Null C-Disrupt 3

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Neutralizes effects that prevent unit's counterattacks during combat.

Inheritable Restrictions?

Excludes Armor, Cavalry, and Flying

  • Excludes Armor, Cavalry, and Flying

Skillsets that use skill

it’s upsetting me and my homegirl (Defensive / All-Purpose Tank)

Chickem Tendies (Ranged Specialist)

My Useless Grandson Couldn’t Do This (Enemy Phase)

But Inside I’m Burger King (Ranged Specialist)

The Black Lobster (Null C-Disrupt / Aether Raids Omnitank)

Super Spendthrift (Superunit)

You guys like Red Tome GHB’s? (Defensive)

*Hides Behind Micaiah* (Enemy Phase)

Atlas (Defensive Focus / Anti-Magic Tank)

Don’t count me out! (Aether Raids Offense / Magic Tanking)

Song of the Ancients (Defensive Focus / Magical Tank)

Lyon, but blue (Enemy Phase Tank)

Thracia’s Best Archer (Enemy Phase)

What A Total Jerk. (Enemy Phase)

Plegian Honor (Enemy Phase)

Red Thread of Fate (Defensive Tank)

Aetherian Kryptonite (Aether Raids Omnitank)


Leading Fiana's Defense (Mixed Defense)

Goddess of the West (Defensive Tank)

Raw Potential (Defensive Tank)

Protecting Tethys (Serpent Tome)

Ban-Banking on Success (Bonus Doubler Distant Counter)