FGO 2021 ~4th Anniversary~ Chaldea Park Craft Essence Gallery

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To celebrate the 4th Anniversary of F/GO, a ticket exchangeable for a Limited Time Commemorative Craft Essence will be available once again!

Masters can choose only two out of the 39 available Craft Essences as their reward if they clear the Memorial Quest for Fuyuki and the first Lostbelt respectively, so choose carefully! 

Memorial Quest Event Period:
7/3/2021 18:00 PST - 7/14/2021 20:59 PST

4th Anniversary CE Exchange Period:
7/3/2021 18:00 PST - 7/21/2021 20:59 PST

Masters need to complete the associated Singularity for each CE to be able to choose their Formal Portrait!

All of the available Craft Essences can be found in the gallery below. 

Note: These images can all be enlarged by clicking on them, the Servant name will link to the Servant's page. 

Main Story Clear Requirements

Fuyuki ClearedAltria Pendragon (Lily)
Ibaraki Douji
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Hans Christian Andersen
Marie Antoinette
Saint Martha (Ruler)
Leonardo Da Vinci
EoR 1 ClearedAssassin of Shinjuku
Sessyoin Kiara
Eor 2 ClearedHelena Blavatsky
Paul Bunyan
EoR 3 ClearedArcher of Inferno
EoR 4 ClearedAbigail Williams
Katsushika Hokusai
Charles Henri Sanson
Robin Hood
Lostbelt 1 ClearedAchilles
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova
Antonio Salieri
Okada Izou
Sakamoto Ryouma
Lostbelt 2 ClearedSitonai
Jeanne d'Arc (Berserker Alter)
Shuten Douji (Caster)
Diarmuid ua Duibhne (Saber)
Mysterious Heroine XX
Lostbelt 3 ClearedAstraea
Yu Miaoyi
Quetzalcoatl (Samba/Santa)
Qin Shi Huang
Lanling Wang
Lostbelt 4 ClearedArjuna (Alter)

Singularity F - Fuyuki

Pseudosingularity I - Shinjuku

Pseudosingularity II -Agartha

Pseudosingularity III - Shimousa

Lostbelt No.4 - Yugakurukshetra