SP Perfect Form Cell (Revived) (Red) Transformed
EX Videl (Red)
SP Perfect Form Cell (Revived) (Red)
EX King of the Demon Realm Dabura (Red)
EX Hit (Red)
SP Super Saiyan God SS Goku (Red)
EX Yamcha (Red)
SP Pikkon (Red) Transformed
SP Pikkon (Red)
EX Gogeta (Red)
SP Omega Shenron (Red)
HE (Red)
SP Kakarot Goku (Red)
SP Super Saiyan Gotenks (Red)
SP Super Saiyan Teen Trunks: Battle Armor (Red)
SP Bardock (Red)
SP Super Janemba (Red)
SP Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta (Red)
SP Hero Tapion (Red)
EX Buu: Super (Red)
SP Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black (Red)
SP Final Form Frieza (Red)
SP Buu: Kid (Red)
EX Android #13 (Red)
SP Goku (Red)
SP Goku Captain Ginyu (Red)
SP Android #18 (Red)
SP Fusion Android #13 (Red)
EX Jeice (Red)
SP Yardrat Super Saiyan Goku (Red)
EX Whis (Red)
SP Vegito (Red)
SP Metal Cooler (Red)
SP Great Saiyaman 2 (Red)
SP Hyper Meta-Rilldo (Red)
EX Tien (Red)
SP Super Saiyan 2 Youth Gohan (Red)
SP Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Red)
EX Caulifla (Red)
SP Super Saiyan Berserk Kale (Red)
SP Zamasu (Red)
HE Thouser (Red)
EX Fasha (Red)
EX Pan: Honey (Red)
SP Super Saiyan God Goku (Red)
SP Broly: Fury (Red)
SP Majin Vegeta (Red)
EX Youth Gohan (Red)
EX Android #19 (Red)
SP Super Gogeta (Red)
SP World Champion Hercule (Red)
EX Nappa (Red)
SP Perfect Form Cell (Red)
EX Android #17 (Red)
EX Vegeta (Red)
SP Super Saiyan Teen Trunks (Red)
SP Super Saiyan Vegeta (Red)
HE Captain Ginyu (Red)
HE 2nd Form Frieza (Red)
EX Krillin (Red)
HE Fused with Nail Piccolo (Red)
HE Jaco (Red)
HE Recoome (Red)
HE Dodoria (Red)
SP Super Saiyan Goku (Red)