Boss: Avenger of Shinjuku Ch14 (Shinjuku)

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Enemy Layout

Fatal Battle 1/1

Avenger of Shinjuku


Avenger of Shinjuku

Boss Statistics

Avenger of Shinjuku
Hessian HP
NP Bar

NP Type
3 per turn
Beast, Humanoid, Heaven or Earth, Male, Servant, Evil, Weak to Enuma Elish
Effect Cry of Hatred: At the start of every turn, decrease DEF immensely for a random party member (1 turn), and decrease ATK immensely for a random party member (1 turn).
Skill 1 Monstrous Strength B: Increase own ATK (2 turns).
Skill 2 Fallen Demon A+: Increase own DEF (1 turn) and Critical Rate (2 turns).
Skill 3 One Cloaked in Death A: Removes all buffs and decreases Death Resist and ATK for one enemy (1 turn).
Break Remove own debuffs. Increase own Critical Rate (1 turn).
NP Frieren Scharfrichter: Grant self Sure Hit and deals damage to a single enemy. Chance to apply Death. Evade does not work!

What is new?

  • The fourth fight commences, with Avenger of Shinjuku's Cry of Hatred being a nasty two-punch of an Attack Down and Defense Down, each applied separately and to a random member of the team. The Evade passive is no longer in effect.

  • He hits particularly hard here, the Defense Down is substantial and his level has raised to 90.

  • The Attack Down is also very debilitating, and afflicted Servants are best cleansed or not used for a turn. Note that the attack down stacks additively with any defense buffs on Avenger of Shinjuku: A Servant may do 0 damage.

  • On Break, Avenger of Shinjuku will cleanse himself of debuffs and buff his own critical chance.

  • After Breaking his HP Bar, he gains access to his final skill: It can remove all buffs on the targeted Servant.


  • Avenger of Shinjuku stil exhibits the same qualities. The random defense or attack down debuffs are very potent and may mess with a planned attack.

  • After breaking his HP bar, the buff removal can greatly frustrate buff stacking strategies. Ideally, Avenger of Shinjuku should not live long during the 2nd HP bar.

  • Debuff cleansing from Mystic Codes or skills is highly useful to mitigate the random attack down during crucial NP turns.

  • The combination of Monstrous Strength, the defense down and Fallen Demon makes his normal attacks very dangerous and unpredictable, especially as his higher level and Avenger class has increased his base damage output. Do not underestimate his non-NP turns. A Taunter who can take his normal attacks for other teammates is a good investment.

  • Upon Break, Avenger of Shinjuku will cleanse all debuffs on himself and buff his critical chance. Avoid using Stun or other disabling debuffs on the same turn that his bar breaks.

  • Avenger of Shinjuku’s Noble Phantasm will grant a 1 turn buff that ignores Evasion prior to dealing damage. However, Invincibility still works!

  • While Evade does not work against Avenger of Shinjuku when his Noble Phantasm is up, it is still extremely useful during his other turns as his normal attacks can deal a significant amount of damage.

  • His Noble Phantasm has a slight chance to inflict Instant Death even if it is blocked (through Invincibility). Having a strong backline can be quite crucial in case of an unlucky RNG streak. Guts status is also another way to further improve party’s survival rate against Avenger of Shinjuku.

Team Recommendations

  • The safest strategy is to play around two powerful Supports providing protection, sustain and offensive buffs to one main DPS. Due to his Break Bars, Evasion and the high amount of HP that Avenger of Shinjuku possesses, Masters should pick Damage Dealers that can deal strong damage over multiple turns instead of concentrating damage into one or two turns.

  • Berserker is the only class that can deal bonus damage against Avenger of Shinjuku at the time of release of the chapter. However, as they also take extra damage from him, survivability becomes a large issue.

  • If Masters choose to field Berserkers, be sure to pick those that either can burst extremely hard to finish the battle as quickly as possible, or ones that have better survivability to ensure they stay on the battlefield. Alternatively, bring taunt Servants to redirect the Avenger’s offense.

  • Avenger of Shinjuku is classified as a Male Servant, so Anti-Male DPS is still very powerful against him, especially those that synergize well with tankier setups. Euryale and Orion are highly effective for this.

  • Servants with skills or Noble Phantasms with effective damage against his other traits: Heaven or Earth, Humanoid, Beast and Weak to Enuma Elish can also be considered, but considering most Servants that target these traits are either not particularly tanky or deal less single target damage, it is recommended to only use them with a powerful support cast that can make them shine.

  • Having a Servant who can last several turns against Avenger of Shinjuku in a backline, such as Heracles with his Bond Craft Essence, Nero Claudius, Cu Chulainn (Lancer) or Cu Chulainn (Berserker) is a good way to mitigate risk.

  • Mash, the main Caster supports and Taunt Servants are very effective if survival is an issue. Ruler Servants are naturally extremely discouraged.

Quick Servant Suggestions

- Recommended
DPS with Trait Damage Bonus
Arts-based DPS w/ strong sustained DPS
Other Notable DPS with high sustained DPS
Berserker with strong survivability
Berserkers with heavy burst
Last Man Standing
Main Supports
Defensive Supports
Other Offensive Supports
(Female ATK buff + DEF debuff)

(Divine ATK buff + Charm/NP Drain + DEF Debuff)
Taunt Support