Meta Shift: Gohan, Boujack, Trunks, Gokua

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Article by Ema919
Meta Shift: Gohan, Boujack, Trunks, Gokua
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Dragon Ball Legends is back at it again. Mirroring what happened last autumn with UI Goku-SSB Gogeta-SSJ Broly , three LFs in the span of less than 4 weeks have been released. In fact, in a turn of unexpected events, Boujack Unbound took place in the 2nd part of this Anniversary, featuring the iconic SSJ2 Gohan and other characters from the movie, including Boujack of course.

This release is interesting because Gohan is the first revive LF, which also means he has access to Transformed stats, something that's pretty uncommon for LFs in general.

UI Goku, SSB Gogeta and SSJ Broly were all around the same level at release, so let's see if this Gohan and the other featured Fighters are on the same level as the Part 1 Fighters, or if they're even better.

Effects On The Meta

HP 2,411,767
Strike ATK 263,899
Blast ATK 243,164
Strike DEF 157,324
Blast DEF 157,316
Ki Restore Speed

Let's make something clear: Gohan is the pinnacle of this Anniversary, and it isn't particularly close. He's so strong and effective that even at 3* he feels very good to use, something that hasn't happened for LFs in a long time. It's safe to say that this unit could be a turning point for LFs in general, in that they'll be stronger moving forward. 

Speaking about Gohan specifically, he's mainly an Offensive Fighter that has great Defensive utility thanks to his Revive and Sub Count lowering mechanics. In fact, those two Effects work wonderfully together and make him a constant threat for the opponent, which is often forced to delay his Rising Rush or Ultimate Moves due to the possibility of Gohan swapping in.

Make no mistake, Gohan is nothing like other Revive Fighters that only become strong after no transformation, mainly thanks to his Buff stacking mechanics ( and also decent stats ) that allow him to inflict nice Damage for the most part. This is very important, since at times he won't transform for the majority of the Match ( or even for its entirety ).

After transformation, he just becomes incredibly strong. His only real flaw is his Tankiness, as he can easily get killed in 1-2 Combos, but for the rest he's just an insanely oppressive Fighter that can deal immense amount of Damage against anybody, even with type disadvantage at times. His Special move is the apex of his toolkit, since it ignores Damage Reduction and scales solely off his Strike Damage. His Main Ability makes him discard his whole hand, draw a Special Move, and boost it based on how many cards have been discarded. While this isn't as good as his sounds ( since Gohan's Buffs can be stacked through cards used, which means the Buffs he gets from doing a whole combo + Main or just Main ability are similar ), it can be very effective in situations where you need to inflict Damage as soon as possible, or even to frame-trap the opponent. His Extra Move is overpowered as well ( because why not ), as it's a classic AoE combo starter, with the exception its animation is short, so it doesn't make Gohan vulnerable if the opponent is able to dodge it.

Overall, Gohan is just a tremendously great Fighter who has shaken the Meta for sure, both at 3* and 6*.

Team Fits

Hybrid Saiyan is surely the best Team for this Gohan, purely for the fact it's the Tag with the best mix of Fighters to surround him with. The Team fit isn't exactly great, as he's a Melee Fighter, while you'd prefer to have Blast Fighters around SP SSJ2 Gohan RED. Add the fact that SP SSJ Gohan YEL is also a common pick for the Team, and the deck starts looking quite Strike Based. However, it doesn't matter that much, since the Team is just flat out dominant. Revive Gohan and Future Gohan just make a very strong Defensive combination, as both have the capability to survive Rising Rushes thanks to Revive and Endruance respectively, so it's just really hard for the opponent to find the right opportunity to use it. This results in a huge advantage for Hybrid Saiyans, as they can easily control matchups and deal high Damage constantly ( especially in late game ).

Sagas Warriors is also like that, thanks to Boujack's capability to halve allies' sub counts when a Rising Rush is used on him. Combine that with Revive Gohan's own Sub Count reduction, and the latter will be able to counter basically any RR. While the Team can't quite match Hybrid Saiyan in terms of Offensive potential, it's a very balanced all around Team and perfectly viable.

Son Family is a bit more complex to talk about, mainly because its synergy issues regarding both Z-Abilities and Unique Abilities make every Fighter on the Team a bad fit. Specifically, SP SSJ3 Goku GRN loses Damage Buffs if he isn't paired with Saiyans, and in general every Fighter on the Team will look better elsewhere. Still, the Team is pretty good, and some niche Builds also work well ( like SP SSB Goku BLU revive with the new Gohan for RR control purposes ).

HP 2,550,096
Strike ATK 237,202
Blast ATK 237,178
Strike DEF 158,711
Blast DEF 163,535
Ki Restore Speed

For the second time, a Sparking Full Power Boujack shakes the Meta. This time, his maximum potential is achievable through a Transformation, which means his stats are pretty high. Generally, Boujack is a really strong Defensive Fighter, who can control games by himself at times. Mainly, his combination of Damage Reduction, Lock-In Effects on Cover, Healin, and Rising Rush control ( will be addressed later specifically ) make him one of the best Defensive pivots in the Game. However, this doesn't mean he's not good Offensively, quite the contrary.

The first thing you have to know about this Fighter when it comes to dealing Damage, is that his Awakened Arts (that he has to use to transform) is an incredibly powerful tool that can even win Matches if used at the right time. This is the case for two reasons specifically: its Damage output is very high thanks to a 150% Damage Buff on activation, and Boujack's Main Ability being able to deplete the opponent's Vanish Gauge means it's a foolproof way to deal with a Fighter that can't switch at any given time. This is partly tied to the opponent making a mistake, but if you manage to corner a Yellow Fighter like that and wipe out its HPs ( but not completely since the move can't kill by default ).

But what can he offer other than this? Boujack can stack several Damage Buffs, but the only ones that make him impressive are the ones tied to him getting hit. In that case, he'll be able to inflict really good Damage to most Fighters, but his Buffs aren't exactly off the charts otherwise. If you also consider Boujack hasn't access to constant Arts Draw Speed or any particular Offensive gimmick, then it's easy to realize he's just a good Offensive Fighter, but nothing more ( which is fine considering his Defensive utility ).

His Rising Rush control is mostly dependant on the presence of Revival Gohan on his Team, since Boujack halves others' sub counts if targeted by a RR, which makes it easy to throw Gohan in to Tank it at any given time. In other cases, it can still be useful, but only if you have stand by Fighters that can Tank a specific Rising Rush reliably ( through color advantage, for example ).

Team Fits

His role for his main Tags, Sagas Warriors and Powerful Opponent, is basically the same: he's the main defensive pivot on both Teams, and his Offensive potential makes him quite versatile as well. Since Sagas Warriors is generally the better Team and he also synergizes greatly with Gohan there, that's his best fit at the moment. Also, don't forget that his Offensive stats and held cards are evenly split between Strike and Blast, so he'll fit well in any Build regardless of the Deck's focus.

HP 2,461,386
Strike ATK 250,102
Blast ATK 236,904
Strike DEF 155,122
Blast DEF 159,800
Ki Restore Speed

From time to time, Dragon Ball Legends developers wake up and decide to make minor characters unexpectedly strong. One of the most fitting examples of this is SP Mai GRN, the dominant Future-Female Warriors Support that ruled the meta some years ago, despite being a non factor in the series when it came to Fighting. While Gokua isn't on the same tier as her by any means, his impact as a EX Fighter in a Meta ruled by Zenkai is quite frankly just as shocking. His main trait is being able to counter one of the strongest and most popular Tags in the Meta: Hybrid Saiyan. The sheer dominance he has over the Tag is something almost unseen in Dragon Ball Legends, as after Transformation he's able to: inflict insane Damage regardless of the situation, Tank hits pretty well, and Lock the opponent for 5 counts, twice a Match. Specifically, the fact he can Lock in Hybrids and inflict absurd Damage right away makes him incredibly consistent at suddenly making Matches 10x harder for the opponent.

The focus is clear here: he's the SP SSJ2 Gohan RED counter we were all waiting for, and he does a very good job at oneshotting him with his Special Move ( that he can also draw through Main Ability ). The fact he can deal with him so easily also makes him a reliable counter to Son Family.

But how does he perform against non Hybrid Saiyans? Still pretty well, he's a Transforming Fighter with 110% Damage Buffs for a big chunk of a Match, with access to amazing equips. Sure, he might not be S tier worthy in those cases, but he still fits the Blue slot role quite reliably on the Team regardless.

Team Fit

Sagas Warriors is the only Team he can be used in, and he fits very well since he's a popular anti-Meta pick right now, and also provides the first, long awaited HP Z-Ability for the Team. Overall, he's definitely a better Fighter than either SP FP Broly BLU (even 6*) and SP Gogeta BLU Z7.

HP 2,387,655
Strike ATK 252,928
Blast ATK 243,164
Strike DEF 161,107
Blast DEF 162,720
Ki Restore Speed

One of the most aesthetically pleasing variants of Trunks finally makes an appearance in the Game, but sadly he's the least impressive Fighter out of the ones analyzed in this article. Both stat-wise and Unique Abilities wise, Trunks is a pretty balanced Fighter between Offense and Defense. He even becomes a reliable secondary Tank at red stars since his Defensive stats scale pretty nicely and he has access to decently high Damage Reduction on Cover (45% ), but this is a specific case, don't expect him to be a very strong Defensive Fighter in general.

Offensively, he only becomes good after his HP fall below 75% which makes him get some additional Offensive Buffs, but his Extra Move and Main Ability have interesting potential. In fact, both are meant to make him better at managing Cards, the Main Ability through Arts Draw Speed, and the Extra Move through Hand Destruction->2 Cards Drawn and Ki regain. While his Extra Move is just a weaker version than SP Goku Black GRN's, it's still a pretty good Effect that often comes in handy ( you can use it to destroy a hand without RR Dragon Balls, to stretch a Combo you're doing with Trunks, and even on switch after a Blast Card to get two more Cards to use ). His Special Move is also worth mentioning, since it's a Strike-based attack that does pretty good Damage and even has Blast Armor.

When he gets defeated he gives 10% HP to Hybrid Saiyan and 25% Damage to Sagas Warriors allies, which might be the most confusing mix of Death Buffs ever seen in this Game: the only relevant Fighter that can take advantage of both Buffs is Revive Gohan, and even then these Buffs are not really that great to justify splitting them between two Tags.

Overall, Trunks won't exactly change the state of your Team as he's decent at a few things but not really great at anything. He's more of a third wheel that can be useful in case you need a Green Fighter in a specific matchup.

Team Fit

Hybrid Saiyan and Sagas Warriors are his Teams, but he competes with a lot of similarly strong Fighters. Other than giving decent Death Buffs to Revive Gohan, his toolkit doesn't particularly synergize with either Team, although his Z-Ability is pretty strong. He's nice to have if you get him while chasing other Fighters on the banner, but consider that the Fighters he competes with  ( Metal CoolerLSSJ Broly on Sagas WarriorsKid Trunks and Gohan on Hybrid Saiyan) are either much older, or even F2P, which means they'll probably outscale him in your box Stars wise, making them better options in general for now.

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