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Shared Skills dropped with version 1.20.0, adding a new layer of customization to Dragalia’s combat. Players can now use up to four skills at once by borrowing select skills from other adventurers. This allows players to mix and match weapon skills, helper skills, and other adventurer’s skills to create the ideal loadout. Important to note is that shared skills are not carbon copies of the originals:

  • Increased SP Costs: Virtually all shared skills have higher SP costs than their standard variants, so keystone abilities on the original may have much lower uptime when shared
    • Brave Bastion: 3817
    • Shared Brave Bastion: 13741
  • Damage/healing values reduced
  • Adaptive elemental damage: EX) Sharing Rising Circlet to Marth will convert Light damage to Flame damage.  

When deciding between skills, players should ask themselves questions like:

  • What can I steal that will compliment my base kit / role?
  • What can I steal that would otherwise necessitate a suboptimal team member?
  • Am I trying to immobilize a boss at key moments?
  • Replace a healer?
  • Remove boss buffs? 

After accounting for factors like SP cost, Skill Value, and relative effects, here is a curated list of currently shareable skills sorted by function.


Weapon skills cost 0 Skill Points, so feel free to splash them into loadouts alongside high-cost skills. 

All skills are assumed at the highest possible level, including Lv. 4 via Mana Spirals where applicable.

Author's Picks

These skills are frequently shared across endgame content of all elements. Since most adventurers want to use an Agito weapon skill, your fourth skill slot will usually be extra utility for a more well-rounded kit. 

Team Buffs

Adventurer Skill SP Cost Skill Value Skill Value Effects
Karl Soul Ignition Soul Ignition 11898 6 +20% STR for 15s
Emma Pom-pom Pump Pom-pom Pump 14122 6 +25% STR for 15s (FLAME ONLY)
Gala Elisanne Holy Accord Holy Accord 15360 6 +30% STR for 15 s (WATER ONLY)
Dragonyule Xainfried Dragon's Gift Dragon's Gift 10305 6 +20% Crit Rate for 15 s (WIND ONLY)
Noelle Best Regards Best Regards 14122 6 +25% STR for 15s (WIND ONLY)
Tobias Eternal Grace Eternal Grace 15360 6 +30% STR for 15s (WIND ONLY)
Chitose Love & Acclaim Love & Acclaim 14122 6 +25% STR for 15s (LIGHT ONLY)
Peony Gentle Dream Gentle Dream 18200 7 +10% STR, 10% Atk Rate for 10s
Patia Sparrow's Guard Sparrow's Guard 13232 5 +15% STR, 25% DEF for 15s
Templar Hope Knight's Spirit Knight's Spirit 13221 4 +25% DEF for 15s

Self Buffs

Adventurer Skill SP Cost Skill Value Skill Value Effects
Durant Biting Revenge Biting Revenge 14337 6 +35% STR, -25% DEF for 20s
Summer Luca Summer Spirit Summer Spirit 9739 5 +20% Atk Rate, for 10s, +1 Energy
Yue Wild Instinct Wild Instinct 9600 5 +20% Crit Rate, -40% DEF, lifesteal for 20s
Hunter Sarisse Tactical Retreat Tactical Retreat 9045 3 Next Force Strike +100%

Heals / Affliction Purge

Adventurer Skill SP Cost Skill Value Skill Value Effects
Vixel Spirited Song Spirited Song 10057 5 General purpose regen heal
H!Lowen You won't trick me! You won't trick me! 11536 5 General purpose regen heal
Verica Blessings of Destiny Blessings of Destiny 10648 5 Stun purge
Nurse Aeleen Naturopathy Naturopathy 9465 5 Stun purge
Thaniel Healing Wave Healing Wave 8874 5 Burn purge
Hildegarde Radiant Savior Radiant Savior 9465 6 Curse purge
Summer Verica Everlasting Summer Everlasting Summer 10648 6 Blindness purge

Utility / Other

Adventurer Skill SP Cost Skill Value Skill Value Effects
Ranzal Tornado Bash Tornado Bash 10939 3 Dispel, Poison
Summer Cleo Tropical Breeze Tropical Breeze 10779 5 Buffs galore, Readies Skill 1
Sha Wujing Obstruction Armament Obstruction Armament 13478 6 DEF reduction zone
Euden Blazing Circlet Blazing Circlet 9266 3 3% Dragon gauge, Burn
Gala Mym Dragon Claw Dragon Claw 6702 4 5% Dragon gauge
Summer Celliera Ocean Fury Ocean Fury 5033 3 Bog
DY!Cleo Starlit Gift Starlit Gift 6397 3 Freeze
Lily Glacial Blossom Glacial Blossom 4980 5 Freeze
Annelie Stunning Display Stunning Display 6102 3 Stun
Wedding Aoi Ninja Bride Sweep Ninja Bride Sweep 6242 5 Sleep


5★ adventurers sport higher base affliction rates than 4★/3★ adventurers, so only 5★ skills are included.

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