Windfire Balm+


When healing an ally with a staff, grants Atk/Spd+6 to all allies for 1 turn.

Inheritable Restrictions?


  • Restricted to units that use a Staff.

Unlocks at 5 ★

Skillsets that use skill (Support)

I Don’t Have Uno, I Have the Oldest XBox Known to Fódlan (Offensive/Support Hybrid)

Not one step closer, evildoer! (Aether Raids Defense)

Strategy? Just Warp. (Utility)

Sobriety (AR-D Support)

Saikou no Cool, Joshua (Full Support)

Whisperers (Full Support)

Rhysing To The Occasion (Chill Support)

The Old Summer Special (Chill Support)

Nohr more Camillas (Supportive)

Divorce Papers (Support Focus)

Gjallarbrú (+Eff) A HP/Atk 2
Alternate: HP +5
Alternate: Restore+
B Sudden Panic 3
Alternate: Dazzling Staff 3
Windfire Balm+
Alternate: Imbue
C Ground Orders 3
Alternate: Cross Spur Atk
SP1250SHP/Res 2
Alternate: HP +5

Gift of Good Health (Full Support)

Strong as a Blizzard (Offensive Utility)

Witch’s WAHnd (Offensive Support)

Youth’s Radiant Heart (Full Support)

RGB Lights (Aether Raids Defense/General)

Hel Bringer (Offensive/Utility)

Velded to the ground (Full Support)

Breaking Baaaad (Attack Investment)

Hot Wheels, Bleat That (Speed Investment)

The Best Pitybreaker (Support)

Hanami in Full Bloom (Chip Damage)

Petals in the Wind (Full Support)