Null C-Disrupt 3

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Neutralizes effects that prevent unit's counterattacks during combat.

Inheritable Restrictions?

Excludes Armor, Cavalry, and Flying

  • Excludes Armor, Cavalry, and Flying

Units with Skill

Unlocks at 5 ★

Skillsets that use skill

Plegian Honor (Enemy Phase)

Red Thread of Fate (Defensive Tank)

Dia-Dia-Witch-Witch Sweet! (Enemy Phase Tank)

Aetherian Kryptonite (Aether Raids Omnitank)


Leading Fiana's Defense (Mixed Defense)

Goddess of the West (Defensive Tank)

Raw Potential (Defensive Tank)

Protecting Tethys (Serpent Tome)

Ban-Banking on Success (Bonus Doubler Distant Counter)

We’ll Have Norne Of That (Defensive)

Une Saison en Enfer (Aether Raids Offense Omnitank / Support)

Real Clown Hours (Defensive Nuke)

Genesis (Aether Raids)

Adrestian Bulwark (Enemy Phase)

Scales Tipper (Tactical Bolt Defensive)

Boss of this beach (Mixed Tank)

Daughter of Dragons (Distant Counter Enemy Phase)

Protective Brother (Enemy Phase Anti-Mage)

A Nightmare to Deal With (Aether Raids)

You're my Winderwall (Defensive Anti-Range)

Daein’s Light (Defensive Tank / Aether Raids Offense)

Greil's Legacy (Defensive Bruiser)