Arknights: Guide to Best Low Rarity Operators

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

And The Lowest Shall Rise…

In this guide we discuss some of the best low rarity Operators (4* and below).  Low rarity Operators have the advantage of lower DP and development costs than their 5 and 6* counterparts.  However, they should not be considered replacements for higher-rarity Operators, but rather gap-fillers until higher-rarity Operators can be obtained and resources gathered to develop them.  Their main advantage over higher rarity Operators is their lower DP Cost, but it won’t become a significant difference until higher Potential levels.

This guide is NOT an endorsement to maximize these Operators.  In fact, 3* Operators will not be viable for the average player in late to end game.  There is no hard-and-set rule as far as how high to level the low-rarity Operators, and each player should use their own judgement. However, if you are looking for some kind of guidance, it’s probably safe to say that most 3*s should not be leveled past Elite1 Lvl 30 and most 4*s should not be promoted to Elite2 (but every players needs might be different).  Just be sure you know what you are doing before you commit those kinds of resources. Now, on to discussing the uncommon things about our commons!

1* Operators

Lancet-2 and Castle-3

Arknights Lancet2Arknights Castle3

Lancet-2 and Castle-3 are 1* Support Machine units that ignore the Deployment Limit, allowing them to be deployed on levels where you will reach the limit with other Units.  At full potential Lancet-2 restores 500 HP to all Units on Deployment at a very low 3 DP cost, making it excellent for use as an emergency heal. Castle-3, at full potential and for the same low 3 DP cost, on Deployment buffs the Attack and Defense of all Melee units by 20% for 20 seconds, making it excellent for use as a dps/defense burst.  These units can also be used to bait a high damage attack. Lancet-2 and Castle-3 can be very useful and should not be ignored. Their poor stats, however, make them fairly useless outside of their utility mentioned above.

2* Operators


Arknights Yato

Her Fast-Redeployment talent and low cost make her an option for soaking a powerful enemy “first strike” ability, or creating some delay between enemy units.  A much better, fairly accessible option for this is Gravel, but players can use Yato until Gravel or Projekt Red are acquired and developed.  Outside of this usage, however, Yato’s low stats and lack of DP-Recovery make her a poor Vanguard.


Arknights Ranger

Rangers’ strength is his Talent, which increases his Attack against flying targets by 50%, making him stronger than higher rarity Snipers against airborne units.  He will be weaker against anything else, though.

3* Operators


Arknights Melantha

Melantha is the queen of “Don’t Ignore Your 3*s”.  Her role is that of an assassin, meaning she is dropped into battle to take out specific threats, especially solo enemy units in map corners, and then retreated.  She has a low deploy cost, is cheap to upgrade, and has a decent buff available on drop. Along with her decent stats, she is a strong Guard in early game and retains usability into late game.


Arknights Kroos

For single target dps, Kroos has the second highest damage of any Sniper below Elite2.  Only 6* Exusiai does more, making Kroos an excellent choice for early investment. Another advantage of Kroos is her ease-of-use.  Since her skill is automatic and on-attack, she doesn’t need to be actively managed.


Arknights Fang

Fang is well balanced and cheap, making her a good early game defensive Vanguard.  Her low DP cost (lowered further by her Talent) makes her great for maps with fast starts or where a few extra DP at the beginning will make a big difference.  Her downside is that she struggles to kill things and her direct 4* upgrade Courier is easy to acquire through the Credit Shop.


Arknights Lava

Lava is an AoE Caster with good stats that will take care of those pesky enemy swarms until you get 4* Gitano or 5* Skyfire, who are overall upgrades.


Arknights Ansel

Ansel is a Medic whose unique Skill extends his range beyond that of most Medics, making him very useful for maps with certain placement options.  He is a good starting healer until higher rarity Medics are obtained for general use.

4* Operators


Arknights Cuora

Cuora is a Defender with the highest Defense stat in the game and one of the few Operators that can block 4 enemies (with the use of her second skill).  She is excellent for use against high attack bosses and elite units, as most deal physical damage. She pays for this toughness with a weak Attack stat and not being able to attack at all while using her second skill.  Also, all the Defense in the world doesn’t help against Arts attacks.


Arknights Gravel

Gravel is a Special Class unit with a low DP cost, burst Defense, and Fast-Redeployment.  She is great for baiting strong enemy abilities or delaying enemy flow. She can also be used by new players learning the game to catch weak enemies that get through the front line.  Although she can tank a few hits from stronger enemies, her low Attack makes it difficult for her to kill things. She requires a bit of planning/skill/practice to use properly, but can be a very useful utility Operator.


Arknights Perfumer

Perfumer is the most accessible (and only 4*) AoE Medic.  A high HP and decent Defense make her a tough healer. Her Talent heals all allies for 5.5% of her Attack every second, making her excellent for stages that apply a DoT effect on the team.

Shaw and Rope

Arknights ShawArknights Rope

Shaw and Rope are both 4* Specialist Class Operators whose Shift Skills allow them to push (Shaw) or pull (Rope) enemies to their deaths.  Some maps will have traps, edges, or other mechanisms where these Skills can be utilized. Each enemy has a Weight, which generally increases with strength.  Higher levels of Skill can Shift heavier Weights, so with these Operators Skill level is very important as it allows you to kill stronger enemies.


Arknights Vigna

Vigna is a Kill-DP-Recovery Vanguard, meaning she returns 1 DP for every kill and refunds her full DP cost on retreat.  She has very high Attack for a Vanguard and her Skills boost it even higher. She is great in any situation that allows her power to rack up a lot of kills without being relied on to block more than 1 enemy.


Arknights Gitano

5* Skyfire is pretty much a straight upgrade over Gitano, but is only obtainable through the gacha.  So if you don’t luck into her or her 6* counterpart, Gitano will likely be your go-to AoE Caster. Gitano’s second skill gives her an Attack boost and extends her range, allowing for some unique potential, but at a massive cost of a 15 second stun.


Arknights Courier

Courier is a defensive Vanguard with decent Skill DP-Recovery, and the best part… he’s free!  He can be purchased through the credit store and is a strict upgrade to 3* Fang. Like Fang, his low Attack can make it difficult for him to kill things by himself.


Arknights Myrrh

Myrrh is a solid Medic whose Skills allow her to heal an additional target, giving her a unique mix of Single Target and AoE healing that can be adapted to the situation. 


Arknights ShiraYuki

ShiraYuki is an AoE ninja Sniper with two interesting skills.  The first skill increases her range by 2, giving it a crazy long reach.  Unique to AoE Snipers, her second skill adds Arts damage and a Slow effect to her attacks, giving her extra utility and tank killing potential.  Like all AoE Snipers, she suffers from a high deployment cost and slow attack speed.

Worth a Mention

The following Operators have very niche uses and are only mentioned to inform the reader about their unique abilities.


Arknights Steward

To be honest, Steward is a 3* Caster that is barely worth mentioning here.  With all players immediately getting Amiya, a much better 5* Single Target Caster, it is very unlikely that Steward will need to be called on to fill any team gaps.  He is only being mentioned because of his unique Talent, which causes him to prioritize attacking the target with the greatest Defense. If a player ever finds themselves in a situation where their Casters are being distracted by lower Defense targets and it is causing problems, then Steward might be worth considering.


Arknights Mousse

Mousse is one of the few Operators in the game that deals melee Arts damage, and the only one at 4*.   She is a very niche unit that is not needed in early game and she is not beginner-friendly.

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