagross

Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-o

Gloria & Zacian

N & Zekrom

Alder & Volcarona


It’s hard to objectively rank the Sync Pairs on this list in terms of most to least value, and that’s not the point of this article. You can take a look at our Tier List to see the Sync Pairs that the community considers to be the “best”, but that kind of approach leaves out a very important metric; the fact that literally every single person that’s playing this game has a different set of Sync Pairs at their disposal. The “worst” Sync Pair on this list might be amazingly impactful for specific people if their unique features can fill a specific need. For that reason, our goal has been to simply present a short overview of each in hopes of maybe shedding light on factors that could otherwise be overlooked so that you can make a more informed choice. That said, here's a quick summary of the Sync Pairs on offer:

  • Lance & Dragonite are powerful, and great even at 1/5. They're probably the best Dragon Type on this list, and have solid general utility. Just remember that they need a lot of Support to work well!
  • Cynthia & Garchomp are less important than they once were, and haven't kept up with the damage standards of the day. They're still pretty solid though, and cover the fairly rare Ground Type for added value. You're probably going to want 3/5 eventually.
  • Steven & Metagross hit relatively hard, cover a semi-rare type, have good longevity for a Striker, and can even disable the enemy team at times. They're a bit weak by today's standards and have a slow/awkward setup, but they're still good in their own right. 3/5 is a bit of a big deal here.
  • Sygna Suit Cynthia & Kommo-o are capable, but overshadowed pretty hard by many other Sync Pairs. They're still very usable, but their utility drops pretty hard when compared to a number of other Dragons that we currently have in the game. Going for 3/5 is also pretty important so be prepared to aim for it.
  • Gloria & Zacian can hit pretty hard in an under-represented type, but they take a while to hit really hard and need team support. Where Steven & Metagross offer utility, Gloria & Zacian offer damage. They're also great for Dual-Striker team comps. 1/5 is fine, and 3/5 can be somewhat useful too.
  • N & Zekrom hit very hard, but need team support to work well. If you've got all of the pieces that they need, then they can offer very fast stage clears, and can also tear through many Legendary Arena stages thanks to their ability to outright ignore enemy abilities. 1/5 is fine, 2/5 is okay, and 3/5 has some nice bonuses worth going for.
  • Alder & Volcarona cover the rarest type on this list, and hit hard while doing it. One of the better options here in a vacuum, they can shore up some weaknesses that many teams may have, and can even work well on neutral stages. 1/5 is perfectly fine, but 3/5 is where they can really shine.

For me personally, the answer to this question is definitely getting N & Zekrom to ⅗, but I look forward to hearing about your choice in the comments, as well as learning why you made said choice. Have fun with the event, and enjoy your free Poke Fair Sync Pair / duplicate!

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