Meta Shift: Anniversary Banners

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Article by Emanuele Medaglia
Meta Shift: Anniversary Banners
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The Anniversary Step-Ups are finally here, and they come with an unprecedented number of new Fighters. Five new SP and four new EX are featured in total and the Step-Up mechanics have changed once again, sadly in a bad way this time. While just 2200 Chrono Crystals are needed to get the first guaranteed SP ticket, 6000 Chrono Crystals are needed to get the next ones.

LEGENDS Anniversary Step-Up - Goku -

LEGENDS Anniversary Step-Up - Goku - Simulator

LEGENDS Anniversary Step-Up - Vegeta -

LEGENDS Anniversary Step-Up - Vegeta - Simulator

Since the new Banners feature a large variety of new Fighters, they affect the state of multiple Teams.

Fusion Warrior

SP Super Vegito PUR makes Fusion Warrior one of the best Teams in the game. He and SP Gogeta BLU are both astonishingly powerful one-two punch Fighters, and SP Vegito RED can protect the main duo with his durability. Fusion isn’t the clear cut best Team in the game, but its Offensive prowess is basically unparalleled thanks to how consistently high it is.

God Ki

God Ki becomes exponentially stronger mainly thanks to SP SSB Goku BLU and SP SSB Vegeta PUR, who greatly raise the Offensive potential of this Team. Particularly, the latter locks in the Enemy twice for 5 timer counts when switching in, which is especially useful to counter SP Golden Frieza GRN, who is an extremely powerful counter to Saiyans.

EX Whis RED is a rather interesting addition for his great Supportive Abilities and he’s a strong Fighter on his own too, but SP Zamasu RED’s competition is hard to beat for the third spot on the Team.

Lineage of Evil

SP Golden Frieza GRN fits exceptionally well the current Lineage of Evil’s style of play, by being an oppressive Offensive Fighter that counters Saiyan, and his partnership with SP FF Coora BLU makes him even more nightmarish. While this Team is full of glass cannons, it has regained its spot as an impressively strong Offensive Team that directly counters some of the best Teams in the Meta.


In a Meta where Defensive Fighters are continuously getting weaker due to Fighters that can bypass their Defensive Unique Abilities, SP UGA Super Buu GRN is a good addition, because he gives Regeneration the possibility to make an ultra-offensive Team Build to keep up with Teams like Fusion Warrior and Son Family.

Super Saiyan

SP Super Vegito PUR makes Super Saiyans more Offensive than ever. SP SSJ Broly PUR’s color disadvantage removal may be hard to replace, but the former has an absolutely overpowered toolkit that makes him a better option for such an Offensive oriented Team.

Frieza Force

This Team becomes relevant again thanks to SP Golden Frieza GRN. Despite needing a few more Fighters to be comparable to the best Teams in the Meta, Frieza Force is a decent counter to Saiyan, which is becoming a super popular Tag again in PVP.

Son Family

While SP SSB Goku BLU is a great Fighter, as of now it seems that SP Otherworld Goku YEL is a better fit for his Defeated Team Buffs. However, he’s a good alternative, and the possibilities of a Blue Color-Counter between him, SP SSJ Teen Gohan BLU and SP SSJ Goten PUR are interesting.

Should You Pull?

Despite the Step-Ups being worse than usual, these Banners are worth pulling on for the reason that all the new SP Fighters are very valuable. Depending on which Team you are wanting to improve, choose the one or the other while keeping in mind that you need to pull on both to make an optimal God Ki Team and that SP Super Vegito PUR has a very low chance of getting pulled.

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