Shallot Goes Super Saiyan!

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Shallot Goes Super Saiyan!
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In climatic finale of Story Part 2, Shallot finally goes Super Saiyan! 

Shallot's Super Saiyan form can be unlocked in Part 2, Book 7, Chapter 11 (WIP) in his fight against fellow transforming SP Final Form Frieza (Yellow).

After 10 Timer Counts have elapsed, Super Saiyan Shallot sees a massive boost to his base stats and a few new nifty skills!

Stats Boosts

Shallot's stats skyrockets!

HP+20% Base
Strike ATK+20% Base
Blast ATK+20% Base
Strike DEF+35% Base
Blast DEF+35% Base
Critical+20% Base
Ki Restore Speed+20% Base

Max Stats: Lv. 1,500 / 3* / 398% SB

Power Level
HP 464,298 Rank: 65 / 104
Strike ATK 48,061 Rank: 25 / 104
Blast ATK 46,778 Rank: 29 / 104
Strike DEF 34,317 Rank: 40/ 104
Blast DEF 33,376 Rank: 49 / 104
Ki Restore Speed

New Main Ability

Warrior Blood
Restore own health by 25% and +30% to Strike & Blast Damage of allies for 15 timer counts. Requirements: 10 timer counts elapse.

New Unique Ability

Rage: Strike Atk UP
+20% to Strike Damage inflicted for each downed Battle member.
Team (Saiyan): Strike Atk UP
+20% to Strike Damage inflicted when "Tag: Saiyan" is a battle member.
Character(s) Affected

New Extra

Unlock Ki: Form of Attack
+20% to Strike damage for 25 timer counts. Restores own Ki by 45.
Cost 15


Of course, Shallot also gains Tag: Super Saiyan and all the benefits that entails.

Shallot's Super Saiyan form can be triggered with his Main Ability, after 10 Timer Counts has elapsed.

Shallot's Main Ability can be toggled in Menu > Customize > Transformations.