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PVE Common Tier List

A tier list ranking of more common magical girls based on how well they perform in story fights, challenge quests, and events, and all other non-Mirror Match content.

Common Magical Girls includes 2☆~3☆ Magical Girls, the heroine Iroha Tamaki, and other Event Magical Girls such as Homura Akemi (Glasses). While weaker initially and receiving their 5☆ Awakening later, these girls benefits from easier unlocks to their 4th memoria slots.

Those Common Magical Girls that gained their 5☆ Awakening and Doppel are moved to the 5☆ PvE Tier List.

PVE Common Tier List

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Best Girl Tier

Since most memorias can be equipped on everyone and there're a variety of team formations to choose from, your favorite Magical Girl will always have a role to play in your team.

Best Girl

In Magia Record, the best Magical Girl will always be your personal favorite.

The developer f4samurai has said on record that all magical girls featured in MagiReco will eventually unleash their full potential. Since everyone can potentially access their 5☆ Awakening and Doppel form, no particular magical girl should suffer from being terribly underpowered.

Tier 1

Magical Girls who are very strong in what they specialize in or have something unique in their abilities that rivals natural 4☆, only slightly weaker stats-wise.

Nanaka Tokiwa

Solid attack and bulk with 3 blast discs allows Nanaka Tokiwa to use powerful Puella Blast Combos. This is further complemented by her personal Memoria with Blast Draw, guaranteeing a powerful Blast Combo.

Also has a strong offensive Connect.

Kanoko Yayoi

The guaranteed charm on Kanoko Yayoi's Connect can completely disable target enemies.

When paired with a support Kanoko or Mami Tomoe, Connects can be passed back and forth between them to completely skip most enemy turns.

Rika Ayano

3 Accele discs and a personal Memoria with Monopolize Draw, guaranteeing an immediate Puella Accele Combo for quickly MP charge.

Her high attack makes her Magia very damaging, with a bonus Charm chance to boot!

Tier 2

Magical Girls with very powerful stats for their rarity or something unique in their abilities that makes them a strong pick for certain teams.

Umika Misaki

Umika boasts strong supportive capabilities, with the ability to heal her teammates as well as cut the amount of damage they'll take. 

She comes as part of an event, so she is easily 4-slotted and fully awakened.

Kaede Akino

MP Gain Connect allows Kaede Akino to function very effectively on a Magia-focused team. Her Magia is quite powerful, and the Fog Chance is helpful in keeping your team alive.

If Kaede is the team’s only Forest element, her Memoria can function as a Monopolize Draw, guaranteeing a Puella Combo and Connect.

Kako Natsume

Accele Draw personal Memoria and healing Connect, Kako Natsume functions as a budget Madoka that boosts the team's MP gain. However, Kako’s usefulness is more limited when her Personal Memoria on cooldown. 

Her ability to remove debuffs may be useful against some bosses.


Masara Kagami

Extremely high attack and a Personal Memoria with Guaranteed Critical makes Masara Kagami an offensive powerhouse.

Her Discs aren’t the best and she has poor bulk, but on the right team she can really shine.

Tier 3

Characters who possess a decent amount of power, but lack any truly outstanding qualities or suffer from poor Disc selections.

Felicia Mitsuki

Her connect increases your damage and negates counter-attacks (which isn't that useful). Her magia lowers defense, but she only has one accele disc  so you'll rarely magia with her. 

Felicia has high attack stats for only a 2 star girl. 

A nice sustain. Moemura's Guaranteed Evade Connect can be clutch in the right moments.

Her Magia’s Skill Surge effect will help in longer battles and gives a second chance to use powerful Skill Memorias.


Ria Ami

Good connect that increases damage and inflicts Blind. 

Ria has fairly good attack stats but her low defense can be a liability. 

Seika Kumi

A strong connect that boosts offensive power and inflicts Fog on the enemy.

She has a good disc set that is only hindered by her low stats.

Hazuki Yusa

Hazuki increases damage and grants the chance to Curse, which is one of the better status ailments (increased elemental damage and negates healing). 

Her magia lowers attack and also grants Curse. Her stats are average for a 3 star girl and she sports a second charge disc. Hazuki could be useful on teams that focus on status ailments. 

Oriko Mikuni

A glass cannon with high attack but below-average bulk.

Her kit is built towards Magia spamming - with Monopolize Draw Memoria, MP Restore Magia,and even an ACCELE UP Connect for boosting her fellow Magia-focused teammates.

Kaoru Maki

Kaoru has balanced stats and a connect that is useful in any situation. due to her balanced type, her stats are neither great nor terrible. Can be used in virtually any team. 

Melissa's connect and magia are geared mostly towards magia-building teams and she is well suited for her role as support. 

Despite this she has surprisingly good attack. 

Arisa Narumi

Balanced stats and disc pool allow Arisa to play on any kind of team, but her lack of synergy with others might hinder her ability to really support her teammates. ATK and DEF get boosted with her connect so she can take down girls with her personal memoria or be used as an off-tank to stall.

Tier 4

Characters who have good Discs, or something unique in their abilities that makes them still worth leveling on occasions.

Iroha Tamaki

Due to being the only Magical Girl capped at 3 stars currently, Iroha Tamaki has some of the lowest stats in the game right now.

However, Iroha is also the easiest character in the game to unlock Memoria slots for, which opens up some possibilities if strong combinations are available.

IIroha's unique Revival Magia can be quite useful, but the random targeting makes it slightly unreliable.

Note: even if you revived everyone, it still doesn't count for the “Complete without losing any Magical Girls” mission.

Sana Futaba

Good bulk and a defensive Connect make Sana Futaba an effective tank.

Her Connect grants the highest amount of damage cut in the game and her personal memoria grants her guardian, to better protect her teammates.

Asuka Tatsuki

Having 3 Blast discs is always good, but Nanaka Tokiwa or Yachiyo Nanami fill this role better.

Her Connect and Magia are defensively-oriented, at odds with a typical Blast Gorilla role, but that makes her viable as a tank in a Blast-focused team.

Tsukasa Amane

Tsukasa's connect only does one thing, and that's restore MP. She's not a very good support. 

However, when paired with Tsukuyo, Tsukasa's connect grants double the amount of MP restored allowing her sister to spam magia attacks while gaining increased attack from Tsukuyo's connect. 

Sasara Minagi

Good bulk and a defensive Connect make Sasara Minagi an effective tank.

The Endure from her Personal Memoria and Magia further helps her in this role.

Emiri Kisaki

The Guaranteed Bewitch on Emiri Kisaki's Connect frequently wastes enemy turns, while also increasing the damage they take from the element they’re weak to.

This combined with her Connect’s Damage Up allows her to support teammates offensively while also allowing them to dodge attacks.

Shizuku Hozumi

A decent glass cannon, with a useful offensive Connect that grants Damage Up and a 60% Pursue after each attack.

Shizuku Hozumi will likely throw a few extra hits in with her Connect, and her Personal Memoria with Guaranteed Critical Hit adds to her offensive utility.

Manaka Kurumi

Low attack and mediocre bulk makes Manaka Kurumi difficult to use.

Her Connect heals teammates while providing them with Damage Up, allowing her to support them both offensively and defensively.

Leila Ibuki

One of the few fire-type healers in the game, Leila sports a connect that also increases damage and inflicts burn.

Her triple charge discs are a huge hindrance to an otherwise fantastic fire girl.

Aimi Eri

Balanced stats means Aimi Eri won't shine in any one particular field, but this only serves to make her more versatile and able to work on any team.

Her connect increases blast damage and grants anti-evasion, which isn't as useful as it could be. 

Konomi Haruna

Konomi Haruna's good bulk combined with her healing/Defense Up Magia makes her good at defending her team.

The 100% chance to Fog enemies from her Connect helps waste enemy turns, and her Personal Memoria with Monopolize Draw helps her use her Connect quickly.


Chisato Shion

Unique ability to apply skill seal and bind with her magia make her unique among magical girls, but the inconsistency of her connect and magia can also hinder her usefulness. She can be useful against certain bosses with the right memoria setup.

Tier 5

Magical Girls whose primary strength is their cuteness go here. 

Don't Underestimate the Power of Cuteness!

Natsuki Utsuho

Natsuki Utsuho's Connect isn’t bad and her personal Memoria with Monopolize Draw lets her use it early, but her low stats and inconvenient discs hold her back.

Akira Shinobu

Has the stats of a glass cannon, but Akira Shinobu's 3 Charge Discs prevent her from ever playing that role.

Triple Charge Discs decks are an active detriment to most teams.

Meiyui Chun

Meiyui Chun has a pretty good Connect and could work well as a tank... if only she didn’t have 3 Charge discs. Having her 3 Charge discs polluting your deck will hinder almost any team she’s on.

Ayaka Mariko

Ayaka Mariko's Magia is very mediocre. Her Endure Connect and 60% chance for a critical hit may be useful, but other girls much have better offensive or defensive Connects.

Blast Draw Personal Memoria is useful to some teams, but Nanaka Tokiwa fills this role much better.

Ayame Mikuri

While Ayame may give you chance to inflict Burn, her triple charge discs and increased charged damage are more of a hindrance than an asset. Her only advantage is easily 4-slotted due to being a welfare girl. 

Her personal memoria is guaranteed critical hit for Ayame, which can be useful but lack of blast discs lowers this usefulness.

Yuma Chitose

Blast Draw Personal Memoria is really the only thing Yuma Chitose has going for her. Once she uses it, she’s just an extremely mediocre healer.

Use Nanaka Tokiwa for Blast Draw purposes instead.

Hayate Yagami

Poor stats, unreliable Connect, and unremarkable Magia.

Her only strong point is she is easily slotted due to being a welfare unit. 

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