PvP Mirrors Tier List

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PVP Mirrors Tier List

A tier list ranking girls based on how well they perform in Mirror Matches.

Magical Girls are evaluated at peak performance:

  • Fully Awakened & Leveled
  • All 4 Memoria slots unlocked
  • MLB Personal Memoria (if relevant)

Thus only currently available 5☆ Awakened Magical Girls are rated here.

If a Magical Girl suffers significantly without 4-slots, it'll be noted in her Tier Explanation.

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Best Girl Tier

While Mirror Matches may be less forgiving than PvE Quests, finding a team in which Best Girl triumphs is part of the fun!

Best Girl

In Magia Record, the best Magical Girl will always be your personal favorite.

The developer f4samurai has said on record that all magical girls featured in MagiReco will eventually unleash their full potential. Since everyone can potentially access their 5☆ Awakening and Doppel form, no particular magical girl should suffer from being terribly underpowered.

Tier 1

Top of current meta. These are the strongest Magical Girls available currently on the MagiReco English Server.


Decently high Attack and Defense, triple Blast discs, Light typing and a good Connect that can be used to buff any magical girl for a turn make her the current strongest magical girl in Mirrors.

As she always deals neutral damage (or double in the case of Dark element opponents), she can easily dominate Mirrors for a long time to come. Very high long-term viability.

Liz Hawkwood

Dark element gives her an advantage over Light types, such as Darc or Ultimate Madoka. Connect is perfect for Mirrors due to high chance of critical hits and guaranteed defense pierce. 

Alina Gray

Great connect that inflicts multiple status effects and increases attack,  along with two blast and two accele discs make her great for Mirrors. 


Her main flaw is a lack of defense meaning low durability. 

Ren Isuzu

Ren's high attack and offensive connect allow her to perform well in PvP. Few magical girls can hold out against her.

As an enemy, Ren's connect will not be used as efficiently in the hands of AI. 

Konoha Shizumi

Konoha's connect heals your girls and increases attack which is great for mirrors. She also increases the MP gained from accele discs, making her a very versatile character although magia building teams aren't great for Mirrors. . She's a balance type, so her stats aren't as good as others. 


Kazumi has strong attack stats as well as a connect that will seriously boost any blast-heavy teams she may be on. Her connect also grants ignore defense so you can take down even tanks with ease. 

Tier 2

Otherwise strong Magical Girls, but with exploitable weaknesses.

Kyoko Sakura

Kyoko's high attack and three Blast discs allow her to dominate in Mirrors.

Her connect strengthens Blast Damage making Kyoko a strong core to build a team around.

Kokoro Awane

Potential long time viability in the meta, but requires 4-slots and strong teammates to truly shine.

In Mirrors, Kokoro Awane has the highest defense of any character with one exception (Mayoi Hachikuji). Pair her with a strong attacker to protect, and she will take all the hits so that the attacker may shine.

Kirika Kure

Potential long time viability in the meta, but requires 4-slots and strong teammates to truly shine.

In Mirrors, Kirika Kure is among strongest girl on launch, and her tankiness will allow your other girls to stay alive and destroy the enemy team. Pair her with a strong attacker to protect, and she will take all the hits so that the attacker may shine.


Yachiyo Nanami

Having 3 Blast discs and a great Connect makes Yachiyo Nanami incredibly effective offensively, allowing her to damage multiple enemies. 

As a natural 2*, Yachiyo is easy to max-slot which can give her an advantage over single-slotted 5* girls. 

Tsuruno Yui

With the right memoria combination, it's possible to run Tsuruno solo in Mirrors. If she can survive the first round and has enough MP generating memoria, she can ideally use her magia attack on the second turn which also grants her guaranteed evasion and increased MP for Accele discs. 


However, a single unit can be taken down very easily, so be wary. 

Mami Tomoe

Proverbial glass cannon. HP is lower, Defense is low and attack is upper mid-tier.

If you can pull off a Connect, she’ll be able to Bind the opposing team. However, this might make it easier for the opposing team to do a Puella combo.

Mito Aino

Versatile stats means she can be used in a variety of teams. She's best used as a tank so she can sponge up damage from water types. 

Her connect grants provoke, evasion, and critical hits but the evasion isn't guaranteed unless she's 5*, making it a little tricky to use well in mirrors. 

Tier 3

These Magical Girls are less effective than other 5☆, but can still outperform non-5☆ Awakened Magical Girls in Mirror Matches.

Hinano Miyako

Low stats all-around, and the poison on Hinano Miyako's Magia/Connect is useful, but not as much as you'd think. 

Her Connect’s Damage Up is still helpful, and her Magia’s guaranteed stun all enemies is very handy, assuming you can pull off a magia attack.

Rena Minami
Good connect that grants Attack Up and Chance to Critical along with Accele MP Up. It is hard to gain enough MP for Magia in Mirrors, rendering her triple accele discs and lower defensive stats as less than desirable.
Momoko Togame

Mid range stats overall but unfortunately held back by a triple charge deck.

With an useful Connect, Momoko Togame does well enough in Mirrors but falls off after stronger Magical Girls like Kyoko Sakura are released.

Tsukuyo Amane

Charge discs aren't very useful and Tsukuyo has three of them.

Her connect and magia are also charged focus, making her less than ideal.

Madoka Kaname

Good HP and decent defense but suffers from the lowest attack of the Natural-4☆s.

At best, Madoka Kaname she can work as a Light tank, but there are other Magical Girls with better defense for tanks.

Her HP/MP Recovery Connect is useful, but becomes less relevant as the meta shifts and Mirrors start to end too quick for Magia/Connect to come into play.

Sayaka Miki

The highest HP currently on NA, and the second highest defense, but relatively weak attack. In combination with her BACCA Discs, this makes her unsuited for Mirrors, with her best use being as an Aqua tank if needed.

Her Connect is also only half-effective in Mirrors, as the Regen will rarely if ever be useful.

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